Thursday, October 29, 2015

Favorite Player Collection Pt. 3: 2003 Topps Brady Anderson

Brady Anderson is one of my favorite players. I know that most people think he did PEDs, and he probably did. I've liked Brady before his 50 HR season, mainly because of his cool sideburns. I grew my sideburns long in high school and have kept them that way pretty much ever since. I decided to add Brady to my player collection around 2005 or so, and have always kept a lookout for refractors and other interesting cards of Brady. I picked up a jersey card from COMC a few years ago, and also got his autograph on a 1992 Topps card at a signing a few years back.
Topps gave Brady a card in the 2002 Traded set and skipped his sunset card in '03. I believe his last card is the only on Topps missed for him.
I'm going on a short vacation so this will probably be the last post till maybe Monday or Tuesday. I'm hoping the Mets will come back and deGrom will get his ring, but right now it's not looking good. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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