Monday, October 19, 2015

Favorite Player Collection: 1999 Topps Mike Simms

Mike Simms didn't become a part of my favorite player collection until after he retired. I probably saw him play a few times on TV while he was with the Texas Rangers, but never really tried to add his cards to my collection. 
Fast forward to 2005 or so. I started collecting autographs through the mail. When I saw that Simms was a good singer, I decided to send him a few cards to get signed. While choosing the cards, I looked at some of his minor league stats, and he had some great power numbers in the minors. So I sent 3 cards along with a letter with a Bible verse at the end, and a few weeks later, I got an envelope back. Mike signed the cards and wrote a nice note with the cards. After that, I decided to collect Mike Simms cards. I have added a few more to my collection over the years thanks to COMC, and now I can add this 1999 Topps card to my collection. Topps didn't have any Simms cards after 1992 if I'm correct, so they missed out on his final years as an Astro, his career season with Texas in '98, and missed out on making his sunset card (2000).
Hope you enjoyed this post on one of my favorite players. I will be adding many more cards of favorite players in the future. Later this week, I'll post a card that many bloggers have wanted made and Braves fans in particular will be able to cross it off of their want lists. Thanks for checking out my post.


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