Monday, May 17, 2021

More 1969 Topps Tigers

On Friday, I showed some 1969 Topps Tigers customs that I (and a few other bloggers) made. Today, I have  some more ‘69 Topps Tigers, this time the real thing. 
In the beginning of May, I went to a card show in Jacksonville, and met up with John from Johnny’s Trading Spot. He purchased a nice sized box of vintage cards, with the bulk of it being 1969 Topps. While the box ended up being mostly dupes, he was able to get rid of some with some trades, and he was nice enough to hook me up with the Tigers. 
12 more guys to cross off of the checklist. While updating my wantlist for that set, I didn't realize there were so many Tigers in 1968 who were among the league leaders. I kind of only assumed  it was McLain. Good thing Mantle was in his last season in '68 and not among the league leaders in anything. John found some good cards in his box, including 2 Bill Freehans, a McLain All-Star, a Jim Northrup, and a Jim Price. I remember seeing Jim at fantasy camp and wishing I had something for him to sign. Maybe one of these years I'll go down again and see if it's as easy to get autographs at the camp as it was from 2003-2006. 
Perhaps next time I am on COMC or at a show, I might try to price some bad-conditioned '69 Tigers and see how close I can come to finishing the set off. Looking at my Tigers Want List, I am only 24 cards short, and not being a vintage expert, I would think probably the most expensive cards would be the regular and World Series Highlight Kaline. I don't believe there are any real expensive rookies or high numbers or SPs in the set, but I may be wrong. Thanks, John, for getting me 1/3 of the way done with the '69 Topps Tigers set. 
I did a real un-like me thing yesterday. My wife has been looking online to see what Wal-Mart and Target offer for cards, since Target stopped selling and Wal-Mart looks like, well, Wal-Mart. She is so sweet like that and just lets me do my baseball card stuff without questioning it too much. I mentioned to her that as far as packs, I'm ok with getting Donruss, Opening Day, or Heritage, but don't need them, and as far as flagship Topps, I kind of want to wait and maybe get a few packs of Series 2, and definitely trying to get a complete set at some point. I also told her that I wouldn't mind finding some packs of Bowman. They didn't have any of the 2021 set online, and that led me down the rabbit hole of eBay, and the cheapest I could find a pack for was like 14 bucks, and I wasn't going to pay more than 8. I did, however, stumble upon a few breaks. Most were for random teams and non-Rays teams, but I did find one doing a Jumbo HTA box break that had a Rays spot for 10 bucks with free shippping. I figured 10 bucks would be about what I spend on a pack, and I'm almost guaranteed to get a few Rays, perhaps a Chrome, and who knows what else? I'd love pulling a refractor, but if I got one of those 3-player Talent Pipeline cards or a ROY Favorite one, I would be over the moon as well. I quickly explained to my wife what a break was and she was ok with it. So I guess now, I just have to wait for it to fill up, and then if I remember, I'll watch it live, or maybe just quickly view it on YouTube. I'd almost be more happy with them listing out the teams and what was pulled at the end of it or something, that way I don't have to sit around and wait and keep track of what was pulled and stuff. I would've really liked to have got the Tigers as well, but that slot was 22 bucks with Torkelson and all. I guess I'll be on the lookout for the '21 Bowman Torkelson RC and the '21 Bowman Casey Mize at my LCS or something. I hope the break is a Rays heavy one. I will keep you updated. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. I didn't realize there were that many Tigers in the set either.

  2. 1969 Topps cards are awesome. Congrats on picking up more '69 Tigers.