Thursday, May 4, 2017

1994 Topps #1001-1050

I'm still working on the 1994 Topps set. Finished card #1138 today. Hoping to get a few more done over the weekend. Here are cards #1001-1050, with ones not made by me listed. 

Hal McRae by Richard from the Facebook Custom Cards Group

 Tom Kelly by Richard

 Ron Gardenhire by Richard

Buck Showalter by Richard

This batch of cards had some fun ones in it, like one with a coach holding their name on a piece of paper (Gene Roof), one with a coach holding an invisible bat (Dick Such), one coach in their memorabilia room (Joe Nossek), a manager with a cigar (Tom Kelly), and one with a kid (Buck Showalter). It's hard, but I'm trying to include some random photos like those in this set. The main '94 Topps set has a few with random photos in it, like Devon White opening fan mail, so I feel that these cards would fit right in with the regular set. 
I've also worked on a few checklists the past few days. If I am correct, all of the postseason highlights cards that I feel are needed are added to the checklist pages they need to be on, only one set needs Draft Picks added to it (2000), and the 1999 checklist is slowly coming along. I also made a few new templates and added them to their checklist pages ('98 Topps draft picks, season highlights, 1997 postseason highlights, and 1999 postseason highlights). I need to figure out how to make a 1998 Postseason highlights card, but I'll worry about that a ways down the road. In the last month or so, I've been connecting with many collectors and custom card makers from the Facebook Custom Card, and, and it's nice to see the circle of people who know about my customs/help make cards off of my checklist/help me make the checklists/and just view my page every now and then. Thanks for checking out my customs. It really is nice to know that people enjoy them, and it keeps me wanting to make more.

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