Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite Player: Patrick Mazeika

 Patrick didn't get into my favorite player collection until recently. My friend Jim told me that he went to Stetson University (across the street from my church), but I forgot the name until I saw him a few months after the first time he told me about Patrick. I checked my cards, and pulled out one from 2022 Opening Day, and recently acquired his Topps card, and pulled his Topps Chrome autograph from a pack.

Patrick Mazeika cards in my collection:

2022 Topps
2022 Topps Chrome certified autograph
2022 Topps Opening Day

Favorite Player: Ferenc Jongejan

 Ferenc Jongejan was a pitcher for the Dutch National Team, and a guy that took a while to get into my favotite player collection just because he kind of slipped through the cracks only having the one card in my binders and with the frequency that I update them, I just didn't see the card and read the back until recently. He is in my collection now, and I hope to find his Bowman Chrome card, and perhaps an autographed one.

Ferenc Jongejan cards in my collection:

2003 Bowman