Saturday, May 13, 2017

1994 Topps #1051-1100

I haven't posted in a while, but I have been making customs still. I am up to card #1150 in the '94 set, and have recently been working on a few New York Mets team sets. Here are the next 50 cards in the 1994 Topps set, with ones done by people other than me noted. 

 Dave Duncan by Richard from the Facebook Custom Card Group

 Lou Piniella by Richard

 Ken Griffey, Sr. by Richard

 Bobby Cox/Cito Gaston All-Star Managers by Richard

 Tommy Lasorda/Johnny Oates All-Star Coaches

This set of 50 cards had a bunch of cool ones in it, including some All-Star cards for coaches and managers, a few highlight cards, a checklist (front and back), and it marked the finishing of the coach/manager cards, and the start of the players.

Work has been tiring lately, just because of Mother's Day coming up, and the huge pie order we had today. I should have a slow week, a busy Memorial Day week, and then 2 weeks or so, and I will be on vacation!!!  My wife, my son, and I will be driving to Dallas Texas to visit one of my sisters for a few days, then to Houston to see the Astros and Rangers on my birthday, then drive to Corpus Christi to see my mom and stepdad, stay a few days, go to a Corpus Christi Hooks game, and then make the 20-hour drive home (probably stopping in Talahassee to see my wife's brother and their family. I'm looking forward to time away from work, as well as getting to see some baseball games, hopefully eating some good food, and seeing family. So if the blog seems to be dormant for the next month or so, that is why. My goal for the end of the year is to have the 1994 Topps set finished, the 1999 Topps checklist done, and perhaps take a little chunk out of the '93 Topps customs and the 1998 checklist.
  To everyone who has helped me by making customs off of my checklist, helped me make the checklist, point out an error/omission, or who just likes to comment or view my blog from time to time, thanks. And happy mothers day to all of the moms out there.
Thanks for taking the time to read my letter.

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