1993 Topps reference page

1993 TOPPS
This page contains the checklist and every template for the 1993 Topps set. For the base cards, I used Bell MT font, made it bold, and did it at about 10pt. For the coach cards, each coach card will feature 2 coaches on it, just like the regular manager cards in the '93 Topps set. I'm not sure which font to use, I've done a few different ones, and am still not sure. Examples of both the base and coach cards are pictured below. I make my cards in MS Paint at the standard 2.5 by 3.5 inch size, so you may have to adjust the settings depending on what program you are using. If you have any cards you've done and would like to cross off or add to the checklist, please leave me a comment, or email me at karensjer at gmail dot com.


TEAMS FINISHED: Detroit Tigers, Toronto Blue Jays,  Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Mets,

(with help from Paul B.)
826. Manny Ramirez/Kevin Roberson/Rondell White/Shannon Stewart Top Prospects
827. Rick Dempsey
828. Charles Johnson Coming Attractions
829. Johnny Damon Draft Pick
830. Mark Knudson by Condition-Sensitive
831. Checklist 7
832. Phil Nevin Draft Pick
833. Brian Downing
834. Alvin Davis
835. Bret Boone Highlights
836. Bip Roberts Highlights
837. Kevin Gross Highlights
838. Neifi Perez Coming Attractions
839. Dave Anderson
840. Dave Bergman
841. Floyd Bannister by Richard
842. Don Carman TEX
843. Mike Fitzgerald CAL
844. Jerry Don Gleaton PIT
845. Jim Gantner MIL
846. Braulio Castillo PHI
847. Von Hayes CAL
848. Dennis Lamp PIT by Michael from Custom Cards FB Group
849. Rance Mulliniks TOR
850. Ken Oberkfell CAL
851. Gary Pettis DET
852. Jaime Quirk
853. Rafael Ramirez HOU
854. Don Robinson PHI by Paul
855. Dave Smith CHC by Paul
856. Pat Tabler TOR
857. Denny Walling HOU by Paul
858. Sid Bream NLCS Highlights
859. Goose Gossage by Richard
860. Mariano Rivera/Allen Watson/Jason Bere/Rick Helling Top Prospects
861. Mark Eichhorn TOR
862. Al Leiter by Richard
863. Rick Trlicek TOR
864. David Weathers TOR
865. Alfredo Griffin TOR
866. Mike Maksudian TOR
867. Tom Quinlan TOR
868. Turner Ward TOR
869. Bob Bailor/Galen Cisco Coaches TOR
870. Rich Hacker/Larry Hisle Coaches
871. John Sullivan/Gene Tenace Coaches TOR
872. Jose Martinez FL
873. Bret Barberie
874. Jesus Tavarez FL
875. Ramon Martinez FL
876. Robert Person FL
877. Brad Ausmus
878. Marcus Moore COL
879. Junior Felix 
880. Kerwin Moore FL
881. Chris Donnels HOU
882. Dave Staton/Alan Zinter, Tony Clark/Brant Brown Top Prospects
883. Bob Wolcott Draft Pick
884. Jim McNamara SF
885. Steve Decker SF
886. Dave Burba SF
887. Steve Reed SF
888. Jim Pena SF
889. Larry Carter SF
890. Francisco Oliveras SF
891. Mitch Webster LAD
892. Kip Gross LAD
893. Tim Crews LAD
894. Bob Brenly/Dusty Baker Coaches SF
895. Larry Rothschild/Tony Perez Coaches
896. Jim Beauchamp/Pat Corrales Coaches ATL
897. Frank Funk Coach ATL
898. Clarence Jones/Leo Mazzone Coaches ATL
899. Jimy Williams/Ned Yost Coaches ATL
900. Billy Williams/Tom Trebelhorn Coaches CHC by Richard
901. Billy Connors/Chuck Cottier Coaches CHC
902. Jose Martinez/Sammy Ellis Coaches CHC
903. John McLaren/Jackie Moore Coaches CIN
904. Sam Perlozzo Coach CIN/Bob Cluck Coach HOU
905. Matt Galante/Rudy Jaramillo Coaches HOU
906. Ed Ott/Tom Spencer Coaches HOU
907. Joe Amalfitano/Mark Cresse Coaches LAD
908. Joe Ferguson/Ben Hines Coaches LAD
909. Manny Mota/Ron Perranoski Coaches LAD
910. Ron Roenicke Coach LAD/Tommy Harper Coach MON
911. Lou Piniella MGR CIN/Tom Runnells MGR MON
912. Joe Kerrigan/Jerry Manuel Coaches MON
913. Jay Ward/Kevin Kenndey Coaches MON
914. Pierre Arsenault Coach MON/Mike Cubbage Coach NYM
915. Barry Foote/Dave LaRoche Coaches NYM
916. Tom McCraw/Mel Stottlemyre, Sr. Coaches/NYM
917. Larry Bowa/Denis Menke Coaches PHI by Richard
918. Johnny Podres/Mel Roberts Coaches PHI
919. Mike Ryan/John  Vukovich Coaches PHI
920. Terry Collins/Rich Donnelly Coaches PIT
921. Milt May/Ray Miller Coaches PIT
922. Tommy Sandt/Bill Virdon Coaches PIT
923. Don Baylor/Joe Coleman Coaches STL
924. Dave Collins/Bucky Dent Coaches STL
925. Gaylen Pitts/Red Schoendienst Coaches STL by Richard
926. Bruce Kimm/Rob Picciolo Coaches SD
927. Merv Rettenmund/Mike Roarke Coaches SD
928. Jim Snyder Coach SD/Carlos Alfonso Coach SF
929. Wendell Kim/Bob Lillis Coaches SF
930. Greg Riddoch MGR SD/Roger Craig MGR SF by Richard
931. Greg Biagini/Dick Bosman Coaches BAL
932. Elrod Hendricks/Davey Lopes Coaches BAL
933. Cal Ripken, Sr, Coach BAL/Gary Allenson Coach BOS
934. Al Bumbry/Rick Burleson Coaches BOS
935. Rich Gale/Don Zimmer Coaches BOS by Richard
936. Marcel Lachemann/John Wathan MGR CAL
937. Rod Carew/Jimmie Reese Coaches CAL by Richard
938. Deron Johnson/Bobby Knoop Coaches CAL
939. Ken Macha/Rick Turner Coaches CAL
940. Terry Bevington/Jackie Brown Coaches CHW
941. Walt Hriniak/Doug Mansolino Coaches CHW
942. Joe Nossek/Mike Squires Coaches CHW
943. Rick Adair/Ken Bolek Coaches CLE
944. Dom Chiti/Ron Clark Coaches CLE
945. Jose Morales/Dave Nelson Coaches CLE
946. Jeff Newman Coach CLE/Billy Consolo Coach DET
947. Larry Herndon/Billy Muffett Coaches DET
948. Gene Roof/Dick Tracewski Coaches DET
949. Dan Whitmer Coach DET/Glenn Ezell Coach KC
950. Guy Hansen/Bruce Kison Coaches KC
951. Adrian Garrett/Joe Jones Coaches KC
952. Lynn Jones/Lee May Coaches KC
953. Bill Castro/Duffy Dyer Coaches MIL
954. Mike Easler/Tim Foli Coaches MIL
955. Don Rowe Coach MIL/Terry Crowley Coach MIN
956. Ron Gardenhire/Rick Stelmaszek Coaches MIN by Richard
957. Dick Such/Wayne Terwilliger Coaches MIN
958. Clete Boyer/Tony Cloninger Coaches NYY
959. Frank Howard/Monk Meyer Coaches NYY
960. Ed Napoleon Coach NYY/Dave Duncan Coach OAK
961. Art Kusnyer/Rene Lachemann Coaches OAK by Richard
962. Dave McKay/Doug Rader Coaches OAK
963. Tommie Reynolds Coach OAK/Gene Clines Coach SEA
964. Roger Hansen.Rusty Kuntz Coaches SEA
965. Marty Martinez/Russ Nixon Coaches SEA
966. Dan Warthen Coach SEA/Toby Harrah Coach TEX
967. Bill Plummer MGR SEA/Bobby Valentine MGR TEX
968. Ray Burris/Orlando Gomez Coaches TEX
969. Perry Hill/Tom House Coaches TEX
970. Dave Oliver/Tom Robson Coaches TEX
971. Tom Kelly MIN/Bobby Cox ATL All-Star MGR
972. John Smoltz NLCS HL ATL
973. Roberto Alomar ALCS HL TOR
974. Ken Griffey, Jr. All-Star Game MVP HL SEA
975. Robin Yount 3000 Hits HL MIL
976. Mickey Morandini Unassisted Triple Play HL PHI
977. George Brett 3000 Hits HL KC
978. Dave Winfield WS HL  Game 6 (game-winning 2B) TOR
979. Ed Sprague WS HL Game 2 (2-run HR) TOR
980. Pat Borders WS HL Game 4 (HR) TOR
981. Andy Allanson MIL
982. Neal Heaton MIL
983. Bruce Ruffin MIL
984. Dante Bichette MIL by Richard
985. Alex Diaz MIL
986. William Suero MIL
987. Jim Tatum MIL
988. Darren Holmes MIL
989. Ron Robinson MIL
990. Billy Ripken BAL by Richard
991. Mark Parent BAL
992. Steve Scarsone BAL
993. Tommy Shields BAL
994. Storm Davis BAL
995. Pat Clements BAL
996. Richie Lewis BAL
997. Mark Williamson BAL
998. Eric Bell CLE
999. Denis Boucher CLE
1000. Eric Plunk CLE
1001. Jose Hernandez CLE
1002. Dave Otto CLE by Paul
1003. Tony Perezchica CLE by Paul
1004. Dave Rohde CLE
1005. Jeff Shaw CLE
1006. Craig Worthington CLE
1007. Wayne Kirby CLE
1008. Ted Power CLE
1009. Brad Arnsberg CLE
1010. Jeff Mutis CLE
1011. Jesse Barfield NYY by Richard
1012. Dion James NYY
1013. Mike Humphries NYY
1014. Steve Howe NYY
1015. Curt Young NYY
1016. Jeff Johnson NYY
1017. Scott Aldred DET
1018. Eric King DET
1019. Kevin Ritz DET
1020. Rich Rowland DET
1021. Walt Terrell DET
1022. Les Lancaster DET
1023. Tom Barrett BOS
1024. Mike Brumley BOS
1025. Darryl Irvine BOS
1026. John Flaherty BOS
1027. Eric Wedge BOS
1028. John Marzano BOS
1029. Tony Fossas BOS by Michael H.
1030. Peter Hoy BOS
1031. Matt Young BOS
1032. Jim Corsi OAK
1033. Mike Kingery OAK
1034. Gene Nelson OAK
1035. Randy Ready OAK by Paul
1036. Bruce Walton OAK by Paul
1037. Bill Hasselman SEA
1038. Kelly Downs OAK
1039. Joe Slusarski OAK
1040. Rick Honeycutt OAK by Richard
1041. Mike Rackza OAK
1042. Shawn Hillegas OAK
1043. Johnny Guzman OAK
1044. John Briscoe OAK
1045. Paul Abbott MIN
1046. Jarvis Brown MIN
1047. Mauro Gozzo MIN
1048. Donnie Hill MIN by Paul
1049. Bob Kipper MIN by Paul
1050. Randy Bush MIN
1051. Luis Quinones MIN
1052. Bernardo Brito MIN
1053. Derek Parks MIN
1054. Tom Edens MIN
1055. Gary Wayne MIN
1056. Larry Casian MIN
1057. Mike Dunne CHW by Paul
1058. Matt Merullo CHW by Paul
1059. Nelson Santovenia CHW
1060. Dale Sveum CHW
1061. Warren Newson CHW
1062. Mike Huff CHW
1063. Scott Hemond CHW
1064. Chris Cron CHW
1065. Charlie Hough CHW
1066. Brian Drahman CHW
1067. Gerald Alexander TEX by Paul
1068. Mike Campbell TEX
1069. John Cangelosi TEX
1070. Mike Jeffcoat TEX
1071. Lance McCullers TEX
1072. Wayne Rosenthal TEX by Paul
1073. Dickie Thon TEX
1074. Al Newman TEX
1075. Jack Daugherty TEX
1076. Mario Diaz TEX
1077. Russ McGinnis TEX
1078. Dan Peltier TEX
1079. Ray Stephens TEX
1080. John Russell TEX
1081. Doug Davis TEX
1082. Terry Mathews TEX
1083. Steve Firevoid TEX
1084. Barry Manuel TEX
1085. Danny Leon TEX
1086. Jose Gonzalez CAL by Paul
1087. John Morris CAL
1088. Bobby Rose CAL by Paul
1089. Ron Tingley CAL
1090. John Orton CAL
1091. Scott Bailes CAL
1092. Bryan Harvey CAL
1093. Juan Berenguer KC by Paul
1094. Joel Johnston KC
1095. Dennis Moeller KC
1096. Curt Wilkerson KC
1097. Gary Thurman KC
1098. Rico Rossy KC
1099. Terry Shumpert KC
1100. Bob Melvin KC
1101. Juan Samuel KC by Michael
1102. Jeff Conine KC by Richard
1103. Harvey Pulliam KC
1104. Dennis Rasmussen KC
1105. Rich Sauveur KC
1106. Bill Sampen KC
1107. Jim Acker SEA by Paul
1108. Juan Agosto SEA
1109. Kevin Brown SEA (lhp)
1110. Calvin Jones SEA
1111. Randy Kramer SEA
1112. Pat Lennon SEA by Paul
1113. John Moses SEA by Paul
1114. Jeff Schaefer SEA
1115. Dave Schmidt SEA by Paul
1116. Matt Sinatro SEA by Paul
1117. Mike Blowers SEA
1118. Dann Howitt SEA
1119. Bert Heffernam SEA
1120. Dennis Powell SEA
1121. Tim Leary SEA
1122. Eric Gunderson SEA
1123. Mark Grant SEA
1124. Clay Parker SEA
1125. Mike Walker SEA
1126. Dave Clark PIT
1127. Cecil Espy PIT by Paul
1128. Kirk Gibson PIT by Richard
1129. Jeff Robinson PIT
1130. Alex Cole PIT
1131. Gary Redus PIT
1132. Tom Prince PIT
1133. Roger Mason PIT
1134. Danny Jackson PIT
1135. Danny Cox PIT
1136. Vicente Palacios PIT
1137. Paul Miller PIT
1138. Miguel Batista PIT
1139. Eric Bullock MON
1140. Rick Cerone MON by Michael H.
1141. Jerry Goff MON by Lynn
1142. Bill Landrum MON
1143. Bob Natal MON
1144. Jerry Willard MON
1145. Bret Barberie MON
1146. Matt Stairs MON by Richard
1147. Todd Haney MON
1148. Checklist 10
1149. Bill Risley MON
1150. Tom Foley MON
1151. Gil Heredia MON
1152. Doug Simons MON
1153. Scott Service MON
1154. Matt Maysey MON
1155. Sergio Valdez MON
1156. Bill Krueger MON
1157. Frank DiPino STL by Paul
1158. Rich Gedman STL
1159. Milt Thompson STL
1160. Tim Jones STL
1161. Rex Hudler STL
1162. Chuck Carr STL
1163. Ozzie Canseco STL
1164. Cris Carpenter STL
1165. Bryn Smith STL
1166. Bob McClure STL
1167. Joe Magrance STL
1168. Jeff Kunkel CHC
1169. Jerome Walton CHC
1170. Joe Girardi CHC by Richard
1171. Doug Strange CHC
1172. Hector Villanueva CHC
1173. Gary Scott CHC
1174. Alex Arias CHC
1175. Fernando Ramsey CHC
1176. George Pedre CHC
1177. Jeff Robinson (olderr one) CHC
1178. Ken Patterson CHC
1179. Jeff Hartsock CHC
1180. Mike Birkbeck NYM
1181. Barry Jones NYM
1182. Rodney McCray NYM
1183. Junior Noboa NYM
1184. Chico Walker NYM
1185. Jeff McKnight NYM
1186. DJ Dozier NYM
1187. Kevin Elster NYM
1188. Kevin Baez NYM
1189. Steve Springer NYM
1190. Mark Dewey NYM
1191. Paul Gibson NYM
1192. Tom Filer NYM
1193. Joe Vitko NYM
1194. Andy Ashby PHI by Richard
1195. Wally Backman PHI by Richard
1196. Darrin Chapin PHI
1197. Jim Lindeman PHI
1198. Julio Peguero PHI by Paul
1199. Wally Ritchie PHI
1200. David Nied ATL
1201. Steve Searcy PHI
1202. Mickey Weston PHI
1203. Juan Bell PHI
1204. Steve Lake PHI
1205. Greg Mathews PHI
1206. Keith Shepherd PHI
1207. Pat Combs PHI
1208. Checklist 11
1209. Jay Baller PHI
1210. Jose DeLeon PHI
1211. Tommy Gregg ATL
1212. Lonnie Smith ATL
1213. Jeff Treadway ATL
1214. Vinny Castilla ATL by Richard
1215. Mark Davis ATL
1216. Armando Reynoso ATL
1217. Randy St. Claire ATL
1218. Pedro Borbon, Jr. ATL by KOD
1219. Tom Bolton CIN
1220. Scott Bradley CIN by Paul
1221. Glenn Braggs CIN by Paul
1222. Tony Melendez CIN
1223. Darnell Coles CIN
1224. Jacob Brumfield CIN
1225. Troy Afenir CIN
1226. Jeff Reed CIN
1227. Geronimo Berroa CIN
1228. Rick Wrona CIN
1229. Gary Green CIN
1230. Bobby Ayala CIN
1231. Keith Brown CIN
1232. Paul Faries SD
1233. Kevin Ward SD by Paul
1234. Oscar Azocar SD
1235. Dann Bilardello SD
1236. Jim Vatcher SD
1237. Jim Deshaies SD
1238. Larry Andersen SD
1239. Dave Eiland SD
1240. Willie Blair HOU
1241. Benny Distefano HOU
1242. Chris Jones HOU
1243. Ernie Riles HOU by Paul
1244. Gerald Young HOU
1245. Eric Yelding HOU
1246. Karl Rhodes HOU
1247. Rob Mallicoat HOU
1248. Ryan Bowen HOU
1249. Mark Bailey SF by Paul
1250. Rob Murphy HOU
1251. Pat Rapp SF
1252. Greg Litton SF
1253. Checklist 8
1254. Checklist 9
1255. Damon Berryhill World Series HL Game 1 (3-run HR) ATL
1256. Candy Maldonado World Series HL Game 3 (game-wnning single) TOR
1257. Jimmy Key World Series HL Game 4 TOR
1258. Lonnie Smith World Series HL Game 5 (Grand Slam) ATL
1259. Jays win Canada's first championship World Series HL TOR
1260. AL All-Stars
1261. Braves Team ATL
1262. Brewers Team MIL
1263. Giants Team SF
1264. NL All-Stars
1265. Rangers Team TEX
1266. Red Sox Team BOS
1267. Reds Team CIN
1268. Blue Jays Team TOR
1269. Fulton County Stadium ATL
1270. Wrigley Field CHC by Richard
1271. Riverfront Stadium CIN
1272. Mile High Stadium COL
1273. Joe Robbie Stadium FLA
1274. The Astrodome HOU
1275. Dodger Stadium LAD
1276. County Stadium MIL
1277. Olympic Stadium MON
1278. Shea Stadium NYM
1279. Veterans Stadium PHI
1280. Three Rivers Stadium PIT
1281. Busch Stadium STL
1282. Jack Murphy Stadium SD
1283. Candlestick Park SF
1284. Oriole Park at Camden Yards BAL by Lynn
1285. Fenway Park BOS by Richard
1286. Angel Stadium CAL
1287. Comiskey Park CHW
1288. Cleveland Stadium CLE
1289. Tiger Stadium DET
1290. Royals Stadium KC
1291. Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome MIN
1292. Yankee Stadium NYY by Richard
1293. Oakland Coliseum OAK
1294. The Kingdome SEA
1295. Ranger Stadium TEX
1296. Skydome TOR
1297. Paul Shuey Draft Pick CLE
1298. Jeffrey Hammonds Draft Pick BAL
1299. Calvin Murray Draft Pick SF
1300. John Lynch Draft Pick FLA
1301. Michael Tucker Draft Pick KC
1302. Ron Villone Draft Pick SEA
1303. Shannon Stewart Draft Pick TOR by Richard
1304. Rick Helling Draft Pick TEX
1305. John Burke Draft Pick COL
1306. Jon Lieber Draft Pick PIT
1307. Jason Giambi Draft Pick OAK by Richard
1308. Chris Gomez Draft Pick DET
1309. Doug Mirabelli Draft Pick SF
1310. Jose Vidro Draft Pick MON by Richard
1311. Frank Catalanotto Draft Pick DET
1312. Craig Counsell Draft Pick COL
1313. Bobby Higginson Draft Pick DET
1314. Bobby Bonds, Jr. Draft Pick SD
1315. Quinton McCracken Draft Pick COL
1316. Pedro Guerrero STL by Michael
1317. Gibby and Sparky
1318. Gino Minutelli SF by Paul
1319. Larry Bearnarth COL/Ron Hassey COL Coaches
1320. Amos Otis COL/Jerry Royster COL Coaches
1321. Don Zimmer COL/Rick Mathews COL Coaches
1322. Bill Plummer COL/Marcel Lachemann FL Coaches
1323. Vada Pinson FL/Doug Rader FL Coaches
1324. Frank Reberger FL/Cookie Rojas FL Coaches
1325. Luis Aquino FL
1326. Ryan Bowen FL
1327. Bob McClure FL
1328. Robb Nen FL
1329. Terry McGriff FL
1330. Dave Magadan FL
1331. Walt Weiss FL
1332. Matt Whisenant FL
1333. Hector Carrasco FL
1334. Roberto Mejia COL
1335. Vinny Castilla COL
1336. Braulio Castillo COL
1337. Kent Bottenfield COL
1338. Mark Grant COL
1339. Greg Harris COL
1340. Bruce Hurst COL
1341. Mike Munoz COL
1342. Scott Service COL
1343. Bryn Smith COL
1344. Gerald Young COL
1345. Checklist
1346. Checklist



T133. Alex Rodriguez USA
T134. Dale Murphy by White Sox Cards
T135. Dick Pole/Larry Herndon Coach
T136. Mike Scioscia SD by Richard
T137. Ernie Riles BOS
T138. William Brennan CHC by Paul
T139. Eric Yelding CHC
T140. Cecil Espy CIN
T141. Jeff Kaiser CIN
T142. Paul Abbott CLE
T143. Lance Parrish CLE by Richard
T144. Gary Thurman DET
T145. Frank DiPino KC
T146. Craig Wilson KC
T147. Mike Boddicker MIL
T148. Bill Doran MIL
T149. Brett Merriman MIN
T150. Rob Ducey TEX
T151. Randy Ready MON
T152. Bruce Walton MON
T153. Wayne Housie NYM
T154. Mickey Weston NYM
T155. Curt Young OAK
T156. Jeff Ballard PIT by Paul
T157. Dave Clark PIT
T158. Mark Dewey PIT
T159. Danny Miceli PIT
T160. Dave Otto PIT
T161. Bob Geren SD by Paul
T162. Lee Guetterman STL
T163. Wally Backman SEA
T164. Steve Ontiveros SEA
T165. Roger Salkeld SEA by Paul
T166. Mattias Carillo FL by Paul.
T167. Charlie Montoyo MON by Lynn
T168, Tommy Gregg CIN by Lynn
T169. Mark Petkovsek PIT by Lynn
T170. Gus Polidor FL by Lynn
T171. Chuck Jackson FL by Lynn

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