Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A little sample from 2020

As many of you know, I am working on an idea for a custom set along the Topps Archives line called 2020 Topps Archives: The Lost Cards. It is basically a set like the '01-02 Archives sets featuring Topps cards that never were, complete with insert sets, hits, 1 or 2 parallels, and the like. I hope to have the whole 300 card set plus inserts done by mid 2018, and the ultimate goal is to pitch it to Topps and have them produce it. I thought I would post some samples and see what y'all think.

The base set is comprised of 15 Highlights cards that never were, 15 Postseason Highlights ctnw, 15 Manager ctnw, 15 Coaches ctnw, 10 Prospects ctnw, 30 Draft Pick ctnw, 10 All-Star ctnw, 9 miscellaneous ctnw, and the rest of the set containing rookie ctwn, traded ctnw, and sunset ctnw, ending with card #300. This first set will contain cards from the 1986-2019 Topps sets, with future sets highlighting the '60's and '70's, the '50's, and whatever I can come up with.
The base set will also feature some parallels, including a Diamond Border parallel #d to 2020 (1 per box maybe?), and the 1 per pack no logo parallel, which will be without the official 2020 Archives: The Lost Cards logo printed on them so they can be added to your regular Topps sets.
Here are some selected cards from the base set.

For insert sets, there will be one with select Topps Chrome cards every 15 packs. Refractor versions will be 1 per box.

There will be a Stadium Relic insert set. Each card will feature a picture of a team's stadium in a Topps design the year after a significant event (World Series win/appearance, Playoff appearance). Each card will have a stadium-themed relic enclosed (Braves' Tomahawk, ivory from Wrigley Field, Twins Homer Hankie). 1 every box maybe?

Keeping along the lines of the what-if? theme, there is a What If? insert set imagining what would have been had certain trades went through, if certain players were selected earlier in the MLB Draft, if injuries hadn't occured and such. Probably 1 per 10 packs. These were a pain to make.

The second to last insert set imagines what it would be like if certain Topps sets had been produced a year earlier, like an '88 Bowman set, a 1992 Topps Finest set, or a 1990 Stadium Club set. Probably another 1 in 10 pack insert set. The first is an '88 Bowman Griffey, second is a '92 Finest Giambi Team USA, and the last is a '90 Stadium Club Thome.

A final insert set will feature 2 players. There will be 2 versions of cards in the set, 1 with a regular Topps card paired with a ctnw, and the other will feature 2 ctnw. These will run 1 in 5 packs, with autographed and relic versions coming 1 per box. I haven't done any of these yet, but I have some ideas.

For the king of all inserts, there will be redemption cards good for a complete Topps career run of the listed player, including any ctnw. These will be numbered to 5, and there will be a 'Golden Ticket' redeemable for a complete Topps run of the listed player, including ctnw which will be autographed. 

I would love to hear any thoughts about this set and any ideas. The base set is made, and it is just down to finishing the insert sets, and maybe making a fake sell sheet. I would love to have this look like a real set just to show Topps what they are missing.

I have tons of projects going on right now besides this one. I have been re-working my Want List/Favorite Player Collection on my other blog to have links to each player showing pictures of all of their cards that I have. It should be fun when it is completed, but it is a little tedious right now. I have been working on some Turkey Red cards of the '06 Detroit Tigers team for the upcoming KOD 27 season, and it is going to be sweet to see some of my customs on the site. I have enjoyed seeing the different cards made for KOD for a while now, and have come across many of them while making different customs. I have put the '84 Topps checklist page up (many thanks to Paul), so that is ready to go (the templates, not so much), I have been working on a few cards with some new templates sent to me with the '05 and '11 Topps sets thanks to a reader, and I still have the '98 Topps project going (on the back burner, but it will be back in full swing once the '2020 Archives project is done).
Lastly, I did not make it to the comic show on Sunday, so I still have not been to a real card show, but I don't think there would've been much there anyways. There is good news. There is a card show in Orlando on February 3rd, and I'm doing so much as requesting the day off so I can go. If any of you that read this are in the area and are going, LET ME KNOW!! I don't really know anyone near me that collects cards, and I would love to do some trading. I hope to do a nice blog post on what I find at the show, so stay tuned. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Friday, January 5, 2018

20 packs and a 'relic'

So I really don't post much about my collection much here, mainly focusing on custom cards, but I got a repack box today with 20 packs and a 'relic' so I thought I'd post what I got for a change of pace.

The box was 20 bucks, and judging from the packs I got in it, I think I got my moneys worth just from what the packs would've cost me. The box contained 4 packs of '90 Upper Deck, 4 packs of the Leaf Babe Ruth set, 4 packs of '16 Topps Bunt, 6 packs of '16 Stadium Club, 2 packs of '14 Panini Prizm Draft Picks, and 1 pack of '16 Topps Heritage. The Stadium Club, Heritage, and Prizm packs would've probably cost 2 bucks apiece, and with the 4 packs of Bunt and the 4 Babe Ruth packs at maybe 1 buck each, I think I did well. I was half expecting 15 packs of Triple Play, one of the biggest jokes of a set in recent years.

So let's see how I did. I'm going to save the best for last, so we'll start out with the '90 Upper Deck packs. 

I pulled Orel Hershiser, Terry Leach, and Barry Lyons for my Player Collection, Frank Tanana, Fred Lynn, and Guillermo Hernandez for my Tigers binder, a Red Sox, Orioles, Twins, and Mariners hologram, a Ben McDonald rookie which would've been worth a little when it was pulled, a Jim Rice (who I didn't realize got a final Upper Deck card), 2 Doc Gooden team checklists, and 2 Mike Witt cards (both of which were not the blacked out version on the back.
Next up is the Babe Ruth set.
I wasn't expecting much from this. I hate the Yankees, I don't really care for Babe Ruth. The only way these few packs would've been special would've been if I pulled a relic or autograph or something. I got a few neat photos, 1 of Babe posing as a righty, one of him golfing, and another of him signing a bat.

I never thought Bunt was that cool, but let's see what I get.
I got some Joe Mauer kind of magazine cover thing, a Trevor Story rookie for the rookie binder, and a Corey Kluber for the PC. Was hoping for a Ray or Tiger, but at least I pulled something.

I'm a little excited about Stadium Club. I wouldn't have purchased packs of this just because it is a little overpriced for me and it is a knock off of '97 Fleer. I'm hoping to pull a parallel and some Tigers/Rays.
I think I did ok with these packs. I got a Brian Johnson, dupes of Jacob deGrom, and a regular and gold version of Corey Kluber for the PC, Chris Archer and Erasmo Ramirez for my Rays binder, and JD Martinez, Ian Kinsler, and a Migule Cabrera insert for my Tigers one. Lastly, I pulled a Corey Seager and Trevor Story rookie and a Josh Donaldson insert.

On to the Prizm packs.
I got a Ross Kivett to add to my Tigers, an AJ Reed rookie, and a Nick Howard refractor.

Finally, the Heritage pack.
I was hoping I would get a few Tigers/Rays, and I think I did good, getting a John Axford and Keon Broxton for my PC, and a Chrome Josh Hamilton.

Now, we see what the relic card is.
I guess I should've read the fine print on the packaging.
Apparently, autographs are now considered to be relics.  According to Wikipedia, Ethan played with the Phillies for 2 seasons, and hasn't been in the Majors in a few years. 

I think it was a win. I got to bust 20 packs, most of which I hadn't opened before, I got some Rays/Tigers, and PC guys, and a nice autographed refractor. 

I recently won an auction on eBay of the Elite Extra Edition Tie Dye Aspirations #d to 10 card of Brody Koerner. That only leaves me with the 1/1 Status Gold card to complete the rainbow. I really hope to find it on eBay, but I'm not sure if it could pop up somewhere else, so if you happen to see it somewhere, please let me know. I have never tried to complete one before, but I think I did ok by getting a 1/10 card and a 1/1 and only needing another 1/1 to finish it.

Thanks for checking out my latest post.