Tuesday, June 12, 2018

1991 Topps: What I have so far

So I've been focusing on making pages for every Topps flagship set, and have kind of ignored the posting part of this blog. The good news is that every Topps set from 1951-2018 has a page. I have also posted every missing Detroit Tiger and Tampa Bay (Devil) Ray card in the '51-'06 sets. I hope to have the '07-'18 sets finished by the end of the week or so. Now that most of the pages are done, here are some 1991 Topps cards to keep you satisfied until I remember to post again (with the 1993 Topps set, since the 1992 set is finished).

 Ron Oester by The Writer's Journey

 Billy Bates by The Writer's Journey
 Rich Gossage by Cards that never Were

 Nolan Ryan Season Highlights by Richard
 Mike Mussina Draft Pick by Richard

 Randy Johnson Season Highlights by Richard
 Dave Stewart Season Highlights by Richard
 Fernando Valenzuela Season Highlights by Richard
 Terry Mulholland Season Highlights by Richard
 Dave Stieb Season Highlights by Richard

 Bob Boone by Richard

 Dave Collins by Michael

 Terry Francona by Richard

 Tony Perez Coach by Richard

 Oakland Future Aces by Jays Cards and Stuff
 Phil Garner Coach by Richard

 (Just a note about this card. I printed it out, and sent it to Manny, and it is now autographed)

 Davey Johnson Manager by Richard

 John Vukovich Coach by Richard
 Gene Lamont Coach by Richard
 Whitey Herzog Manager by Richard
 Red Schoendienst Manager/Coach by Richard
 Cal Ripken, Sr. Coach by Richard

 Tony Oliva Coach by Richard
 Bucky Dent Manager by Richard
 Buck Showalter Coach by Richard

 Barry Bonds Season Highlights by Richard

 Tony LaRussa All-Star Manager by Richard
 Joe Morgan All-Star Manager by Richard

 John Leister by Michael
 Tom Lawless by Paul
 Rick Luecken by Paul
 Brian DuBois by Paul
 Urbano Lugo by Paul

 Cecilio Guante by Paul
 Rod Nichols by Paul
 Brian Holton by Paul

 Tom Filer by Paul
 Gus Polidor by Paul
 Deion Sanders by Richard
 Chad Kreuter by Paul
 Bryan Clark by Paul
 Brian Giles by Paul
 Jay Baller by Paul
 Chris Codiroli by Paul
 Fred Manrique by Paul
 Rich Yett by Paul
 Jay Tibbs by Paul
 Lloyd McClendon by Battlin' Bucs

 Brett Gideon by Paul
 Wallace Johnson by Paul
 Bob Malloy by Paul
 Dickie Noles by Paul
Greg Mathews by Paul

 Mike Laga by Paul
 Greg Booker by Paul
 Steve Lombardozzi by Paul
 Terry Puhl by Paul
 Rich Gedman by Paul
 Alexis Infante by Paul
 Charlie Kerfeld by Paul
 Doug Sisk by Paul

 Danny Patterson Future Star by Paul
 Rick Renteria by Paul
 Blaine Beatty by Paul

 Yamil Benitez Future Star by Paul
 Duane Singleton Future Star by Paul
 Luis Ortiz Future Star by Paul
 Kirk Rueter Future Star by Paul
 Jimmy Hurst Future Star by Paul
 Ricky Ledee Future Star by Paul
Shane Spencer Future Star by Paul

As I said before, I will be working on finishing up the '07-'18 missing Tigers and Rays. After that, it will probably be getting back to the 1998 set (I haven't forgotten), and perhaps finishing the 1952 Topps checklist. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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