Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Missing Managers Part 3: 1995 Topps Felipe Alou

Felipe Alou led the Montreal Expos to the best record in MLB in 1994 at 74-40. Unfortunately for everyone, the strike stopped the season and we never got to see if the Expos could win it all. We also didn't get to see Felipe's '95 Topps card as Topps stopped making manager cards after 1993. 

I took a regular '95 Topps card and added the picture, name, and changed the position to get this card. Not too much different than the regular card, but with the '95 design, there isn't much you can do without changing the design completely. I think it looks good and with a vertical back I could definitely distinguish this card from a normal player card in the '95 set. 

I've been working on making backs of cards on my '92 Topps blog, but don't worry, I won't leave this blog behind as I have about 20 cards already made and I am still working on new ones. Thanks for checking out my latest work. 

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