Friday, December 30, 2016

1993 Topps Bret Boone Season Highlights

In 1992, Bret Boone made history by becoming the first 3rd generation player in the Majors. His grandfather Ray Boone, played for 6 teams from 1948-1960. His father Bob, played for 3 teams from 1972-1990. Had he not been injured in 1990, Bob could've played in the Bigs at the same time as Bret. Bret's younger brother Aaron made his debut in 1996, and his brother Matt played in the minors for a few years. I actually saw Matt play for the Lakeland Tigers in 2002 and got a broken bat from him, as well as a signed baseball. I got Bob's autograph once or twice in spring training, and got Aaron's as well. If I had known that I would get 3 of the Boone's autographs, I would've tried to get a ball signed by them all and try to get Ray through the mail in the early 2000's and go to more Rays-Mariners games to try to get Bret to finish it. 3 out of 5 ain't bad though.

Topps didn't make season highlight cards in the 1993 set, so collectors missed out on getting cards like this. I have previously made ones of Sid Bream and Bip Roberts, and there are a good number of ones to come.

Paul just emailed me the finalized checklist for the '94 Topps set, so I will be trying to post that next, and finish templates for the '97 and '98 sets, and make reference pages for the rest of the sets up to 2001 that don't have ones. My goal is to have every template you should need, lists of fonts and sizes so that won't be a chore, and then have complete checklists and update them as cards get done. I'm also working on printing my 1992 Topps set. Not too much has been done so far, and I don't have much sticker paper left, but I think I'll get 30 or so cards done at least. These will be some fun projects to work on in 2017 and I also hope to make customs too. I wish everyone a great 2017 and can't wait to see all the customs made in the new year. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Customs from Richard Part 5

I've finally got 2 days in a row off, so I've been able to do a bunch of work on customs lately. As far as templates, I just have a handful of teams from the '98 set left, and then some quick fixes on the '99 set, and my pet project, the '89-'01 sets will be finished. I have also made a few different pages for some of those sets, and thanks to Richard, a bunch of cards on those set have now been crossed off. I hope to finish the templates sometime in the next few weeks and get back into the swing of making customs. The ones Richard have been sending me have been piling up for a good month now, so here are a ton of them. He is a frequent poster on the Facebook Custom Card Group, and you can view more of his work there. It's a cool group if you want to join it. I will leave you with the customs, and I'll probably try to get 1 more post up before 2017. Thanks for checking out my latest post.