Thursday, January 14, 2016

1994 Topps Atlanta's Fab Four

I was 8 in 1991 when the Atlanta Braves had their worst to first season and the first of many trips to the playoffs in the coming years. We lived in central Florida at the time, and we didn't quite have the Rays at that point, so I got my fill of baseball with the Cubs and White Sox on WGN, and mostly the Braves on TBS. The next few years, I became a huge Braves fan. I tried to get cards of all of their players, and even had my room painted in their blue and red colors. 

Topps wasn't really into making combo cards in the '90's, so this really isn't a card they skipped, but man, what if they did put this card in the set. Young Braves fans like myself would spent their whole allowance for weeks to try to get this card from a pack, and whoever pulled the Topps Gold version of this card would've been the envy of the whole neighborhood. 

I didn't really find too many good photos to work with for this card. I like everything about this card except for the green on the bottom and the location of the Topps logo. I used a photo of a '94 Topps Deion Sanders card, and for some reason, the green at the bottom looks neon. The way the photo doesn't have any space above the players heads gave me no choice but to put the Topps logo at the bottom of the card, something that wasn't done in that years set. With all that being said, I do think it's a cool card.

One last thing. Night Owl wrote a great post about the 2016 Topps design on his blog last night. I think it discuss a different aspect of the design that hasn't been talked about much and it really caught my interest so check it out if you already haven't. Thanks as always for checking out my latest post.

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