Sunday, November 26, 2017

1998 Topps #701-750

What a great day it is!  I have a nice burn on my finger from work, but not even that can get me down since the great Auburn Tigers beat the Alabama Criminal Tide last night!  I'm sure Bama will try to pay the committee to put them in the playoffs and I'm expecting it to work, but at least there's a shot that we won't have to hear them brag for the next year. Wish I wouldn't have to wait until the conference championship games are over in a week, but who cares?  Bama lost!!!

Now to the cards!  I'm up to card #811 in the 1998 Topps set (4 teams finished), and I probably won't be anywhere close to being done by the end of the year, but I finished the 10th out of 30 teams on my 1997 Topps checklist, and there is still a small chance that I will have it done by the end of the year. If not, definitely by the start of baseball season, and once that is done, I will be marking cards off of lots of checklists. Most of the guys on the FB Custom Cards page make pre-1980 customs or do customs of current players in old designs, but I also get a number of cards crossed off of my checklists because of them, and I love to see these sets getting closer to being completed. Thanks to all who have helped out making checklists and making customs. Here are the next 50 cards in the 1998 Topps set.  Thanks for checking out my latest post and WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!