1987 Topps Reference Page


Here is the checklists and some templates for the missing players in the 1987 Topps and 1987 Topps Traded sets. The font used for the names is called Dom Casual. The full checklist is done. I would prefer to have everyone use the templates I made to do cards in the set rather than the ones on the Topps website just because the templates I made came from the actual '87 Topps cards, the logos match the original set, and the colors also do. All of the templates I have made are in .png form, and if you need it in a .jpg form or anything that can be made with MS Paint or GIMP, send me an email at karensjer dot gmail dot com and I will send you what you need. Also included is a future star template. Much thanks to Paul B. for making the checklist for me.

793. Joe Lefebvre PHI
794. Greg Legg PHI by The Phillies Room
795. Francisco Melendez PHI
796. Garry Maddox PHI
797. Marvin Freeman PHI Future Stars
798. Randy Lerch PHI
799. Jeff Bittiger PHI
800. Mike Jackson PHI by The Phillies Room
801. Rocky Childress PHI
802. Tom Gorman PHI
803. Dave Rucker PHI
804. Jim Davenport Coach PHI
805. Lee Elia Coach PHI
806. Claude Osteen Coach PHI
807. Mike Ryan Coach PHI
808. Del Unser Coach PHI
809. Ribbie CHW by Lynn
810. Jeck Perconte CHW
811. Marc Hill CHW
812. Dave Cochrane CHW
813. George Foster CHW by A Load of BS
814. Kenny Williams CHW Future Stars
815. Rodney Craig CHW
816. Brian Giles CHW
817. Joel McKeon CHW
818. Bryan Clark CHW
819. Pete Filson CHW
820. Tony LaRussa Manager CHW by Richard
821. Ed Brinkman Coach CHW
822. Moe Drabowsky Coach CHW
823. Willie Horton Coach CHW
824. Art Kusnyer Coach CHW
825. Fran Mullins CLE
826. Dave Clark CLE Future Stars
827. Dan Rohn CLE by Lynn
828. Jay Bell CLE Future Stars
829. Eddie Williams CLE Future Stars
830. Doug Jones CLE
831. Jim Kern CLE
832. Jose Roman CLE
833. Reggie Ritter CLE
834. Jamie Easterly CLE
835. Jack Aker Coach CLE
836. Bobby Bonds Coach CLE
837. Doc Edwards Coach CLE
838. Johnny Goryl Coach CLE
839. Fred Koenig Coach CLE
840. Tom Runnells CIN
841. Dave Van Gorder CIN
842. Paul O'Neill CIN Future Stars
843. Bill Landrum CIN
844. Mike Smith CIN
845. Scott Breeden Coach CIN
846. Billy DeMars Coach CIN
847. Tommy Helms Coach CIN
848. Bruce Kimm Coach CIN
849. George Scherger Coach CIN
850. Tony Perez CIN by Jigokusabre
851. Paul Runge ATL
852. Darryl Motley ATL
853. Brad Komminsk ATL Future Stars
854. Charlie Puleo ATL
855. Russ Nixon Coach ATL
856. Johnny Sain Coach ATL
857. Bob Skinner Coach ATL
858. Willie Stargell Coach ATL by Richard
859. Tony Baritrome Coach ATL
860. Al Monchak Coach ATL
861. Mike Martin CHC
862. Steve Christmas CHC
863. Guy Hoffman CHC
864. Jay Baller CHC
865. Drew Hall CHC
866. Dick Ruthven CHC
867. Jim Frey Manager CHC by Richard
868. John Vukovich Coach/Manager CHC
869. Ruben Amaro Coach CHC
870. Billy Connors Coach CHC
871. Johnny Oates Coach CHC
872. Don Zimmer Coach CHC by Richard
873. Ty Gainey HOU by Lynn
874. Dan Dreissen HOU
875. Bert Pena HOU
876. Robbie Wine, Jr. HOU
877. Eric Bullock HOU
878. Louie Meadows HOU
879. Julio Solano HOU
880. Matt Keough HOU
881. Manny Hernandez HOU
882. Mike Madden HOU by Lynn
883. Tom Funk HOU
884. Rafael Montalvo HOU
885. Yogi Berra Coach HOU by Richard
886. Matt Galante Coach HOU
887. Denis Menke Coach HOU
888. Les Moss Coach HOU
889. Gene Tenace Coach HOU
890. Jose Gonzalez LAD by Lynn
891. Terry Whitfield LAD
892. Larry See LAD
893. Jack Fimple LAD
894. Craig Shipley LAD
895. Ed Amelung LAD
896. Carlos Diaz LAD
897. Joe Beckwith LAD
898. Balvino Galvez LAD
899. Joe Amalfitano Coach LAD
900. Cesar Cedeno LAD
901. Monty Basgall Coach LAD
902. Mark Cresse Coach LAD
903. Ben Hines Coach LAD
904. Manny Mota Coach LAD by Richard
905. Ron Perranoski Coach LAD
906. George Wright MON by Lynn
907. Luis Rivera MON by Lynn
908. Jason Thompson MON
909. Randy Hunt MON
910. Rene Gonzales MON Future Stars
911. Wil Tejada MON
912. Billy Moore MON
913. Bob Owchinko MON
914. George Riley MON
915. Dave Tomlin MON
916. Jeff Parrett MON
917. Curt Brown MON
918. Bert Roberge MON by Lynn
919. Sergio Valdez MON
920. Charlie Lea MON
921. Larry Bearnarth Coach MON
922. Ron Hansen Coach MON
923. Joe Kerrigan Coach MON
924. Ron Renick Coach MON
925. Bobby Winkles Coach MON
926. Kevin Elster NYM Future Stars
927. Stan Jefferson NYM
928. John Gibbons NYM
929. Tim Corcoran NYM
930. Bud Harrelson Coach NYM by Richard
931. Vern Hoscheit Coach NYM
932. Greg Pavlick Coach NYM
933. Bill Robinson Coach NYM
934. Mel Stottlemyre Coach NYM
935. UL Washington PIT by Lynn
936. Trench Davis PIT
937. Steve Kemp PIT
938. Rich Renteria PIT
939. Bob Patterson PIT
940. Rich Sauveur PIT
941. Ray Krawczyk PIT
942. Hipolito Pena PIT
943. Stan Fansler PIT
944. Rich Donnelly Coach PIT
945. Mick Kelleher Coach PIT
946. Gene Lamont Coach PIT by Richard
947. Ron Schueler Coach PIT
948. Bill Virdon Coach PIT
949. Jerry White STL
950. Ray Burris STL by Lynn
951. Fred Manrique STL
952. Rick Ownbey STL by Lynn
953. Bill Earley STL
954. Joe Boever STL Future Stars
955. Kurt Kepshire STL
956. Greg Bargar STL
957. Alan Knicely STL
958. Johnny Lewis Coach STL
959. Rich Hacker Coach STL
960. Nick Leyva Coach STL
961. Dave Ricketts Coach STL
962. Mike Roarke Coach STL
963. Red Schoendienst Coach STL by Richard
964. Kevin McReynolds SD by Lynn
965. Randy Asadoor SD by Lynn
966. Gary Green SD Future Stars
967. Mark Parent SD by Lynn
968. Mark Wasinger SD
969.Jimmy Jones SD
970. Bob Stoddard SD
971. Ed Vosberg SD
972. Ray Hayward SD
973. Galen Cisco Coach SD
974. Harry Dunlop Coach SD
975. Deacon Jones Coach SD
976. Jack Krol Coach SD
977. Ozzie Virgil, Sr. Coach SD
978. Randy Kutcher SF
979. Brad Gulden SF
980. Rick Lancellotti SF
981. Brad Wellman SF
982. Phil Ouelette SF
983. Chris Jones SF
984. Bill Laskey SF
985. Chuck Hensley SF
986. Randy Bockus SF
987. Mark Grant SF Future Stars
988. Bill Fahey Coach SF
989. Bob Lillis Coach SF
990. Gordon Mackenzie Coach SF
991. Jose Morales Coach SF
992. Norm Sherry Coach SF
993. Al Pardo BAL
994. Ricky Jones BAL
995. Tom Dodd BAL
996. Kelly Paris BAL
997. Carl Nichols BAL
998. Odell Jones BAL by Lynn
999. John Habyan BAL
1000. Rex Hudler BAL
1001. Mike Kinnunen BAL
1002. Bill Swaggerty BAL
1003. Tony Arnold BAL
1004. Terry Crowley Coach BAL
1005.  Elrod Hendricks Coach BAL
1006. Cal Ripken, Sr. Coach BAL by Richard
1007. Frank Robinson Coach BAL
1008. Ken Rowe Coach BAL
1009. Jimmy Williams Coach BAL
1010. Mike Stenhouse BOS
1011. LaSchelle Tarver BOS
1012. Dave Sax BOS
1013. Wes Gardner BOS by Paul
1014. Bill Fischer Coach BOS
1015. Walt Hriniak Coach BOS
1016. Rene Lachemann Coach BOS
1017. Joe Morgan Coach BOS by Richard
1018. Mark Ryal CAL
1019. Gus Polidor CAL Future Stars
1020. Todd Fischer CAL
1021. Ken Forsch CAL
1022. Mike Cook CAL
1023. Ray Chadwick CAL
1024. Bob Clear Coach CAL
1025. Bobby Knoop Coah CAL
1026. Marcel Lachemann Coach CAL
1027. Jimmie Reese Coach CAL
1028. Moose Stubbing Coach CAL
1029. Dave Engle DET
1030. Brian Harper DET
1031. Bruce Fields DET
1032. Tim Tolman DET by Lynn
1033. Doug Baker DET
1034. Scotti Madison DET
1035. Bryan Kelly DET
1036. John Pacella DET
1037. Jack Lazorko DET
1037. Billy Consolo Coach DET
1038. Alex Grammas Coach DET
1039. Billy Muffett Coach DET
1040. Vada Pinson Coach DET
1041. Dick Tracewski Coach DET
1042. Lynn Jones KC
1043. Bill Pecota KC Future Stars
1044. Mike Brewer KC
1045. Ron Johnson KC
1046. Terry Bell KC
1047. Dwight Taylor KC
1048. Steve Shields KC
1049. Alan Hargesheimer KC
1050. David Cone KC Future Stars
1051. Mike Ferraro Manager/Coach KC
1052. Gary Blaylock Coach KC
1053. Jose Martinez Coach KC
1054. Lee May Coach KC
1055. Jimmie Schaffer Coach KC
1056. Paul Householder MIL
1057. Eddie Diaz MIL
1058. Jim Addicci MIL
1059. Steve Kiefer MIL
1060. Pete Vuckovich MIL
1061. Bob Gibson MIL (1980's pitcher)
1062. Mark Knudson MIL
1063. Andy Etchebarren Coach MIL
1064. Larry Haney Coach MIL
1065. Frank Howard Coach MIL
1066. Tony Muser Coach MIL
1067. Herm Starrette Coach MIL
1068. Mark Davidson MIN by Marc
1069. Al Woods MIN
1070. Chris Pittaro MIN
1071. Alex Sanchez MIN
1072. Andre David MIN
1073. Neal Heaton MIN
1074. Dennis Burtt MIN
1075. Bill Latham MIN
1076. Roy Smith MIN by Marc
1077. Ray Miller Manager MIN
1078. Rick Stelmaszek Coach MIN
1079. Tom Kelly Coach MIN
1080. Tony Oliva Coach MIN by Richard
1081. Dick Such Coach MIN
1082. Wayne Terwilliger Coach MIN
1083. Dale Berra NYY
1084. Phil Lombardi NYY
1085. Bryan Little NYY by Lynn
1086. Leo Hernandez NYY
1087. Ivan DeJesus NYY
1088. Al Holland NYY
1089. John Montefusco NYY
1090. Brad Arnsberg NYY
1091. Mike Armstrong NYY
1092. Joe Altobelli Coach NYY
1093. Sammy Ellis Coach NYY
1094. Stump Merrill Coach NYY
1095. Gene Michael Coach NYY
1096. Jeff Torborg Coach NYY
1097. Roy White Coach NYY
1098. Rickey Peters OAK
1099. Bill Bathe OAK
1100. Mike Gallego OAK Future Stars
1101. Rusty Tillman OAK
1102. Lenn Sakata OAK by Rating the Rookies
1103. Steve Henderson OAK
1104. Rob Nelson OAK
1105. Wayne Gross OAK
1106. Doug Bair OAK
1107. Rick Rodriguez OAK
1108. Rick Langford OAK
1109. Tom Dozier OAK
1110. Darrell Akerfelds OAK
1111. Tim Birtsas OAK
1112. Fernando Arroyo OAK
1113. Jackie Moore Manager OAK
1114. Jeff Newman Manager/Coach OAK
1115. Dave Duncan Coach OAK by Richard
1116. Bob Didier Coach OAK
1117. Dave McKay Coach OAK
1118. Ron Plazz Coach OAK
1119. Joe Rudi Coach OAK
1120. Wes Stock Coach OAK
1121. Bob Watson Coach OAK
1122. Al Cowens SEA by Lynn
1123. Dave Hengel SEA by Lynn
1124. Barry Bonnell SEA
1125. Ross Jones SEA
1126. Ricky Nelson SEA
1127. Paul Mirabella SEA
1128. Milt Wilcox SEA by Lynn
1129. Roy Thomas SEA
1130. Chuck Cottier Manager SEA
1131. Marty Martinez Manager/Coach SEA
1132. Deron Johnson Coach SEA
1133. Jim Maloney Coach SEA
1134. Phil Regan Coach SEA
1135. Phil Roof Coach SEA
1136. Bobby Jones TEX
1137. Jeff Kunkel TEX
1138. Dwayne Henry TEX
1139. Ron Meridith TEX
1140. Kevin Brown TEX Future Stars
1141. Dave Rozema TEX
1142. Joe Ferguson Coach TEX
1143. Tim Foli Coach TEX
1144. Tom House Coach TEX
1145. Art Howe Coach TEX
1146. Tom Robson Coach TEX
1147. Steve Davis TOR
1148. Mickey Mahler TOR
1149. Don Gordon TOR
1150. Buck Martinez TOR
1151. Stan Clarke TOR
1152. Gary LaVelle TOR
1153. Tom Filer TOR
1154. Cito Gaston Coach TOR by Richard
1155. John McLaren Coach TOR
1156. Billy Smith Coach TOR
1157. John Sullivan Coach TOR
1158. Al Widmar Coach TOR
1159. Fred Bird STL by Lynn
1160. Steve Boros SD Record Breaker (ejected before first pitch)
1161. Dick Howser All-Star Manager by Richard
1162. Whitey Herzog All-Star Manager by Richard
1163. Pat Corrales All-Star Coach
1164. John McNamara All-Star Coach by Richard
1165. Davey Johnson All-Star Coach by Richard
1166. Tommy Lasorda All-Star Coach by Richard
1167. Brian Downing ALCS Highlights Game 1 CAL (4-RBI)
1168. Dwight Evans ALCS Highlights Game 2 BOS (RBI double)
1169. Gary Pettis ALCS Highlights Game 3 CAL (2-run HR)
1170. Bobby Grich ALCS Highlights Game 4 CAL (walkoff RBI single in 11th)
1171. Don Baylor ALCS Highlights Game 5 BOS (Home Run in 9th)
1172. Dave Henderson ALCS Highlights Game 5 BOS (2-run Home Run in 9th)
1173. Dave Henderson ALCS Highlights Game 5 BOS (game-winning Sac Fly in 11th)
1174. Oil Can Boyd ALCS Highlights Game 6 BOS (7 IP, Win)
1175. Jim Rice ALCS Highlights Game BOS 7 (3-run HR)
1176. Glenn Davis NLCS Highlights Game 1 HOU(HR)
1177. Mike Scott NLCS Highlights Game 1 HOU (complete game shutout)
1178. Gary Carter NLCS Highlights Game 2 NYM (RBI double)
1179. Lenny Dykstra NLCS Highlights Game 3 NYM (2-run walkoff HR)
1180. Alan Ashby NLCS Highlights Game 4 HOU (2-run HR)
1181. Gary Carter NLCS Highlights Game 5 NYM (walkoff RBI single in 12th)
1182. Jesse Orosco NLCS Highlights Game 6 NYM (game-ending strikout in 16th) by Richard
1183. Bruce Hurst World Series Highlights Game 1 BOS (8 IP, 0 R, Win) by Richard
1184. Wade Boggs World Series Highlights Game 2 BOS (2 doubles)
1185. Bob Ojeda World Series Highlights Game 3 NYM (7 IP, 1 R, Win) by Richard
1186. Gary Carter World Series Highlights Game 4 NYM (2 HRs) by Richard
1187. Bruce Hurst World Series Highlights Game 5 BOS (complete game, 2 R, Win) by Richard
1188. Mookie Wilson World Series Highlights Game 6 NYM (walkoff hit in 10th)
1189. Keith Hernandez World Series Highlights Game 7 NYM (series-winning RBI single) by Richard
1190. Checklist 7
1191. Checklist 8
1192. Checklist 9
1193. Harry Caray Announcer CHC by Lynn
1194. Shea Stadium
1195. Phliiy Phanatic by Richard


T133. Edgar Martinez SEA
T134. Casey Parsons CLE by Lynn
T135. Steve Ziem ATL by Lynn
T136. Brick Smith SEA by Lynn
T137. Mike Easler PHI by The Phillies Room
T138. Doug Bair PHI by The Phillies Room
T139. Joe Cowley PHI by The Phillies Room
T140. Ken Dowell PHI by The Phillies Room
T141. Toff Frohwirth PHI by The Phillies Room
T142. Keith Hughes PHI by The Phillies Room
T143. Ken Jackson PHI by The Phillies Room
T144. Greg Jelks PHI by The Phillies Room
T145. Tom Newell PHI by The Phillies Room
T146. Ron Washington BAL by Lynn
T147. Doug Frobel CLE by Lynn
T148. Phil Garner LAD by Lynn
T149. Tom Seaver NYM by Lynn
T150. Jim Eisenreich KC by Lynn
T151. Brett Gideon PIT by Lynn
T152. Darnell Coles PIT by Lynn
T153. Pascual Perez MON by Lynn
T154. Jerry Royster NYY by Lynn
T155. Steve Trout NYY by Lynn
T156. Dennis Lamp OAK by Lynn
T157. Dan Driessen STL by Lynn
T158. Don Baylor MIN by Lynn
T159. Onix Concepcion PIT by Lynn
T160. Orestes Destrade NYY by Lynn
T161. Terry Harper DET by Lynn
T162. Dave Collins CIN by Lynn
T163. Lloyd McClendon CIN by Lynn
T164. Ronn Reynolds HOU by Lynn
T165. Brian Holman MON by Lynn
T166. Doug DeCinces STL by Lynn
T167. Kevin Mitchell SD by Lynn
T168. Mike Flanagan TOR by Lynn
T169. Leo Garcia CIN by Lynn
T170. John Leister BOS by Lynn
T171. Dave Gallagher CLE by Lynn
T172. Dain Syverson CLE by Lynn
T173. Morris Madden DET by Lynn
T174. Rey Palacios DET by Lynn
T175. Jeff Moronko NYY by Lynn
T176. Johnnie LeMaster OAK by Lynn
T177. Joe Cipolloni PHI by Lynn
T178. Jeff Kaye PHI by Lynn
T179. Wade Rowdon
T180. Joe Redfield CAL by Lynn
T181. Jack Fimple CAL by Lynn
T182. Bob Stoddard KC by Lynn
T183. Mark Ciardi MIL by Lynn
T184. Mark D'Alessandro ATL by Lynn
T185. Randy O'Neal ATL by Lynn
T186. Rick Burleson BAL by Lynn
T187. Danny Sheaffer BOS by Lynn
T188. Jay Buhner NYY by Lynn
T189. Greg Tobar TEX by Lynn
T190. Rob Wilfong SF by Lynn
T191. Tom Glavine ATL
T192. Tom Bolton BOS by Paul
T193. Houston Jimenez PIT
T194. Donell Nixon SEA by Lynn
T195. Paul Schneider SEA by Lynn


These are the templates I've made of the '87 set, basically a regular card and a coach card for each team, all-star and highlight cards, and a Future Star logo you can put on whatever card you need it on.

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