Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Getting stuff accomplished

 Well, I feel pretty accomplished today. I was able to mail off all of the packages/envelopes I have been meaning to mail off for the past 2-3 weeks, and I was able to put all of my new cards into my shiny/refractor/game-used binders. That only leaves me with my Tigers, Rays, and Favorite Player binders left. It also leaves me with a question. When do I update those ones. With some of the cards I am mailing out, I know I will have stuff come back, as I have emailed back and forth with the people I am sending to. I would say that for sure, I know I will have 2 packages coming back. With the other ones, I'm not sure, but I figure that once I update the remaining 3 catergories of binders, that I'll get a package in the mail, and I'll get some cards that I need from 2003 for the Rays/Tigers binders, which are organized by year, or a card of Rolando Arrojo for my Player binder, which is alphabatized. I don't want to be ungrateful for getting packages or put the pressure on anyone I've traded with or sent stuff to. I just don't want to jump the gun too quickly with probably my 3 favorite catergories of cards. 

I figure I will wait maybe 2 weeks, and definitely until I receive the 2 packages I am expecting. There is also an idea that Johnny from Cards from the Quarry was kicking around about sending a 2000 count box around to maybe 6 bloggers at a time. The idea is to pick out the cards you like, replace them, and send them to the next person. I think I would be in on that. I could at the very least pick out some shiny cards or perhaps a few from a favorite player, and maybe if I'm lucky, pull some nice Tigers or Rays. Then on the flip side, I can get rid of tons of Yankee$ cards, and guys I really don't like, such as Manny Machado, Yadier Molina, Hunter Pence, Gerit Cole, anyone who's ever flipped a bat, etc. If the ball gets rolling on Johnny's idea, I think I'll probably wait until I go through the box before I organize anything. The way my binders are organized now, I don't think it will stop me from getting packs, as most binders are organized by year, and it's not too difficult to put 2021 cards in. I do put team logo sticker cards in at the very end, and one of these days, I'm going to take them out and affix them to the front of my team binders. I actually need to purchase a few binders. Next time I make a big Wal-Mart run, which could probably be in a week. 

As far as the stuff sent out, if your zip code is 13601, 40475, 43606, 48105, 60703, or 97202, you will either be getting a package or pwe with some fun stuff in it. Again, I apologize for getting your hopes up that it was going to get sent out earlier, and don't feel like you have to send stuff back so I can get my binders in order. I will probably just wait a few weeks and start with my Tigers. 

Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. Peeking at your most wanted list....Are you sure you're not a Braves fan? :)

    1. You know, I have always liked the Tigers since I was born in Michigan and lived in Lakeland where they trained in the Spring, but before the Rays were a team, I watched Braves games on TBS, and was a pretty big Braves fan in the mid to late ‘90’s. I actually had my room painted red and blue like the Braves. I think some of the cards on the list are guys who played for the ‘90’s Braves who I just happen to collect for other reasons (Chipper for living in DeLand, Andruw for being a member of the Dutch National team), but the Lopez rookie was just cause he was a popular Brave and his Bowman rookie was a semi tough card to obtain.
      I thought about listing every team and which of my favorite guys played for them, kind of to help guys who collect mainly other teams to find guys off of my want list.