Monday, January 25, 2016

World Series Winners Part 1: 1994 Topps Mark Eichhorn

This is the first post in a new segment I am calling 'World Series Winners'. It will feature cards of players who won a World Series the year before but never got a Topps card in the next years' set.

Mark Eichhorn pitched on both the '92 and '93 Toronto Blue Jays championship teams but didn't get in either the '93 or '94 Topps sets. If I am correct, his '92 Topps card was his final one even though he pitched until 1996. That means he missed getting a Topps card in his final 4 seasons (he didn't play in the Majors in 1995).

He had a 2.72 ERA for the Jays in '93 and had a scoreless appearance in the ALCS and World Series that year. That's no reason for Topps to not give him a card, but I guess they just don't make cards for relievers like they used to, even in the overproduction era.

It was nice seeing Denver win yesterday to give Peyton Manning a shot at a title in what might be his last year. I would've rooted for the Pats since I hate the Yankees and have to root for all things Boston, but they won last year and I just think Manning would be a better story for the big game. With all that being said though, I am going to root for the Carolina Panthers and Cam Newton to win it all. I am a big Auburn Tiger fan and I would love to see Cam take home a NFL title to go with his NCAA one from 2010. Hopefully that will shut the Bama fans up a little bit 'cause somebody needs to take the wind out of their self-righteous sails before all of us innocent people who root for someone other than the Crimson Tide go crazy.

I'll have to find some way to make a baseball custom to go along with whichever team wins the game in 2 weeks. Maybe a Rockie if Denver wins and maybe an Auburn alum if Carolina wins, I don't know. Until then, I'll be making customs when I can. Thanks for checking out my latest one.

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