1982 Topps & Topps Traded Reference Page

Here are the missing players in the 1982 Topps set, any cards done, along with any templates I have made.
A quick note about the cards, the manager and coach cards are just like the normal player cards, except for 'manager' or 'coach' listed where the position is. Also, if you make any cards to cross off of my list, I would prefer that they are made with templates I have made for this set, or with templates that match the team colors. I realize that the templates on the Topps website are very easy to use, but they do not match the '82 set, and I want it to look as close to the real set as I can. Since the '82 set has the facsimile autographs on the cards, I would also request that the cards have the autographs as well, in BLACK, and not blue ink. SportsCollectors.net is a good source for pictures of autographs, as well as Google.com.

TEAMS LISTED: Entire NL, Entire AL

793. Ryne Sandberg PHI
794. Jerry Ujdur DET
795. Duffy Dyer DET
796. Darrell Brown DET
797. Gates Brown Coach DET
798. Billy Consolo Coach DET
799. Roger Craig Coach DET
800. Sparky Anderson Manager DET by Richard
801. Alex Grammas Coach DET
802. Dick Tracewski Coach DET
803. Larry Rothschild DET
804. Jose Alvarez ATL
805. Preston Hanna ATL
806. Rick Matula ATL
807. Bill Nahorodny ATL
808. Matt Sinatro ATL
809. Brook Jacoby ATL
810. Paul Runge ATL
811. Ken Smith ATL
812. Albert Hall ATL
813. Larry Whisenton ATL
814. Bob Porter ATL
815. Bobby Cox Manager ATL
816. Tommie Aaron Coach ATL
817. Cloyd Boyer Coach ATL
818. Bobby Dews Coach ATL
819. John Sullivan Coach ATL
820. Dave Geisel CHC
821. Bill Hayes CHC
822. Scott Fletcher CHC
823. Pat Tabler CHC
824. Mel Hall CHC
825. Scot Thompson CHC
826. Gene Krug CHC
827. Joey Amalfitano Manager CHC
828. Gene Clines Coach CHC
829. Jack Hiatt Coach CHC
830. Peanuts Lowrey Coach CHC
831. Les Moss Coach CHC
832. Cookie Rojas Coach CHC
833. Joe Edelen CIN
834. Ben Hayes CIN
835. German Barranca CIN
836. Neil Fiala CIN
837. John McNamara Manager CIN
838. Harry Dunlop Coach CIN
839. Bill Fischer Coach CIN
840. Russ Nixon Coach CIN
841. Ron Plaza Coach CIN
842. Gordie Pladson HOU
843. Alan Knicely HOU
844. Dave Bergman HOU
845. Rafael Landestoy HOU
846. Jeffrey Leonard HOU
847. Bert Pena HOU
848. Scott Loucks HOU
849. Tim Tolman HOU
850. Bill Virdon Manager HOU
851. Deacon Jones Coach HOU
852. Don Leppert Coach HOU
853. Bob Lillis Coach HOU
854. Mel Wright Coach HOU
855. Tom Niedenfuer LAD
856. Alejandro Pena LAD
857. Ted Power LAD
858. Jerry Grote LAD
859. Pepe Frias LAD
860. Jack Perconte LAD
861. Gary Weiss LAD
862. Mark Bradley LAD
863. Candy Maldonado LAD
864. Bobby Mitchell LAD
865. Tommy Lasorda Manager LAD
866. Monty Basgall Coach LAD
867. Mark Cresse Coach LAD
868. Manny Mota Coach LAD
869. Danny Ozark Coach LAD
870. Ron Perranoski Coach LAD
871. Rick Engle MON
872. Tom Gorman MON
873. Steve Ratzer MON
874. Tom Wieghaus MON
875. Mike Gates MON
876. Dave Hostetler MON
877. Tommy Hutton MON
878. Wallace Johnson MON
879. Jerry Manuel MON
880. Chris Smith MON
881. Tony Johnson MON
882. Bob Pate MON
883. Pat Rooney MON
884. Jim Fanning Manager MON
885. Dick Williams Manager MON
886. Steve Boros Coach MON
887. Pat Mullin Coach MON
888. Vern Rapp Coach MON
889. Norm Sherry Coach MON
890. Ozzie Virgil Coach MON
891. Dan Boitano NYM
892. Jesse Orosco NYM
893. Dave Roberts NYM
894. Wally Backman NYM
895. Brian Giles NYM
896. Mike Howard NYM
897. Joe Torre Manager NYM
898. Chuck Cottier Coach NYM
899. Bob Gibson Coach NYM
900. Mike Marshall NYM sunset
901. Deron Johnson Coach NYM
902. Joe Pignatano Coach NYM
903. Rube Walker Coach NYM
904. Dan Larson PHI
905. Jerry Reed PHI
906. Don McCormack PHI
907. Len Matuszek PHI
908. John Vukovich PHI sunset by Michael E.
909. Dallas Green Manager PHI
910. Ruben Amaro Coach PHI
911. Billy DeMars Coach PHI
912. Lee Elia Coach PHI
913. Mike Ryan Coach PHI
914. Herm Starrette Coach PHI
915. Bobby Wine Coach PHI
916. Ernie Camacho PIT
917. Odell Jones PIT
918. Mark Lee PIT
919. Doe Boyland PIT
920. Chuck Tanner Manager PIT
921. Harvey Haddix Coach PIT
922. Joe Lonnett Coach PIT
923. Alex Monchak Coach PIT
924. Bob Skinner Coach PIT
925. Dave LaPoint STL
926. Jim Otten STL
927. David Green STL
928. Whitey Herzog Manager STL
929. Chuck Hiller Coach STL
930. Hub Kittle Coach STL
931. Hal Lanier Coach STL
932. Dave Ricketts Coach STL
933. Red Schoendienst Coach STL
934. Steve Fireovid SD
935. Mario Ramirez SD
936. Alan Wiggins SD
937. Craig Stimac SD
938. Frank Howard Manager SD
939. Ed Brinkman Coach SD
940. Chuck Estrada Coach SD
941. Jack Krol Coach SD
942. Bobby Tolan Coach SD
943. Alan Hargesheimer SF
944. Randy Moffitt SF
945. Mike Rowland SF
946. Jeff Ransom SF
947. Mike Sadek SF
948. Billy North SF
949. Max Venable SF
950. Frank Robinson Manager SF
951. Vern Benson Coach SF
952. Don Buford Coach SF
953. Jim Davenport Coach SF
954. Jim Lefebvre Coahc SF
955. Don McMahon Coach SF
956. John Van Ornum Coach SF
957. Mike Boddicker BAL
958. Steve Luebber BAL
959. Willie Royster BAL
960. Mark Corey BAL
961. John Shelby BAL
962. Dallas Williams BAL
963. Earl Weaver Manager BAL
964. Elrod Hendricks Coach BAL
965. Ray Miller Coach BAL
966. Cal Ripken, Sr. Coach BAL
967. Ralph Rowe Coach BAL
968. Jimmy Williams Coach BAL
969. Luis Aponte BOS
970. John Lickert BOS
971. Chico Walker BOS
972. Ralph Houk Manager BOS
973. Tommy Harper Coach BOS
974. Walt Hriniak Coach BOS
975. Johnny Pesky Coach BOS
976. Lee Stange Coach BOS
977. Eddie Yost Coach BOS
978. Mickey Mahler CAL
979. Angel Moreno CAL
980. Doug Rau CAL
981. Bob Davis CAL
982. Steve Lubratich CAL
983. Brian Harper CAL
984. Jim Fregosi Manager CAL
985. Gene Mauch Manager CAL
986. Bob Clear Coach CAL
987. Preston Gomez Coach CAL
988. Bobby Knoop Coach CAL
989. Tom Morgan Coach CAL
990. Jimmie Reese Coach CAL
991. Merv Rettenmund Coach CAL
992. Juan Agosto CHW
993. Francisco Barrios CHW
994. Jerry Hairston CHW
995. Tony LaRussa Manager CHW
996. Art Kusnyer Coach CHW
997. Loren Babe Coach CHW
998. Dave Nelson Coach CHW
999. Vada Pinson Coach CHW
1000. Minnie Minoso Coach CHW
1001. Ron Schueler Coach CHW
1002. Bobby Winkles Coach CHW
1003. Ed Glynn CLE
1004. Mike Fischlin CLE
1005. Karl Pagel CLE
1006. Larry Littleton CLE
1007. Ron Pruitt CLE
1008. Dave Garcia Manager CLE
1009. Dave Duncan Coach CLE
1010. Tommy McCraw Coach CLE
1011. Joe Nossek Coach CLE
1012. Dennis Sommers Coach CLE
1013. Bill Paschall KC
1014. Jeff Schattinger KC
1015. Greg Keatley KC
1016. Onix Concepcion KC
1017. Tim Ireland KC
1018. Ken Phelps KC
1019. Danny Garcia KC
1020. Pat Sheridan KC
1021. Jim Frey Manager KC
1022. Dick Howser Manager KC
1023. Billy Connors Coack KC
1024. Gordon Mackenzie Coach KC
1025. Jose Martinez Coach KC
1026. Jimmie Schaffer Coach KC
1027. Dwight Bernard MIL
1028. Donnie Moore MIL
1029. Willie Mueller MIL
1030. Sal Bando MIL
1031. Buck Rodgers Manager MIL
1032. Larry Haney Coach MIL
1033. Ron Hansen Coach MIL
1034. Harvey Kuenn Coach MIL
1035. Cal McLish Coach MIL
1036. Harry Warner Coach MIL
1037. Terry Felton MIN
1038. John Hobbs MIN
1039. Bob Veselic MIN
1040. Ray Smith MIN
1041. Tim Corcoran MIN
1042. Gary Gaetti MIN
1043. Mark Funderburk MIN
1044. Greg Johnston MIN
1045. Billy Gardner Manager/Coach MIN
1046. Johnny Goryl Manager MIN
1047. Karl Kuehl Coach MIN
1048. Jim Lemon Coach MIN
1049. Rick Stelmaszek Coach MIN
1050. Johnny Podres Coach MIN
1051. Bill Castro NYY
1052. Johnny Oates NYY
1053. Tucker Ashford NYY
1054. Mike Patterson NYY
1055. Bob Lemon Manager NYY
1056. Gene Michael Manager NYY
1057 Joe Altobelli Coach NYY
1058. Yogi Berra Coach NYY
1059. Mike Ferraro Coach NYY
1060. Clyde King Coach NYY
1061. Charley Lau Coach NYY
1062. Jeff Torborg Coach NYY
1063. Jerry Walker Coach NYY
1064. Stan Williams Coach NYY
1065. Dave Beard OAK
1066. Ed Figeroa OAK
1067. Dave Heaverlo OAK
1068. Craig Minetto OAK
1069. Bob Kearney OAK
1070. Jeff Cox OAK
1071. Brian Doyle OAK
1072. Tim Hosley OAK
1073. Jimmy Sexton OAK
1074. Fernando Arroyo OAK
1075. Jim Nettles OAK
1076. Billy Martin Manager OAK
1077. Clete Boyer Coach OAK
1078. Art Fowler Coach OAK
1079. George Mitterwald Coach OAK
1080. Jackie Moore Coach OAK
1081. Lee Walls Coach OAK
1082. Bud Black SEA
1083. Randy Stein SEA
1084. Bob Stoddard SEA
1085. Dan Firova SEA
1086. Brad Gulden SEA
1087. Kim Allen SEA
1088. Jim Maler SEA
1089. Vance McHenry SEA
1090. Paul Serna SEA
1091. Casey Parsons SEA
1092. Rene Lachemann Manager SEA
1093. Maury Wills Manager SEA sunset
1094. Tommy Davis Coach SEA
1095. Frank Funk Coach SEA
1096. Cananea Reyes Coach SEA
1097. Wes Stock Coach SEA
1098. Mark Mercer TEX
1099. Len Whitehouse TEX
1100. Don Zimmer Manager TEX
1101. Larry Cox TEX
1102. Nelson Morman TEX
1103. Wayne Tolleson TEX
1104. Dan Duran TEX
1105. Bobby Jones TEX
1106. Rick Lisi TEX
1107. Don Werner TEX
1108. Jackie Brown Coach TEX
1109. Tommy Helms Coach TEX
1110. Darrell Johnson Coach TEX
1111. Fred Koenig Coach TEX
1112. Wayne Terwilliger Coach TEX
1113. Mike Barlow TOR
1114. Nino Espinosa TOR
1115. Dale Murray TOR
1116. Mike Willis TOR
1117. Dan Whitmer TOR
1118. Ted Cox TOR
1119. Fred Manrique TOR
1120. Rick Bosetti TOR
1121. Charlie Beamon TOR
1122. Bobby Mattick Manager TOR
1123. Bobby Doerr Coach TOR sunset
1124. John Felske Coach TOR
1125. Denis Menke Coach TOR
1126. Al Widmar Coach TOR
1127. Jimy Williams Coach TOR
1128. Dodger Infield Highlights LAD by GCRL
1129. Tom Seaver Highlights CIN (3,000th K)
1130. Charlie Lea Highlights MON (no-hitter)
1131. Len Barker Highlights CLE (perfect game)
1132. Carl Yazstremski Highlights BOS (plays in 3,000th game)
1133. Lenny Randle HIghlights SEA (blows ball foul)
1134. Nolan Ryan Highlights HOU (most career walks)
1135. Graig Nettles ALCS Highlights Game 1 (3-run double) NYY
1136. Dave Righetti ALCS Highlights Game 3 (6 shutout innings) NYY
1137. Wave first starts ALCS Highlights Game 3
1138. Pedro Guerrero/Mike Scioscia NLCS Highlights Game 1 (back-to-back HRs) LAD
1139. Ray Burris NLCS Highlights Game 2 (5-hit shutout) MON
1140. Jerry White NLCS Highlights Game 3 (3-run HR) MON
1141. Steve Garvey NLCS Highlights Game 4 (2-run HR) LAD
1142. Rick Monday NLCS Highlights Game 5 (HR in 9th) LAD
1143. Bob Watson World Series Highlights Game 1 (3-run HR) NYY
1144. Tommy John World Series Highlights Game 2 (7 shutout innings) NYY
1145. Fernando Valenzuela World Series Highlights Game 3 (9-inning Win) LAD
1146. Steve Howe World Series Highlights Game 4 (Win) LAD
1147. Jerry Reuss World Series Highlights Game 5 (Complete Game, 1 Run) LAD
1148. Pedro Guerrero World Series Highlights Game 6 (HR) LAD
1149. Pedro Guerrero/Ron Cey/Steve Yeager share MVP award World Series Highlights LAD
1150. The Dodgers celebrate World Series Highlights LAD
1151. Checklist 7
1152. Checklist 8
1153. Checklist 9
1154. Checklist 10
1155. Checklist 11
1156. Dallas Green All-Star Manager PHI
1157. Jim Frey All-Star Manager KC

T133. Juan Berenguer DET
T134. Dave Gumpert DET
T135. Bob James DET
T136. Larry Pashnick DET
T137. Larry Rothschild DET
T138. Mark DeJohn DET
T139. Eddie Miller DET
T140. Howard Johnson/Mike Laga/Glenn Wilson Rookies DET RC
T141. Joe Cowley ATL
T142. Ken Dayley ATL
T143. Carlos Diaz ATL
T144. Tom Hausman ATL
T145. Donnie Moore ATL
T146. Pascual Perez ATL
T147. Randy Johnson ATL
T148. Jerry Royster ATL
T149. Paul Zuvella ATL
T150. Bob Gibson Coach ATL
T151. Joe Torre Manager ATL
T152. Dal Maxvill Coach ATL
T153. Joe Pignatano Coach ATL
T154. Rube Walker Coach ATL
T155. Tom Filer CHC
T156. Dan Larson CHC
T157. Herman Segelke CHC
T158. Randy Stein CHC
T159. Butch Benton CHC
T160. Larry Cox CHC
T161. Ryne Sandberg CHC
T162. Steve Henderson CHC
T163. Bob Molinaro CHC
T164. Lee Elia Manager CHC
T165. Billy Connors Coach CHC
T166. Tom Harmon Coach CHC
T167. Gordon Mackenzie Coach CHC
T168. John Vukovich Coach CHC
T169. Bill Scherrer CIN
T170. Dave Van Gorder CIN
T171. Duane Walker CIN
T172. Clint Hurdle CIN
T173. Brad Lesley/Tom Lawless/Gary Redus Rookies CIN RC
T174. Russ Nixon Manager CIN
T175. Joey Amalfitano Coach CIN
T176. Dan Boone HOU
T177. George Cappuzzello HOU
T178. Frank DiPino HOU
T179. Randy Moffit HOU
T180. Bert Roberge HOU
T181. Mark Ross HOU
T182. Bill Doran HOU RC
T183. Kevin Bass HOU RC
T184. Larry Ray HOU
T185. Bob Lillis Manager HOU
T186. Joe Beckwith LAD
T187. Vicente Romo LAD
T188. Steve Shirley LAD
T189. Alex Taveras LAD
T190. Don Crow LAD
T191. Manny Mota LAD
T192. Greg Brock/Dave Sax/Ricky Wright Rookies LAD RC
T193. Bob James MON
T194. Randy Lerch MON
T195. Dave Tomlin MON
T196. Brad Gulden MON
T197. Doug Flynn MON
T198. Bryan Little MON
T199. Roy Johnson MON
T200. Bob Gebhard Coach MON
T201. Dan Norman MON
T202. Joel Youngblood MON
T203. Ken Phelps MON
T204. Mike Stenhouse MON
T205. Billy DeMars Coach MON
T206. Galen Cisco Coach MON
T207. Carlos Diaz NYM
T208. Brent Gaff NYM
T209. Tom Gorman NYM
T210. Scott Holman NYM
T211. Rick Ownbey NYM
T212. Doug Sisk NYM
T213. Walt Terrell NYM
T214. Bruce Bochy NYM
T215. Ronn Reynolds NYM
T216. Phil Mankowski NYM
T217. Gary Rajsich NYM
T218. Rusty Tillman NYM
T219. Rick Sweet NYM
T220. George Bamberger Manager NYM
T221. Jim Frey Coach NYM
T222. Bud Harrelson Coach NYM
T223. Frank Howard Coach NYM
T224. Bill Monbouquette Coach NYM
T225. Porfi Altamirano PHI
T226. Stan Bahnsen PHI
T227. Jay Baller PHI
T228. Larry Christenson PHI
T229. John Denny PHI
T230. Julio Franco PHI RC
T231. Willie Montanez PHI
T232. Dave Roberts PHI
T233. Alejandro Sanchez PHI
T234. Bob Molinaro PHI
T235. Pat Corrales Manager PHI
T236. Dave Bristol Coach PHI
T237. Deron Johnson Coach PHI
T238. Claude Osteen Coach PHI
T239. Tom Griffin PIT
T240. Grant Jackson PIT
T241. Larry McWilliams PIT
T242. Paul Moskau PIT
T243. Randy Niemann PIT
T244. Manny Sarmiento PIT
T245. Lee Tunnell PIT
T246. Doug Frobel PIT
T247. Brian Harper PIT
T248. Richie Hebner PIT
T249. John Milner PIT
T250. Cecilio Guante/Junior Ortiz/Rafael Belliard Rookies PIT RC
T251. Nelson Norman PIT
T252. Ken Reitz PIT
T253. Jim Smith PIT
T254. Eddie Vargas PIT
T255. Wayne Nordhagen PIT
T256. Reggie Walton PIT
T257. Jeff Keener STL
T258. Jeff Lahti STL
T259. Eric Rasmussen STL
T260. John Stuper/Kelly Paris/Willie McGee Rookies STL RC
T261. Floyd Chiffer SD
T262. Luis DeLeon SD
T263. Mike Griffin SD
T264. Ron Tingley SD
T265. Rick Lancellotti SD
T266. Jody Lansford SD
T267. Jerry Manuel SD
T268. Mario Ramirez SD
T269. George Hinshaw SD
T270. Dick Williams Manager SD
T271. Norm Sherry Coach SD
T272. Ozzie Virgil, Sr. Coach SD
T273. Tony Gwynn/Dave Dravecky/Andy Hawkins Rookies SD RC
T274. Jim Barr SF
T275. Mike Chris SF
T276. Mark Dempsey SF
T277. Alan Fowlkes SF
T278. Scott Garrelts SF
T279. Atlee Hammaker SF
T280. Bill Laskey SF
T281. Andy McGaffigan SF
T282. Dan Schatzeder SF
T283. Ron Pruitt SF
T284. Jose Barrios SF
T285. Tom O'Malley SF
T286. Guy Sularz SF
T287. Brad Wellman SF
T288. John Rabb SF
T289. Storm Davis BAL RC
T290. John Flinn BAL
T291. Ross Grimsley BAL
T292. Don Stanhouse BAL
T293. Don Welchel BAL
T294. Glenn Gulliver BAL
T295. Floyd Rayford BAL
T296. Mike Young BAL
T297. Leo Hernandez BAL
T298. Brian Denman BOS
T299. Mike Brown BOS
T300. Dennis Boyd/Marty Barrett/Wade Boggs Rookies BOS RC
T301. Roger LaFrancois BOS
T302. Marc Sullivan BOS
T303. Ed Jurak BOS
T304. Stan Bahnsen CAL
T305. John Curtis CAL
T306. Dave Goltz CAL
T307. Tommy John CAL
T308. Rick Steirer CAL
T309. Luis Tiant CAL
T310. Ricky Adams CAL
T311. Jose Moreno CAL
T312. Gary Pettis CAL RC
T313. Rich Barnes CHW
T314. Salome Barojas CHW
T315. Warren Brusstar CHW
T316. Chico Escarrega CHW
T317. Jim Kern CHW
T318. Sparky Lyle CHW
T319. Jim Siwy CHW
T320. Eddie Solomon CHW
T321. Marv Foley CHW
T322. Steve Dillard CHW
T323. Lorenzo Gray CHW
T324. Chris Nyman CHW
T325. Rudy Law CHW
T326. Greg Walker/Vance Law/Ron Kittle Rookies CHW RC
T327. Charley Lau Coach CHW
T328. Jim Leyland Coach CHW RC
T329. Bud Anderson CLE
T330. John Bohnet CLE
T331. Neal Heaton CLE
T332. Jerry Reed CLE
T333. Sandy Wihtol CLE
T334. Bill Nahorodny CLE
T335. Carmen Castillo CLE
T336. Rod Craig CLE
T337. Kevin Rhomberg CLE RC
T338. Johnny Goryl Coach CLE
T339. Mel Queen Coach CLE
T340. Mike Armstrong KC
T341. Derek Botelho KC
T342. Bill Castro KC
T343. Keith Creel KC
T344. Don Hood KC
T345. Bob Tufts KC
T346. Kelly Heath KC
T347. Ron Johnson KC
T348. Greg Pryor KC
T349. Steve Hammond KC
T350. Buddy Biancalana/Don Slaught/Bud Black Rookies KC RC
T351. Tom Poquette KC
T352. Bombo Rivera KC
T353. Mark Ryal KC
T354. Cloyd Boyer Coach KC
T355. Rocky Colavito Coach KC
T356. Joe Nossek Coach KC
T357. Bob Skube MIL
T358. Doc Medich MIL
T359. Don Sutton MIL
T360. Doug Jones/Pete Ladd/Kevin Bass Rookies MIL RC
T361. Harvey Kuenn Manager MIL
T362. Pat Dobson Coach MIL
T363. Paul Boris MIN
T364. Pete FilsonMIN
T365. Jeff Little MIN
T366. John Pacella MIN
T367. Larry Milbourne MIN
T368. Greg Wells MIN
T369. Bobby Mitchell MIN
T370. Jesus Vega MIN
T371. Jim Eisenreich/Randy Bush/Frank Viola Rookies MIN RC
T372. Johnny Podres Coach MIN
T373. Jim Lewis/Jay Howell/Don Mattingly Rookies NYY RC
T374. Curt Kaufman NYY
T375. Lynn McGlothen NYY
T376. Mike Morgan NYY
T377. John Pacella NYY
T378. Dave Righetti NYY
T379. Stefan Wever NYY
T380. Juan Espino NYY
T381. Bobby Ramos NYY
T382. Barry Evans NYY
T383. Lee Mazzilli NYY
T384. Edwin Rodriguez NYY
T385. Rodney Scott NYY
T386. Butch Hobson NYY
T387. Dave Stegman NYY
T388. Clyde King Manager NYY
T389. Gene Michael Manager NYY
T390. Mickey Vernon Coach NYY
T391. Steve Baker OAK
T392. Chris Codiroli OAK
T393. Tim Conroy OAK
T394. John D'Acquisto OAK
T395. Preston Hanna OAK
T396. Dennis Kinney OAK
T397. Kevin Bell OAK
T398. Darrell Brown OAK
T399. Danny Goodwin OAK
T400. Tony Phillips OAK RC
T401. Charlie Metro Coach OAK
T402. Rich Bordi SEA
T403. Mike Moore SEA
T404. Ron Musselman SEA
T405. Edwin Nunez SEA
T406. Orlando Mercado SEA
T407. Rick Sweet SEA
T408. Manny Castillo SEA
T409. Todd Cruz SEA
T410. Domingo Ramos SEA
T411. Dave Revering SEA
T412. Thad Bosley SEA
T413. John Moses SEA
T414. Chuck Cottier Coach SEA
T415. Dave Duncan Coach SEA
T416. Vada Pinson Coach SEA
T417. Bill Plummer Coach SEA
T418. Dan Boitano TEX
T419. Jim Farr TEX
T420. Paul Mirabella TEX
T421. Mike Mason TEX
T422. Don Werner TEX
T423. Randy Bass TEX
T424. Bucky Dent TEX
T425. Dave Hostetler TEX
T426. Mike Richardt TEX
T427. Terry Bogener TEX
T428. Nick Capra TEX RC
T429. George Wright TEX
T430. Pete O'Brien/Mike Smithson/Tom Henke Rookies TEX RC
T431. Darrell Johnson Manager TEX
T432. Dave Geisel TOR
T433. Ken Schrom TOR
T434. Steve Sentenev TOR
T435. Dave Baker TOR
T436. Pedro Hernandez TOR
T437. Dick Davis TOR
T438. Tony Johnson TOR
T439. Glenn Adams TOR
T440. Wayne Nordhagen TOR
T441. Leon Roberts TOR
T442. Otto Velez TOR
T443. Bobby Cox Manager TOR
T444. Cito Gaston Coach TOR
T445. John Sullivan Coach TOR
T446. Checklist
T447. Checklist
T448. Checklist
T449. Checklist
T450. Mark Eichhorn/Geno Petralli/Jim Gott Rookies TOR RC

All templates are made in MS Paint and are .png files. They were made from scanned images of original cards, and are approximately 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches tall. Here is an example of the correct fonts for the 1982 Topps set.

Here is where you can download the Helvetica Black font. Here is where you can download the Arial Bold font.  Since I am making templates for each team, you won't need the Eurostyle font. 

Here are the rest of the templates I have made for the '82 Topps set.

Below are any cards made for the 1982 Topps set. I will try to keep them in order and update them. Last update: July 31, 2019. 

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