Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Quick update

Just a quick post from my phone to let you know what I have been up to.
My wife is having surgery tomorrow about 2 hours away from me, and I will be at work. She has had problems with excess spinal fluid around her brain for as long as I’ve known her, and we have been through at least 5 surgeries in the past 5 years to try to correct a problem with a shunt that they placed on her to help drain the extra fluid. For a long time, it was clogged, and wouldn’t allow fluid to drain, giving her really bad headaches. In January, her neurosuegeon found the cause, fixed it, but now it appears it is draining too much, also giving her headaches and episodes where she is almost in an intoxicated state. The plan tomorrow is to replace the current shunt with a programmable one which will hopefully allow it to drain just a little less, causing her pressure headaches to go away. Her neurosuegeon said he is kind of in uncharted waters as he has never seen a shunt drain too much fluid, but he has a game plan for the procedure. If you are the praying type, I would appreciate some tomorrow.
So I am at home with my almost 2-year old son, and have had some time to sort cards while Kyler has been in day care and after he is in bed. I was finally able to sort all of my loose cards and am now ready to put them in binders. Hope to start that tomorrow afternoon. I haven’t done any customs in a few days, but I think I could crank some out tomorrow.

Well, that has been my life the past week or so. I’ll try to post some new customs tomorrow, and definitely on my next day off. Thanks for taking the time to ready my latest post.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

1998 Topps #1051-1100

Here are the next 50 cards in the 1998 Topps set.

 Rickey Henderson by Richard

Some nice cards of some good teams in the late '90's. The Padres won the NL Championship in 1998, and the Giants won the NL West in 1997.
As far as making customs, I finished the Minnesota Twins, and am now left with just the missing guys from the Milwaukee Brewers, New York Yankees, Oakland A's, Seattle Mariners, Texas Rangers, and Toronto Blue Jays to finish my 1998 Topps set. The tricky thing is going to be finding images from the correct time period for many of the teams. The Brewers had that 'MB' alphabet soup logo thing going on in '97. The Mariners had that 'S' with the star behind it, which could make the coaches difficult. The Rangers had a relatively new logo, like the Mariners, so again, the coaches could be difficult. Finally, the Blue Jays had that big leafy logo going on, which will make finding images challenging. Less than 200 cards left, though. I have a feeling that once the '98 set is done, that I will start on the 1993 Topps set, so I can fill in the gap between the 1992 and 1994 sets. Then maybe 1991? Perhaps I will put those 2 sets up for a vote or something.
I have officially crossed the halfway point with my card sorting, and have reached the AL cards in my 3 boxes that I am sorting. I hope to finish that in a month or so, and then go on to the process of getting all of the loose cards into binders. I have about a half a box of doubles right now, so maybe once this whole process is done, I can help you guys finish off some sets or add to your player collections. I have a ton of '87-'91 Topps, '89 and '90 Donruss, '97 Collector's Choice, '96 and '97 Score, and '96-'97 Fleer doubles from the box. Combined with my other box and a half or so of doubles that I have (with mostly '92 Topps and '15-now Topps cards), I have a good amount of extra cards I don't really have any use for, so hit me up if you are working on any of those sets, and although it will probably take  a few months, I can probably get something for you from those sets.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.