Thursday, April 29, 2021

LCS trip and a show

 The last post basically wraps up my vacation. I could bore you with 2 days of driving and fast food, but I'm sure you'd rather hear about my trip to my LCS yesterday and such. 

I have been wanting to hit up my LCS for a few weeks to get some stuff for trading partners as well as to find newer cards for my collection. I was hoping to maybe even find some 2021 Heritage singles, but the newest stuff I found in their 50 cent bins was 2021 Topps. No Heritage, no Donruss, and certainly no Bowman (which aparently is out now). The newest product they had in packs was Heritage and Opening Day. The shop owner kept trying to get me to buy blasters of them for 3 dollars over what they got them at Wal-Mart for. First off, if you own a freaking card store, shouldn't you be buying them directly from Topps? You are part of the problem of no product being on the shelves. I almost walked out when a flipper came in and they talked about how evil Target was going to start limiting customers to only 1 item per shopper. The shop owner seems a little out of touch with reality. A number of the cards in the 50 cent box were commons that belonged in a 10 cent box. Some of the cards that made it in there were stuff like a JD Drew jersey card, and various numbered cards, parallels, or rookies that should've been in a 5 dollar box or something. I was pulling Randy Arozarena rookies from the box a few months ago. A number of cards in the 3 for 10 dollar box were '90's base cards of Ken Griffey, Jr. and just stuff that should never sell for that much. I guess I would call it a draw with the prices on cards in boxes, and I'm ok with that. Their price on wax (old and new) is way too much. 2020 Opening Day packs for 8 bucks. '89 Topps packs for 4 bucks. I just wish they would stay in touch with sports and the hobby instead of trying to sell replica championship rings, skateboards, and flippable stuff mainly. I guess since it is one of the few hobby shops in the area that I'll just use the 50 cent boxes. 
They had a number of Rays and Tigers that caught my eye. I guessed as to whether I needed a few of the cards (mainly the Bowman ones), and surprisingly, I guessed correctly on all of them. I think the steals as far as the cards in the first photo are the '93 Stadium Club 1st Day Issue Milt Cuyler, the 2003 Elite Jeremy Bonderman rookie,  and the 2 Bowman mega box sparkly ones. 
They had some pencil boxes in another area of the store that had team logos on them with all cards divided by team in each box, and I dug through the Tigers and Rays boxes. After going through them, I realized that someone must've broken up a 2002 Topps complete set, so I quickly tried to remember the rookies in that set, and I figured that Joe Mauer must've had a rookie in that set. I found the Twins box, and sure enough, his card was in it. I also found a Mike Soroka rookie and a Trent Grisham Prism rookie. I didn't want to buy much 2021 Topps, figuring I'll buy the complete set in July, but I had to get the Gio Gonzalez sunset card. Back in 2006, I was living in Montgomery, Alabama, and they had a minor league team in Double-A, the Montgomery Biscuits. I went to a ton of Biscuit games from '06-'09, and in one of them, they were playing the AA club for the Chicago White Sox, the Birmingham Barons. I had a few cards of Gio, and I waited until after the game to try to get them signed. Gio came back, and I was never good with recognizing faces, so I asked him his name. He kidded me and was like 'You don't recognize me? I'm Gio'. He signed my cards, and went back inside the clubhouse doors to get something. When he came back out, I said 'Hi Gio', and he laughed. It was nice to see Gio succeed in the Majors, making an All-Star team, and winning 20 games in a season. I hoped to see him win a World Series title, but he still had a decent career, and I was sad to see him retire. 
The Nationals team card is some kind of blue parallel, and I picked up the lone HR Challenge card in the boxes to try to win one this year. The last card is the aforementioned JD Drew jersey card. 
Not pictured are a few cards I picked up for some trades. I was hoping to stop by the post office on Saturday, but the bad news is I probably won't make it. The good news is that I actually got a Saturday off from work, and there is also a card show in Jacksonville. John of Johnny's Trading Spot is planning on attending, and I'm excited to meet him. As he mentioned in a post a few months back, he could very well be the person with the most baseball cards in the world, and I can't wait to swap stories and dig through some boxes with him. My binders are slowly getting organized, and that creates a little bit of a dilema with me at the show. I don't want to get stuff that will make me have to reogranize binders, so that means mostly 2020 or newer stuff for non Rays and Tigers. I'll probably pick up cheap rookies if I can find them, but I just updated my Rookies/Sunset card binder, so if I find a '87 Fleer Greg Maddux, it's going to be a lot of reorganizing for just 1 card. Jersey cards and shiny cards should be fine, as those are my next binders, and so are anything Rays/Tigers/favorite players. I do have a few particular cards that I want to look for at the show:

1997 Topps Brooks Kieschnick (the cheapest one online is like 6 bucks)
2020 Topps Archives Randy Arozarena (the only rookie I don't have of him)
2021 Donruss Randy Arozarena
2021 Topps Opening Day Randy Arozarena
2018 Bowman Casey Mize
2005 Topps Justin Verlander

All but the 1st one should be available at the show, hopefully at decent prices. I really hope to dig through John's friend Fred's boxes. If he has 50 cent boxes with '90's and '00's inserts/parallels, I think I probably won't leave his table. 

I was planning on leaving around 7 to get there around 8:30 when it opens, but things just got complicated this morning. I was driving to work at like 4:25 in the morning, and was about 3 stoplights away from work when I saw something in the median that looked like an animal or something. I was in the left lane, and of course it was a small deer or something that was on a busy street in the freaking city near a Checkers and a brewery, and of course it decided to run out from the median and go in the direction of my car when I tried to swerve to the right. I hit it, and it banged up the front of my car, and now part of my hood is messed up and I'm afraid that part of it will fly off if I end up going on the highway. Thankfully, I was ok, but I'm not looking forward to all the insurance crap and having to pay a higher premium, especially after just having some idiot hit my car back in July and having to do the insurance stuff back then. I think the plan will be to drop my wife off to work, which is on the way to the interstate, but I just don't think she will want to leave around 7, so I might get there later than I want, but if it's just flippers at the show, I might be able to go through all of the tables that I want to.

As far as mailing out the packages, I'll try to make it happen after work in the next 7 days, just depending on when I get out. Thankfully, nothing is sealed up right now, so if I find stuff at the show to add to them I can.

That's about it for now. Hopefully in 2 days I will have a huge post with some new cards. 
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Monday, April 26, 2021

Vacation days 7-10

 When I last left off, we were finishing up day 6 of our vacation. 
Thursday, we had a free day basically, so we slept in till almost 11, had lunch at McDonalds, and stopped at Meijer for a few hours to get some things we needed. For me, it was hopefully baseball cards, chocolate sprinkles, and some long sleeved Tigers shirts (we usually keep the house at 70, so I need all of the long sleeved shirts I can find). We found the baseball cards I had mentioned in the 2 previous posts, didn't find any Tigers long-sleeved shirts at the price I wanted to pay, but we did find the chocolate sprinkles.
Let me tell you about chocolate sprinkles. I grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan until I was 8. Both sets of my grandparents came to the US from the Netherlands. Near Grand Rapids is a town called Holland, Michigan, and there are vibrant Dutch communities in Michigan. Because of that, many different Dutch foods are available widely in Michigan, including chocolate sprinkles. What many of my relatives in Michigan do with the sprinkles is butter a piece of bread, and then spread the sprinkles on it and eat it. With my sweet tooth, I naturally loved these. I suppose I could just get some regular chocolate sprinkles from a store here in Florida, but I'm pretty sure they won't be the same. Needless to say, the past 5 days for lunch at work I have been eating chocolate sprinkle sandwiches and getting some pretty strange looks from coworkers. After Meijer, we came back to Uncle Jeff's, and took a nap. 
Jeff made us fried ham for dinner, which is something I never had before, but might try again. We had baked potatoes, and they went well together. After dinner, we had some time to shoot the breeze, and I had a Angry Orchard Strawberry Ale, and we talked some about labor unions. One of my goals in life is to be a part of one. I've never had a job were I've felt that the employees had a fair chance with anything against management. They have just been too powerful and either had money, other managers/corporate, or both backing them. I just think it would be nice to have a different perspective and see what changes could be made with the power of a union behind the employees at a place I would work. 

Friday was a day I was looking forward to. We were able to snag tickets to a Cubs-Braves game at Wrigley Field. It would be the 10th different MLB stadium I have attended a game at. The others are Tropicana Field, Turner Field, Fenway Park, Shea Stadium, Miller Park, Comiskey Park 2, Kauffman Stadium, Minute Maid Park, and Comerica Park. If you take away the 2 that got replaced, that's still 8 current ones. Kyler was at 4 after seeing Wrigley (he's been to Tropicana, Minute Maid, and Comerica). Not too shabby for a 4 year old. 
Originally, we were trying to get tickets for the Saturday game, and I was going to meet up with Dime Box Nick, but we were unable to, so we ended up going to the Friday game, and didn't get to do a blogger meetup. It was ok, because I didn't even realize that Friday was Jackie Robinson Day. 
We took the tram to the ballpark

My first view of the Wrigley Field diamond.
Kris Bryant
Ronald Acuna, Jr.
Centerfield scoreboard
One of the coolest thing was seeing everyone wear #42. Glad I got to go to this game. 
While I took Kyler to the bathroom, Karen got us some pizza. It was some really good pizza, from a place called Home Run Inn Pizza. I got a sausage pepperoni and cheese pizza, and I'm glad I didn't find out what we payed for it. We were freezing. Our seats were 2 rows from the top of the stadium along the LF/3B foul line, and it was in the low 40's with shade and windy. We only stayed for a time or 2 around the batting order and headed back to Jeff's. 
Me and Kyler in front of the scoreboard. There is one of the 3 of us, but it is on Karen's phone. 
For dinner, we stopped by Sonic, and I just got a hot dog. Sonic is another place that doesn't really have anything to me that is standout good. 

Saturday was our last full day. We met up with Karen's old college roommate Natalie, and we went out for lunch. Uncle Jeff lives in Rockford, Michigan, and let me tell you what, downtown Rockford is amazing. DeLand, FL (where I live) was voted America's #1 downtown a few years ago, but Rockford is really nice. There was a downtown area with lots of restaurants, a nice park with a huge dam system, and just tons of people out and about doing stuff like shopping, walking dogs, or taking the kids out. The park had firepits, a putting green, and tons of benches and picnic tables. Just a great place. We ended up eating at a place called Ramona's Table. I got a Cuban Sandiwch that had pulled pork on it. I think the pulled pork took away from the saltiness of the ham. 

The dam was beautiful. There were people fishing from it, and Kyler enjoyed throwing leaves into it. 

To add some cards to the post, here are some cards that Johnny from Cards from the Quarry, which were waiting for me when I got back from the trip. These are from his Sunday Trade Bait posts. Just some Rays and Tigers for those binders, a Schoop for my favorite player binder, and a card for my Dutch National Team collection. I’m not quite sure what to do with some of the guys I’ve picked up from some of the WBC sets. A number of guys like Schoop, Andrelton Simmons, and Kenley Jansen have all gone on to have successful MLB careers, but a number of the guys on the team didn’t, and I just am not sure if I want to add their names to my Favorite Player page since they just have 1-2 cards (with like 10 parallels), and not many people will even know who they are. I guess I will when I update my favorite player binder in the next month or so. Now, if I could only find a fitting place in the binder to put my card of the Netherlands flag...
Tomorrow I’m going to tackle mowing our lawn, but it might not take nearly as long since I weed eated today. After that the fun stuff will happen. I’ve really been wanting to visit my LCS and thumb through their 50 cent box and see what I could find, perhaps even buy a pack or two if they aren’t through the roof. I also need to stop by my friend Jim’s house and drop some cards off to him.  We’ve been to a few cars shows together, and he is a fellow autograph collector, and we’ve helped each other out a few times. It turns out that he had some knee surgery recently, and while on the way back from the trip, he let me know that the guy doing the rehab on it actually played minor league ball. Turns out, I have a card of him, so I’m going to hopefully drop it off either today or tomorrow and he’s going to try to get it signed. I also want to try to go to the post office and mail off some cards. If any of the cards on the last post I did look good, let me know, and I can have a pwe out by tomorrow.  
Thanks for checking out my latest post. 

Friday, April 23, 2021

Vacation days 4-6

 Today I pick up where I left off  with the vacation stuff. 
Monday morning, we were up bright and early to eat breakfast with Karen's Uncle Toren (Tiffany's dad), his wife, and Tiffany and Matt at Cracker Barrel. They have never been my favorite, but I figured we could get going to one out of the way without having to waste a dinner at one (Karen loves them for some reason). I had biscuits and gravy with bacon, and it wasn't too bad. After breakfast, we took off for Ohio, driving through Virginia and West Virginia. One thing I never realized is that both states have tons of mountains. While driving, we experienced the strangest thing (at least to someone used to flat ground in Florida). There were these dark patches in the mountains that looked like black trees, but the only weird thing was that they moved. Eventually, I think we came to figure out that it was just shadows from the clouds, but it was the strangest thing. I got a picture of one while driving by. 
Kyler was more interested in playing with his eyes (or maybe flipping us off). 
He was, however, impressed with a few of the tunnels we had to drive through.
Another thing we saw that made me want to take a picture were some of the overpasses. I lived in Michigan until I was like 8, and I always remembered the overpasses (especially train ones) being made of steel-like pieces like the one in the photo below. Every time I see one, it reminds me of Michigan. 
We had McDonalds for lunch on the road. I got my usual 10 piece nugget meal with a diet coke. I prefer Pepsi to coke, but it seems like down south, most places only offer coke. Lucky for me, the vast majority of places we went to in Michigan and northern states had Pepsi.
We got to the hotel in Columbus around dinner time, and we ordered LaRosa's pizza for dinner. We made a mistake and ate on the bed, and it took like 2 days to get the crumbs off. The pizza was ok, but nothing special. I am a big pizza guy, and I usually get a thin crust pizza with all the meats and no veggies, and prefer a small helping of sauce. I think if Papa Johns would do their sauce a little less like Dominos that they would have the prefect pizza. I think the LaRosa's one had a little too much sauce, and that's what I didn't care for.

We got up on Tuesday about an hour before our time slot for the Columbus zoo and it was only like 30 minutes from the hotel, so we made it in plenty of time. There is the main sign for the zoo.
I only got one picture of the water tower that they sometimes picture on the Secrets of the Zoo show. I figured I would have more chances to take pictures, but I just never saw it from where we were. It is right above that red car.
I promise we saw more animals, but I really only took pictures of the Sand Cats, and Karen got most of the other animals on her phone. I believe we saw polar bears, elephants, zebras, gorillas, penguins, and other less common animals. I really wanted to see the Pallas Cats, but they weren't out. The Sand Cats kind of were. There was a Jack Hanna building where they kind of told how the zoo recycled things, and there were a bunch of habitats build with toy food in them. 
They look just like house cats, but they have fangs and are mean. 
We had lunch at the zoo. I got pizza. Wasn't too bad or expensive. For dinner, we went to a place called Capital City Fine Diner in Dublin, Ohio where our hotel was. It was a cool little place, and had a great downtown area around it. I got some fried chicken with mashed potatoes and green beans. It was pretty good. 

Wednesday, we spent most of the day driving. For lunch, we got Chic-Fil-A. I usually get a 12 count fried nugget meal with a diet coke. We arrived to Michigan around dinner time, and spent all of our time in Michigan at my Uncle Jeff's house. He is married to my Aunt Val, whom we ate dinner with while in Charletson, SC on the first day of our vacation. Jeff made us some tacos for dinner. There are some months where we have tacos almost every week. Actually, they are burritos, but we call them tacos. I always do a burrito shell with refried beans on the bottom and hamburger meat on the top, nothing else, unless occasionally when I get cheese on top. Jeff's tacos were pretty good. He had smaller burrito shells, so where I usually have 2 of the larger ones, I had 3 of Jeff's. Jeff is a cool guy who works at Amway. We would usually spend the evenings talking in his living room after Kyler went to bed. We would usually crack open an adult beverage, as well. I usually have an Angry Orchard Apple Ale, but midway through the trip, we found a Meijers, and they had Angry Orchard Strawberry Ale, so I got a 6 pack of it, and I think I liked it better than the apple one. The sweeter anything is with me, the better. 
Jeff had some chickens and 2 ducks at his house, so Kyler got to help feed them a few times and gather some eggs. 

He also had cats, which Kyler loved chasing. 
Also, not a pet, but they have black squirrels in Michigan. All of the ones in Florida are either brown or gray. 
On to the card goodness. In the last post, I mentioned that I got a fat pack and hanging box of Donruss. On top of that, I had previously gotten a hobby pack, and another hanging box that ended up getting delivered while we were on vacation. I took a picture of all of the shiny cards I got. I think the first 3 are Red White & Blue, next is a Blue and a Statue of Liberty parallel, some Orange, and starting with the Altuve, some Red ones, and a Blue Star? Andre Dawson. The Albies looks like a Vector parallel, and not sure what the technology on the next 4 are. I pulled 3 SP's from the Heritage blaster, a Matt Joyce (#421), Wilson Ramos (#417), and a Matt Alexander, who I am keeping, since he is a Tiger. I think I'm willing to part with any of these if anyone wants them. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Thursday, April 22, 2021

Vacation Days 1-3

 My, oh my so much time has passed since I last posted.   I just got back from a wonderful, but full vacation. We spent the 10th through the 19th of this month on the road, hitting up various cities in South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, and random places in between for rest stops and such. I’m hoping to do maybe 4-5 posts of the vacation, just splitting things up because there is so much we did, and hopefully throw some cards in as well so not to bore you. 
Of the many things we did, the main things were visiting the North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro, NC, visiting the Columbus Zoo in Columbus, OH, and catching a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. Today, I am going to post about our first 2 days, which were spent mainly in Concord, NC, which is just outside of Charlotte. 

After work on Friday, we passed by a Crystals, and got lunch. I got 4 corn pups, and they were probably the best I ever had. We drove to just outside of Charleston, SC to have lunch with my Aunt Val. She was there to help out my cousin Heather who had just had a baby. We went to eat at a burger place called Smash Burger. It was a pretty decent place to eat. I got a BBQ bacon burger. It had bacon and pulled pork on it. The burger was surprisingly tasty, almost drawing the attention away from the saltiness of the bacon. After dinner, we drove to Concord, NC, making it there around 1AM. The next day we saw some of Karens family, and went to the Concord Mills Mall. That place was huge, and I’m spite of the enormous crowd there, every store had people up front ensuring that the stores weren’t over capacity. All of the places we saw put Florida to shame with all of the Covid precautions. I got some Chinese food at the mall for lunch, which consisted of bourbon chicken, orange chicken, and fried rice. For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse with Karens cousin Tiffany and her husband Matt. Matt is a big Red Sox fan, and they went to Fenway a few years ago. For dinner, I had a ribeye with broccoli and mashed potatoes. I ordered the steak medium and it was very rare. I would’ve got it recooked, but it was getting late and I figured I would at least try it. It was hard to chew and not very flavorful, but Texas Roadhouse gets them right 99 percent of the time. After dinner, we went to Krispy Kreme and got a dozen donuts, plus 3 of their new Oreo donuts. The donuts were probably the best ones I ever had, and I figured the Oreos wouldn’t be too sweet, but I was pleasantly surprised, as the donut sweetened up the Oreo. 
The next morning, one of my 3 younger sisters, Holly, met up with me. She is 2 years younger than me, and has 6 kids. She and her family are going to Malaysia soon to do mission work, so it may be the last time we see them. We met up at IHOP and I had a meal with bacon, hash browns, toast, and pancakes. I didn’t eat the pancakes, but the toast was some of the best I have ever had. I sat next to her husband Jason, and got to hear him tell me some good stories of a temporary job he got at a bowling alley. Jason is a blast to talk to, and I’ll miss him. It was a fun time with the huge crowd of 7 total kids and the 4 adults. After breakfast, we drove to Asheboro and went to the North Carolina Zoo with Matt and Tiffany. 
We found out about the NC Zoo after watching the Secrets of the Zoo show. It goes behind the scenes of the NC Zoo, and the brand actually has 3 other zoos that it films (Bronx, Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, FL, and the Columbus Zoo in OH). If we hadn’t started watching the show during the pandemic, the 2 zoos probably wouldn’t have made our trip. The first pic is of their oldest silverback gorilla Mo. The pictures aren’t in order, and I have so many that I’m not going to try to bother fixing them. 
Kyler following a Victoria Crown Pigeon. 
Some turtles. 
Front entrance. 
Kyler and a porcupine. 
Kyler trying to catch another bird. 
The family on the tram back to the parking lot. 
The desert building with Tiffany and Matt leading the way. 
At the zoo, I had a chocolate/vanilla swirl soft serve on a cone, and some cotton candy. For dinner, we got Jim ‘n ‘Nick’s BBQ. They have good cheese biscuits, but for some reason, they weren’t as good as I remember them. I had some pulled pork, and it was decent. I don’t generally like BBQ sauce on anything but I think it might have been a good idea to use some. 

On to the cards I promised. One of the days in Michigan, we went to their local Meijer grocery store. In the toy aisle, we found a shelf full of baseball cards. They had blasters, fat packs, and hanging boxes of Donruss and Heritage, and some tins of Topps. I picked a hanging box and fat pack of Donruss, and a blaster of Heritage. We went back a few days later, and the shelf was completely empty. At least I hit the jackpot once during 2021. I got a handful of favorite players, Rays/Tigers, and pulled World Series highlights cards from both Rays wins. I didn’t take pics of most of the cards, but here are the favorite players.  

The Logan Gilbert autograph is actually from CJ, who I did some customs for so he could add them to his YouTube baseball simulation channel. The deGrom cards were flying out of the packs, and I was stoked to pull 2 Casey Mize cards. Too bad that they probably won’t be worth crap when everyone realizes that Topps is overproducing their cards. They might not be as plentiful as ‘88 Donruss, but they certainly aren’t rare. They are just sitting in some flippers garages or basement waiting for them to lower the prices so they will be purchased. I really hope this hobby turns around, or we aren’t going to have it for long. 
Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll try to do a few more days of the trip in the next post. 
Thanks for reading my latest post. 
We miss you, Fuji!!

Thursday, April 1, 2021

New Series (maybe)

 I figured on April Fools Day, why not post about an idea I’ve been kicking around in my head for a series of posts. Before I do a ton of more posts,  I do want to get everyone’s opinion on it, so if you think I crossed the line between funny and disrespectful, let me know. 

I try to keep this blog kind of family-friendly, but many people that know me know that I find things funny that are unexpected, kind of gross, and sometimes border on irreverent. That must be where I got the idea for this post from. I’ve noticed that sometimes when I buy Bowman cards, that a player name sounds familiar, and sure enough, they are the child of a former Major Leaguer and the back of the card usually says so. Many times, it is an instance where the dad was just a fringe major leaguer and the son was a lot better. Other times, the dad was pretty good, and the son just happened to get drafted midway or close to the end of the draft and got a Bowman card. Either way, you might just have the tools necessary to play a game that I like to call ‘Dang.  They got laid.’  

I’ll be the first to admit that the girls didn’t come rushing to me in middle school, high school, or even college for that matter. I was shy, sheltered because of being home-schooled, and I lacked self confidence. I went on dates with a few random girls in my early to mid-20’s, but they were few and far between, and I just really didn’t know what I was doing. I also basically knew what I wanted in a woman, and that kept me from pulling the trigger on a number of ones that might have bit. Somehow, I met my wife on an online dating site almost 10 years ago, and everything just happened so fast. If not for the internet, I might still be living with my dad and hoping to meet a girl at work, church, or a ballgame. I guess what I’m saying is that yeah, I’m probably making fun of people, but I was in the same boat. 

So the way I’m going to play this game is im just going to find a guy who played in the Majors that looks fairly odd on one of their cards. The player has to have had a son (or sons) that also played pro ball and have a card. I’m going to show both cards as proof that the dad got laid, and kind of give my thoughts on the dads card. If everyone likes this, I’ll look for some more guys like that and maybe do a post like this every few weeks or every month. 

Victim number one is longtime reliever Chuck McElroy. Chuck was a valuable lefty for many teams, including the Cubbies, whom he is pictured with on this card. I don’t know if you think so, but I think with the glasses and expression on his face that Chuck looks like Steve Urkel from Family Matters. Can’t you picture him uncorking a pitch that hits a batter and then saying ‘Did I do thaaaaaat?’  Somehow, even with the resemblance to Steven Q. Urkel, good old Chuck got laid, and we have the Bowman of CJ McElroy to prove it. 
The other victim I have today is of former Giants pitcher Dave Heaverlo. On this card (it even mentions it on the back), Dave’s haircut is more tight than Stuart Sternberg’s pursestrings during free agency. It’s obvious that he can grow hair with that mustache, but for some reason, he just chose to shave the sides (and maybe the top) with a number zero on the razor. Add to that the big wad of chaw in his left cheek, and you can see why I picked him for this post. Apparently some lady picked him as well, because next to him we have a card of his son Jeff, who was of the Mariners top draft choices in 1999. At least on Jeff’s card we can at least see some sideburns as proof that he might be growing a little bit of hair underneath that cap. 

That wraps it up for the first (and maybe only) edition of ‘Dang. They got laid.’  Let me know what you think. 

It’s opening day, and the Yankee$ lost, my Tigers won, and my Rays are up by 1 in the 8th. Not too bad. My wife had been out of town for work, so I’ve been taking advantage of having a little more time to myself, and now just have the Mariners, Rangers, and Blue Jays left to add loose cards to their binders. I might just get it done by next Friday when we leave on vacation. The only thing that is going to hold me up is just going to be work (which was hellish today, only 2 more days to go and then holiday is over!!!!!) and having to mow the lawn on Tuesday. It was kind of long to begin with, and we might get some rain the next 2 days, so it might take a while. We’ll see. I’ll try to get a post in Thursday night before my last day of work. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post.