Monday, January 29, 2018

Trade Post: Charles-Mark Canha collector

I recently had a guy named Charles who is a Mark Canha collector email me. He was reading through an old post by Night Owl where I had commented about how I pulled a Mark Canha printing plate from Topps Series 2. He found my profile and emailed me wanting to trade for the plate. Since I don't collect Canha or the A's actively and already have a printing plate of Jose Contreras from 2007 Upper Deck, I was happy to oblige. I sent the plate to him, and shortly thereafter, I got a package in the mail.

 I got a bunch of cool cards for my Favorite Player Collection, including a Richard Almanzar autograph from 1997 Classic, a 2016 Bowman Chrome Top 100 Brian Johnson Gold Refractor, a 2011 Topps Cam Newton Rookie (War Eagle!), a 2015 Bowman Black Chris Sale, a 2012 Topps Gold Ben Zobrist, and 2 additions for my Karen collection (any card containing my wife's name on it), a 2015 Topps Update Black Stephen Vogt, and a 2015 Topps Update Sabermetric Stats Stephen Vogt.
 I also got some cards for my refractor/rookies binders. First off, a 2015 Bowman Chrome Purple Refractor autograph of Joe Wendle, and some Steven Souza, Jr. rookies, featuring his 2007 Bowman, 2007 Bowman Gold, and 2007 Bowman Chrome cards.
Lastly, he send me some guys for my Rays binders. A 2001 Fleer Futures Black Aubrey huff, a 2003 Studio Gold Proof of Joe Kennedy, a 2008 Bowman Evan Longoria, a 2008 Stadium Club First Day Issue Scott Kazmir, and that's where it gets tricky. I didn't buy many packs from 2012-2014, and I always seem to get the Topps cards from those years and the Bowman ones confused. The Topps cards in 2015 are easy to recognize, and I think I've seen enough of the '16 and '17 cards to tell them apart, but I still have trouble with the current Bowman releases. If I'm not mistaken, that's a 2012 Bowman Purple Chris Rearick, a 2012 Topps Gold JP Howell, a 2014 Bowman Blue Cameron Varga, and a 2014 Bowman Chrome Refractor of Evan Longoria. Finishing it off is a 2017 Topps Alex Colome with the old Topps logo.

If anyone has any Mark Canha cards that you think Charles could use, let me know, and I'll shoot you his e-mail.

I'm off today and tomorrow, so my plans are to finish making the page for the 1985 Topps set since Paul B. gave me the checklist. I can't tell you how much he has helped me with the work on the checklists for the '80's and '90's that he has done. Once it is up, I will have the complete checkists of all of the missing players from the 1983-2001 Topps sets finished. There are some cards from the FB Custom Cards Page that I hope to cross off it as well. I also hope to add some more links to my Favorite Player Collection page. Hopefully those will show what I have and what I don't a little easier than actually typing everything out.

The card show should be a go on Saturday, and I think my stepdad will be going as well, so look for a post on that in about a week. 2018 Topps should be on the shelves in a few days, and good luck to everyone who gets some packs. I hope to find some on the shelves either tomorrow or Wednesday, but you can never tell these days.

Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Friday, January 26, 2018

1998 Topps #751-800

It has been a while since I've posted cards from the 1998 Topps set that I'm trying to finish, and I haven't worked on any in a while, but here are the latest 50.

Basically, a bunch of Tigers, Reds, and a Rockie. Check out the Mark McGwire cameo on the Eddie Taubensee card. That would've made that card worth a fortune back in '98.

I am almost a week away from going from my first card show, and I have a feeling I will have a bunch of cards after it is over with. Thanks to everyone who answered questions for me on my previous post. I recently worked out a trade with a Mark Canha collector after pulling his 2017 Topps Series 2 printing plate from a pack, and got a number of nice Rays cards and also some PC guys. I will post about that pretty soon. Adam from ARP Smith's Sportscard obsession and Greg from Night Owl Cards have both generously offered to send me some Rays cards. In the next few days, 2018 Topps Series 1 should be out, and I hope to get at least a few packs of it. Finally, even though I have a +/- $20 budget for the card show, I hope to get some nice dime box deals and hopefully get at least 50 or so cards for my PC, Rays, Tigers, Highlights, Refractor/shiny, and rookie card binders. I can't wait to sort through them all.

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