Disclaimer Page

I felt the need to make a disclaimer page just to protect myself and my readers.

All of the custom baseball cards on this website are created with the intention of enjoyment by myself and the readers, nothing more, nothing less. With the creation of websites such as eBay, Pinterest, Etsy, Instagram and such, more and more custom baseball cards are being sold for profit. Some users of such websites have even taken customs made by myself and others, claimed that they owned them, and sold them for profit. Any customs that I have made and posted on this and other websites are not to be sold. Again, they were created for pure enjoyment. I do not own (most of) the pictures that were used to make these customs, nor (most of) the card designs that were used to make them, so I cannot legally sell them, nor do I want to. I just want to make the cards that Topps missed and give some one-and-done players there very own Topps baseball card. I do not authorize any of the cards posted on here or other websites that were made and can be traced back to myself to be sold by myself or any other person, and if someone takes an image that I have posted without my permission, that constitutes fraud, and they will be subject to the wrath of myself and whichever legal corporation I choose to prosecute them with.

I just want people to enjoy this site, and for myself and others to stay out of hot water. Hopefully this will do that.

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