Monday, October 12, 2015

1993 Topps Dave Bergman

Dave Bergman spent most of his career with the Detroit Tigers. He came to them in the middle of their 1984 World Championship season, and stayed with them till his final season in 1992. I had the opportunity to meet him a few times during the Tigers fantasy camp in Lakeland Florida through the years. He was a nice person, and I got many cards signed by him. Unfortunately, I found out he passed away recently.

He appeared in most Topps sets throughout his career. His last Topps card came in the 1992 set, and he missed getting a sunset card. Here is his final card. 

Now that I have a new laptop I'll probably be making cards more frequently, and I hope to try out some new regular types of posts. Perhaps not a certain day of the week, but more every so often, and once I get enough, I'll probably make a link on the sidebar. Some ideas include Favorite Players, which is self-explanatory, All Their Missing Cards where I will fill in all of a players missing Topps cards, Missing Managers where I will do a manager card from the Topps sets missing managers (1994-2000 and 2010 to the present). I might come up with a few more but hopefully these will be enough to get something going. I have my 3rd softball game of the season tonight, so maybe next time I post, I'll update everyone on how I'm doing. Thanks for checking out my blog.

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