Wednesday, October 21, 2015

1994 Topps Dale Murphy

Today's card is one that I've heard many people say that they wish Topps would've made. After spending the 1992 season with the Philadelphia Phillies, Murphy signed with the Colorado Rockies as a free agent. He played for them in 1993, and then retired. Topps put Murphy on a '93 card with the Phillies in Series 2, but that was it.  Many players for the Colorado Rockies got cards in Series 2, but Murphy for some reason didn't get one. The '93 Traded set featued more Rockies, but Murphy was left out. O-Pee-Chee, Fleer Ultra, and Upper Deck gave him Rockies cards in '93, and as far as I know, he didn't get any cards from major brands in 1994.
Steve from White Sox Cards made a '93 Topps Traded card of Murphy, but as far as I know, nobody has made another sunset card of Dale.
I really wish Topps would make sunset cards of players no matter how crappy they do in their final season. I understand Murphy retired in 1993, but I'm not one to argue with history (except when it comes to putting the DH in BOTH leagues), and since Topps' first real recognized set in 1952 showed 1951 stats on the card, I believe that the current years' set should show the stats of the year before and therefore a player who retired in 1993 should get their last card in the 1994 set. It creates a point of disagreement with collectors, autographed set collectors, and even casual fans, but it is what it is.

I really have no rhyme or reason on which custom cards I will create next as you will be able to see in the next few posts, but I guess for now, I will be doing cards that sound like they would be fun to make, as well as trying to get some more cards made for weekly/monthy featured posts. The next few weeks might be slow as my work will be picking up for the holidays, we will be moving to a new place (hopefully with enough room for a man cave/baseball/music room), and we will be traveling to Talahassee next weekend. I will try to post cards when I can between work, church, moving, traveling, other commitments, and softball games. For anyone wondering, I went 2-4 with a run and RBI in my last game, and should've been 3-3, but I got robbed of possibly a double in my first AB and swung at ball 4 in my second. We still won and I hit the ball on the screws twice.
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  1. This would have been a great sunset card! Bryn Smith spent about as long on the Rockies in his final year, which would make a great pairing.

  2. Murphy didn't join Colorado until the VERY end of Spring Training; maybe that has something to do with the lack of a 1993 Traded card at the very least. He would have never made the '94 set, having been released and retired before June '93.