Saturday, October 17, 2015

Coaches Center: 1993 Topps Larry Hisle/Rich Hacker

This card is the first card in a segment I will be calling "Coaches Center". In each one, I will make a card of a coach or coaches that Topps left out of one of their sets. Since Topps hasn't produced coach cards in many sets, I should have plenty of ones to choose from.

I used the 1993 Topps Managers design, and had coaches from the same teams on the same card (with the managers in the set, Topps chose to do 1 from the AL and one from the NL on a card). It turned out pretty well, I think (thanks GIMP!), and I might have to use the design to make a '93 Topps Traded Dick Pole card for the Dick Pole Project). 

Larry Hisle payed for the Philadelphia Phillies, Minnesota Twins, and Milwaukee Brewers from 1968-1982. He came to the Toronto Blue Jays in 1992, and won the first of 2 consecutive championships with them as their hitting coach.  

Rich Hacker played 1 season for the Montreal Expos (1971), and then went on to coaching. He was the St. Louis Cardinals 1st Base Coach from '86-'87, then coached 3rd base from '88-'90. He went to the Blue Jays from their, coaching with them from '91-'93. He was fairly successful, winning 2 titles with the Jays, and appearing in a World Series with the  Cardinals in '87.  He also has a card I made for the 1992 Topps set (on my other blog, I have completed the '92 Topps set by giving a card for every player and coach that Topps didn't have in that set). 

I hope you enjoyed the first segment of Coaches Center. Hang tight, because I have 1 more card to post on Monday, and then I will show a card that I have heard a good number of bloggers say that they would love to see have made. Thanks for checking out my blog. 

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