Thursday, July 18, 2019

Compilation of '69 Topps Pilots

A few days ago on the Facebook Custom Cards Group Page, one of the members posted all of the Seattle Pilots customs they had made. I had worked on the 1969 Topps missing player checklist, and had wondered if I could locate customs of all of the missing Pilots cards in the '69 Topps set. After some editing and searching, I was able to locate custom 1969 Topps cards of every missing Seattle Pilot. Most of those were done by David and Lynn in the FB Group, and I edited one or two. There may be some that were made by others, and if they are yours, let me know and I will give you credit. Here are all of the missing 1969 Topps Seattle Pilots cards.

The Seattle Pilots are a popular team among collectors, and I am happy that all of the original '69 team now have '69 Topps cards.

On another note, about a week ago, a new baseball card shop opened where I live. It is maybe a 2 minute drive from my house. They didn't have much inventory yet, but they had about 12 500-count boxes of 20 for $1 cards. Most of them were like '89 Topps, '91 Donruss, and '87 Topps, but there were a few from newer sets, and there was a box of '89 Fleer that I pulled a Griffey rookie from. I'll probably go back and try to pull out some cards from the '89 Fleer box (I forgot about the Billy Ripken card). It was a nice surprise, and I'll try to take pictures next time I'm in and do a nice post about it. I really hope the business does well and it stays open.
That's about it for me. The '62 Topps missing player checklist is done, and I'm working on the '61 one.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Tim Wallach Career Topps Run

About a week ago, I got a comment from Corey, the author of Tim Wallach, an attempt to collect them All, on my 1997 Tim Wallach custom. I decided to make all of Tim's missing Topps cards so Coery could have a Topps card for every year of Tim's career. I plan on printing them out, and mailing them to him, along with all of the Wallach cards I have. Here are all of Tim Wallach's Topps cards, with all of his regular Topps-issued ones, as well as the customs I have made.

1980 TOPPS TRADED custom

1981 TOPPS custom

1982 TOPPS
1982 Topps #191 Tim Wallach Front

1983 TOPPS
1983 Topps #552 Tim Wallach Front

1984 TOPPS
1984 Topps #232 Tim Wallach Front

1985 TOPPS1985 Topps #473 Tim Wallach Front

1986 TOPPS1986 Topps #685 Tim Wallach Front

1986 TOPPS ALL-STAR1986 Topps #703 Tim Wallach Front

1987 TOPPS
Image result for 1987 topps tim wallach

1988 TOPPS1988 Topps #560 Tim Wallach Front

1988 TOPPS ALL-STAR1988 Topps #399 Tim Wallach Front

1989 TOPPS1989 Topps #720 Tim Wallach Front

1990 TOPPS1990 Topps #370 Tim Wallach Front

1991 TOPPS
1991 Topps #220 Tim Wallach Front

1992 TOPPS
1992 Topps #385 Tim Wallach Front

1993 TOPPS1993 Topps #570 Tim Wallach Front

1993 TOPPS TRADED1993 Topps Traded #127T Tim Wallach Front

1994 TOPPS1994 Topps #143 Tim Wallach Front

1995 TOPPS1995 Topps #38 Tim Wallach Front

1996 TOPPS custom

1996 TOPPS TRADED custom

1997 TOPPS custom

2003 TOPPS TRADED custom

2004 TOPPS custom

2006 TOPPS custom

2006 TOPPS custom

2009 TOPPS UPDATE custom

2010 TOPPS custom

2011 TOPPS custom

2012 TOPPS custom

2013 TOPPS custom

2014 TOPPS custom

2015 TOPPS custom

2015 TOPPS UPDATE custom

2016 TOPPS custom

2017 TOPPS custom

2018 TOPPS custom

2019 TOPPS custom

So now, Tim Wallach has Topps cards for every season he has played or coached in the Major Leagues. I like how they turned out, and special thanks to Beny Levy for the awesome post he did on the FB Custom Cards Page with exact or close font matches for every Topps set from 1951-2019. It helped me tremendously. 

I have had a lot going on in my life recently, and it has, and may still have, changed the way my days go, and how I post and how frequently I do. We had family in town for the past 2 weeks, and that sucked up an enormous amount of time. It is now summer, so that has changed things. I am normally off on Sundays, and another random day in the week. Sundays, I am usually playing piano at church, and between that and a nap, that sucks up most of the day. I might work on customs or something for an hour or so, but not like on a real day off. Now, on the other day off, I could probably spend 65% of the day doing custom stuff until my wife comes home from work and we pick up my son from school. In the summer, I usually end up mowing the lawn on that extra off day, and maybe get 2 hours to do whatever.
The last thing that happened, is probably the biggest. My wife resigned from her job, and we decided to let her grandmother move into our guest room. Her grandmother is 92, and has stage 4 cancer, so we don't expect her to be with us for more than a few months, but it is a chance, none the less. My wife is a nurse, so she will spend most of her time taking care of her, and pick up random shifts through a staffing agency. We don't know what will happen after her grandmother passes, but for right now, my wife and her grandmother will be around the house alot more, so I might not be on the computer as much, but I still want to be active in the blogging and custom card making community. Maybe after all this is over, things will go back to a kind of normal schedule, but right now, we will just ride this wave and try to enjoy it. I do hope to go to a card show in Jacksonville in the next few months with my brother-in-law, and I have a ton of customs I want to make and print out. I will definitely try to blog and post new stuff when I can.
I hope you enjoyed the new customs. Thanks for checking out my latest post.