Monday, January 18, 2016

1990 Topps Bob Forsch

I have always kind of been a Bob Forsch fan. It all started in '93 or '94. For Christmas one year, my Mom found one of those team books that Topps produced in the late '80's that show the fronts of every Topps card from that particular team. My book had the St. Louis Cardinals. I wasn't a Cardinals fan, but hey, the book had baseball cards on it, so I was happy. I would go through the pages of the book and look at the cards, and a few of the cards featured Bob Forsch at the end of his windup. It looked neat to me how he would have his left arm out in the air at the end of his windup, kind of like in his '87 Topps card. It was really different looking to me, so I've always kind of been excited when I would get a Bob Forsch card out of a pack.
I got his autograph ttm in 2009, and was sad to hear that he passed away in 2011. He was involved with baseball until his death, serving as a coach for the Billing Mustangs for many seasons.  He appeared on just about every Topps set from 1975 until 1989. The last 2 years of his career ('88 and '89), he spent with the Houson Astros, and it's kind of weird to see him on a card without a Cardinals uniform on. For whatever reason, Topps decided not to give him a sunset card in the 1990 set, so I gave him one, and I think it looks like what his last card could've looked like. 

Thanks for checking out the latest Topps card that never was.

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