Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Favorite Player Collection Pt. 2: 2005 Topps Brooks Kieschnick

I've always thought Brooks Kieschnick would hit a ton of homers in MLB. I remember his cards being hot in 1994 and 1995, but I was 10 or so and I didn't buy many packs of cards cause I didn't get allowance or anything, and I never pulled a card of his until 1996. 
He got drafted in the expansion draft by the Rays in 1997 and I got his Rays card from a '98 Topps pack. I hoped he would do good for the Rays, but he didn't. 
He did get a chance with the Brewers a few years later, and made the most of it, becoming a great pinch hitter and also pitching for the club. 
I haven't ever seen a card with a player listed as a pitcher and a position player, although I do have 1 or 2 Draft Pick cards of players who pitched and played another position in college and has both sets of stats, but that's it. 
Kieschnick didn't get a Topps card after 1998, so we never got to see what a Pitcher/Outfielder card would've looked. Brooks did have a few Brewer cards from other companies, but no Topps version. 
This would've been his sunset card and even though '05 Topps doesn't list positions on the front, I think the photo makes it clear that he is a pitcher/outfielder. 
If I can figure out how to do the photo sillohuette from '04 Topps, I'm definitely going to do Brooks' card from that set. 
Hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Favorite Player Collection. Thanks for checking out my site. 


  1. If you have extras, Waiting Til Next Year (http://tilnextyear-tom.blogspot.com/) collects this guy too.

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't really tried to print any of the cards I've made, but I'll definitely make some extras of this one if I ever try to print them.