Sunday, October 28, 2018

Working on '78 Topps and such

Just a reminder to anyone who cares, in my last post, I announced a contest where the prize is 3 custom cards off of my checklists. I will have up to 5 winners, and all you need to do to enter is leave a comment on the post.

I have been trying to work on making some checklists during my lunch break at work. Currently, I am working on the 1978 Topps checklist. I have finished the missing players for the entire National League, and am working on the American League now. The checklists aren't that hard, since Topps actually put most of the 40-man rosters on cards in the '70's. After the '78 checklist is finished, I will work on the '77 set, then '76, '75, and so on until the '70's are finished.

The templates are a work in progress. So far, I have '78's for the Braves and Tigers. I've found that Topps has made several designs for '70's sets on their custom page, but they aren't totally true to the original designs (only one color design, for instance), and just as a rule, if you are trying to help cross some cards off of my list by making them, I probably won't use any that have the Topps templates, unless they match the colors of the teams that are on the original cards. With that being said, I will try my best to make templates for the sets. I am working on putting my loose baseball cards into binders, and in a few months once that is done, I will have some free time available to make checklists and templates with.

Here is the link to the '78 set, along with the templates that I have, and just for a treat, here are the 2 '78's I've done so far. The Tigers ones are done by Giovanni from When Topps Had Balls.

Finally, here is a link to an awesome post that my friend Beny made with a list (and pictures!!!!) of most of the fonts from every Topps set from 1951 to the present. It is so awesome, and has allowed me and others to make customs that are almost spot-on to the real cards. Beny put a ton of work into the page, and I wish there was a Go Fund Me page or something to thank him for doing the font page.

Hope you enjoy the '78 page. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Contest Post

I have done a lot of different types of posts on here (customs of a certain player, customs from a certain year, additions to my collection), but I have never done a contest. I have been fortunate enough to win a few contests on other blogs, so I decided to have one here. I don't know if many people will enter, but here is how I have decided to do everything.

1. I will have (up to) 5 contest winners.
2. In order to enter, all you need to do is comment on this post. The commenters will then be randomized once if I get more than 5, and the first 5 names after randomizing will be the winners.
3. I will leave this contest open for a week, so it will officially end on Wednesday, October 31, around 2 PM Eastern time (or whenever I can get on my laptop after I get home from work that day).
4. The winner(s) will get their choice of 3 custom cards made by myself, as long as they come off of one of the checklists I have on here. For convenience sake, I will list all of the completed checklists I have on this post, in order by year. Most of them are organized by team, so if you want to search for cards that way, it may be easier. I know not all years have complete checklists, and I apologize, but my contest, my rules.

Here are some of the completed checklists I have.

1979 Topps
1983 Topps & 1983 Topps Traded
1984 Topps
1985 Topps
1986 Topps
1987 Topps
1988 Topps
1989 Topps
1990 Topps
1991 Topps
1992 Topps
1993 Topps
1994 Topps
1995 Topps
1996 Topps
1997 Topps
1998 Topps
1999 Topps
2000 Topps
2001 Topps
2016 Topps

As I mentioned before, I have some partial checklists up for the other sets, but the ones listed are complete and have every team on them.

Good luck! Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Monday, October 15, 2018

The 1998 Topps set is complete!!!

After about a year of working, here are all of the missing card from the 1998 Topps set. The '98 set was one of my favorites. I was 15 in 1998, and I just never purchased that many packs of the set in 1998, I guess due to not having as much spending money as I wanted. If I remember correctly, Wal-Mart, where I went to get most of my card from, never really seemed to have '98 Topps, more Upper Deck and Collector's Choice. I still don't have many '98 Topps cards in my collection today, but I am probably closer to having 25% of the set now. You can say what you want about the set, but I have always thought it was a beautiful set, with the gold borders, frame-like things in the design, the team logo under the nameplate, and the interesting photos in the set. Combine that with some of the first cards of the Arizona Diamondbacks and Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and you have a winner in my book.
I am now going to start work on the 1993 Topps set. Along with the 1998 Topps set, this marks the 3rd set I have completed, including 1983 Topps (and 1983 Topps Traded), 1992 Topps, and 1994 Topps. The '93 set will give me a run of 3 years in a row completed, which naturally leaves me to work on the 1991 set after that.  Thanks to all of the people who have helped out making cards for this set with me (mainly Richard and Mark).
Thanks for checking out my latest post.