Friday, October 27, 2017

1998 Topps #504-550

I've been working on the 1998 Topps set after finishing the 1983 Topps set, and due to having a good chunk of cards already done and the relatively easiness of the '98 set, I have done the first (almost) 50 cards in the set. I think I might redo a few of the templates where it is hard to read the name (Giants/Rays, a few others) and lighten it and make it easier to read, but other than that, I'm happy at how these cards have turned out. Here are card #504-550. 

I'm also working on the 2000 Topps checklist, and have got the first 6 teams finished. Can't wait to finish making these checklists and templates and start knocking out sets. With the first 50 in the '98 set, I am getting closer.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

1991 Bowman #705 Steve Sharts

The other day, there was a post on the messageboards about players who appeared in the Majors but didn't appear in any major card sets. Jeff Doyle was mentioned, and I posted that I made a custom of him in my 1983 Topps Traded set. Tim, a guy on the forums, messaged me, and we worked out a trade for the Doyle custom. I am happy to announce that I am the proud owner of a Steve Sharts autographed card. Steve never appeared in any major card sets, but I did make him a 1990 Bowman and a 1994 Topps Traded Update card. 

 I decided to make another custom of Steve, the 1991 Bowman card to go along with my new autographed card.
Thanks for the trade, Tim.