Sunday, September 24, 2017

The 1983 Topps set is complete!!

I've been busting tail making customs lately, and am happy to report that I have finished completing the 1983 Topps set. I really wanted to finish it pretty quickly, so I could use some of the cards in the upcoming ARAIG 1983 league that some friends are running. I just have 25 more teams in the '83 Topps Traded set, and every card for the '83 Topps regular and Traded set, as well as every one needed for the league will be complete.  

This marks the 3rd Topps set that I have finished, including the 1992 Topps set and the 1994 Topps set.  I just have to say that I thought that completing a set from the '80's would be a good deal more difficult than one from the '90's, and almost 1000% more difficult than a set from the 2000's where the internet was around and picture were way more prominent, but I have found that the '83 set wasn't too difficult. There were a number of minor league and TCMA sets in the '80's that helped me in my search for pictures, and even with the 2 photos that were needed per card, I somehow completed the set, as well as all of the coaches. It had significantly less players per team that needed cards made than sets in the '90's and (especially) '00's, and that was one of the big factors that helped this set get done so fast. It kind of makes me want to go back to the simplicity of the late '80's where all you had were 5 or so card brands that issued a pretty full roster of cards instead of the 5-6 guys per team and 20 Yankees, Dodgers, and Red Sox/3,000 parallels/SPs/numbered inserts/game-used/autographs/MOJO HITZ that we have now. 

I plan to keep working on the '83 Traded sets (I have a feeling the rosters will be a little bit more painful) and hopefully after that finish the '98, '97, '00, '86, and '88 checklists (and the '88 templates), and then slow down a little and work on some customs. Thanks for checking out my latest post.  Here is the completed 1983 Topps regular set.