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Welcome to my Wantlist Page. Below you will find cards I am looking for, types of cards I collect, and players I collect. I really don't buy packs like I used to anymore, I still get packs, and hopefully I can pull some stuff you can use in your collection.  

My main focus are 4 different projects. 
1. Getting every Topps/Topps Traded/Topps Update card from 1951 to the present (Ultimate Topps need list)
2. Collecting Tampa Bay Rays/Devil Rays cards (Need list)
3. Collecting Detroit Tigers cards (Need List)
4. Collecting various players 

Other smaller projects include:

Season/Playoff Highlight cards
Sunset cards (Topps cards featuring a players final career stats) (Need List)

A list of favorite players is shown below. I would like to acquire an autographed card, relic card, and refractor of as many of the players as possible. 

*UPDATED 10-11-23*

A=Have autographed card
R=Have relic card
REF=Have refractor card

Any cards of guys named "Kyler" (my son's name) i,e Kyler Burke, Kyler Murray....

Guys I am distantly related to
Brody Koerner A -He has a card in 2016 Panini Elite Extra Edition set. I only need the Aspirations Gold 1/1 of the base card to complete the rainbow.

Players with the last name "DeJong" (my last name)
Chase DeJong A R REF
Jordan DeJong A
Paul DeJong A REF
Sidney DeJong REF

Tampa Bay Rays | Logopedia | Fandom

Former Rays
Rolando Arrojo
Matt Diaz REF A
Eddie Gaillard A
Joey Gathright A R
John Jaso A
Elliot Johnson A REF
Brooks Kieschnick A REF
Quinton McCracken A REF
Justin Ruggiano A R R
Tony Saunders A REF
Doug Waechter A REF
Ben Zobrist A R REF *Retired*
Flag Netherlands Stock Photos - Download 9,906 Royalty Free Photos
Members of Dutch National Team
Wladimir Balentien A R REF
Roger Bernadina
Bert Blyleven
Xander Bogaerts R 
Ivanon Coffie A
Yurendell DeCaster A R
Robert Eenhoorn
Rikkert Fanyete A
Didi Gregorius R
Greg Halman, RIP A R
Kenley Jansen REF R
Andruw Jones REF A R*Retired*
Basilio Cabrera
Phil Clark A
Leo Daigle REF, A, Game-used Bat
Eric Dinyar A
Jason Frasor A R
Anton French A
Alejandro Friere A
Charlie Furbush A
Kelly Hunt A Game-used Bat
Brandon Inge A R
Rusty Meacham A
Scott Moore A
Santiago Perez A
Willis Roberts A
Victor Santos
Jordan Tata A REF
Bubba Trammell (also shares a birthday with my son) A R
Daryle Ward A R REF
Greg Whiteman A

DeLand, Florida natives
Gary Glover
Chipper Jones R REF *Retired*
Wade Rowdon A
Luke Scott A R
Luke Weaver R REF

Grand Rapids, Michigan Natives
Mark Dewey A
Brent Gates A

Type 1 Diabetics
Buddy Carlyle A
Sam Fuld A R
Jordan Hicks R
Joe Jiannetti A REF
Jason Johnson A
Mark Lowe A
Dustin McGowan A
Brandon Morrow A R
David Pember A REF
Dan Reichert A REF
Kohl Stewart A R
Eddie Williams
Auburn Tigers Flags and Banners from Flags Unlimited | US Flags
Former Auburn Tigers
Gabe Gross A R
Stacy Jones
Terry Leach A
Casey Mize R
Cole Nelson A
Gregg Olson (pitcher) *Retired*
Steven Register A R
Dominic Rich
David Ross
Scott Sullivan A REF
Stu Tate A
Clete Thomas A

Former Southeaster University Fire
Dee Gordon REF R
Stetson men's soccer unveils 9-player recruiting class - SoccerWire
Former Stetson University Hatters
Brian Bocock A R REF
Jacob deGrom R REF
Lenny Dinardo A
Logan Gilbert A REF
Chris Johnson A R
Corey Kluber R REF
Patrick Mazeika A
Kevin Nicholson A
George Tsamis A

Lakeland, Florida residents (my hometown)
Alec Asher
Rafael Bournigal A
Keon Broxton REF
Carson Fulmer A R
Drew Hutchison A REF
Lee Janzen (golfer) A R
Brian Johnson (Red Sox pitcher) A R
Andy McGaffigan A
Lance Niekro A
Adam Roller A REF
Chris Sale R REF
Jameson Taillon R
Ryan Yarbrough A REF
University of Mobile Athletics
Former University of Mobile Rams
Joe Espada
Kyle McPherson
Saul Rivera
JC Romero A R

Former classmates of mine
Sheldon Fulse A REF
Steve Pearce A R

Players with the last name of "Nix" (my wife's former last name)
Jacob Nix A R
James Nix
Jayson Nix A R
Laynce Nix A R

'90's, 00's, and 10's Power hitters
Brady Anderson A R REF
George Arias A
Billy Ashley A
Russell Branyan A R
Brian Buchanan A
Tyler Colvin A R
Jack Cust A R
Rob Ducey (nice guy who I met at a Free Agent Showcase) A
Carl Everett R(guy who got ridiculed for his beliefs)
Cecil Fielder A R
Karim Garcia A REF
Ryan Garko Game-used Bat A R
Derrick Gibson ('90's Rockies Outfielder) A REF
Todd Greene A REF
Kevin Kouzmanoff  A R
Luis Montanez (prospect I met in minors)
David Ortiz A R REF *Retired*
Adam Piatt A R
Jerry Sands A R
Richie Sexson (guy could've hit 50 HRs a year) A REF R
Mike Simms A
Dave Staton A
Drew Stubbs (enjoys playing piano) A R REF

'90's, 00's, 10's pitchers
David Aardsma A
John Axford  A R
Bucky Buckles A
Darren Dreifort (thought he would be an excellent closer) A R
Scott Elarton (thought he would win 20 games a year) A
Dustin Hermanson A R REF
Orel Hershiser A R *Retired*
John Hudek (great closer) A
Jason Jacome (nice guy I met a few times) A
Corey Lee A
Edwin Moreno (saw him almost pitch a no-hitter) A
Pat Neshek A
Dick Pole (Baseball Name HOF)
JJ Putz (A good closer) A
Todd Revenig (never had an ERA over 1.70 before getting injured)
Nate Robertson (nice guy I met a few times)
Max Scherzer A REF R
Steve Sharts (Baseball Name HOF) A
Chuck Tiffany (pitched perfect game/no-hitter in consecutive starts) A REF
William Van Landingham A
Pat Venditte (switch-pitcher) A
Bob Wolcott A REF

Players with the first name "Kyler" (my son's first name)
Kyler Burke A

A few other random guys
Chris Arnold (same name as a great baker) A
Yordy Cabrera (son of longtime Tigers minor league coach Basilio Cabrera) A REF
Pedro Ciriaco (brother of former Lakeland Tiger Audy Ciriaco) R
Lou Collier (thought he would steal 60+bases every year) A
Ivan DeJesus, Jr. (Slick fielder who I saw play a few times) A R
Hunter Dozier (got 2 #d parallels of him within 6 months) A REF
Dave Dravecky (inspiring cancer survivor) A
Ben Francisco (shares the same exact birthday as my wife) A
Peter Gammons (Red Sox fan, needs to be Commissioner) R
Yan Gomes (I saw play a few times in the minors) R
Reid Gorecki (prospect I saw play many times in minors)
Mark Grudzielanek (first player I owned a full game-used jersey of) A R REF
Jarrett Hoffpauir (had series winning hit in 2005 Florida State League championship game) A Game-used Hat
Chin-Lung Hu (amazing defensive shortstop) A R
Barry Lyons (Biloxi Shuckers ambassador) A
Joe Mather (favorite of my brother-in-law and myself) A
Larry McWilliams (wrote a nice response to an autograph request I sent him) A
Doug Million (Grew up in FL, had asthma, died young from it, RIP) A
Tomas Perez (solid infielder) REF
Scott Pose (always thought he would steal 70 bases in Majors) A
Michael A. Taylor (good guy that my friend was BP buddies with) A R
Eric Thames (nice sideburns on some of his cards) A R
Touki Toussant (my friend pitched no-hitter against him) R
Jose Yepez  (got his game-used bat in minors) REF A Game-used Bat

*Any card with the name "Karen" on it (my wife's name). Billy Hatcher has a few, Roger McDowell has one, and Stephen Vogt's 2015 Topps Update All-Star card does.

Non-Baseball Players
Mike Alstott- Football (Fullback for Tampa Bay who was a tank) A R
Chris Davis- Football (Auburn graduate who won the 2013 Iron Bowl)
Cam Newton- Football (Auburn graduate who won 2010 National Championship) R
Tim Tebow- Football (ridiculed for his beliefs, should've had a chance in the NFL) R
Metta World Peace- Basketball (enjoyed him while he was on Big Brother Celebrity Edition) R

I like to collect Topps Sunset cards, which are cards issued after a players final season and show their final career stats. Here is a list of every Topps sunset card that I know of that exists.

This section is just a list of guys who I really don't care for. If you must trade their cards to me, I'll probably just pass them on to another collector unless it is a need, but it is also good news for you, because it means I will probably dump their cards to you for little or nothing.

Yadier Molina-annyoying showboater who just got under my skin against the Dutch in the 2017 WBC
Nelson Cruz-'roider who cheated Detroit out of series wins in 2 separate playoff series
Derek Jeter-your over-hyped Yankee posterboy of the '90's and '00's
Aaron Judge-newest over-hyped Yankee posterboy
Pete Rose-just a terrible human being
Manny Machado-showboater who doesn't hustle
Hunter Pence-loudmouth idiot who got lucky in the playoffs
Zack Greinke-won't sign a card for Pat Neshek to complete a signed set with. Just sign the guys dang card. You were the one being aggressive about it
Justin Turner-he just always came off as annoying, and I always thought he was over-rated. After the selfish celebrating without a mask after testing positive for COVID in the World Series, you can take any of his cards I have. 
Also, just about anyone who flips their bat after a HR.


My 5-year old has started collecting with me, and I would be honored if you threw some cards in for him if you are trading with me.  Don’t know if it will stay that way, but we’ll see what happens. We finished the 2020 Topps MLB Sticker Collection book in June 2021, and I hope it is the first of many sets we complete together. 

 Some players that he likes are Ken Griffey, Jr., Ichiro, Jackie Robinson, Mike Trout, Shoei Ohtani, and Christian Yelich.  He also loves cards of mascots (any team). 

Thank you for looking at my want list. Feel free to contact me if you want to make some trades. karensjer at g mail dot com

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