Thursday, May 7, 2015

1994 Topps Dick Pole

The lastest card in the Dick Pole Project is his 1994 Topps card. After a year in which he was either coaching in the minors or not in organized baseball, Dick Pole joined the San Francisco Giants staff in 1993. He inhereted a great team, and helped John Burkett and Bill Swift become 20-game winners. Unfortunately, for the Giants, MLB was still in the 2-division format, and the Giants won 103 games, only to finish 2nd in the NL West behind the Atlanta Braves. I never got why the Braves were in the West, when the NL could've made a team like the Chicago Cubs be in the West.

I already have the front to Pole's 1995 Topps card done, and I think the card is going to turn out great. I used the All-Star border from the '95 Topps set, and put 2 coaches on the card, so Pole's card also features Bobby Bonds. I'm pretty sure the back will be like the '95 Topps All-Star back, with coach bios instead of stats.
-Thanks for checking out card #5 of the Dick Pole Project.