Monday, March 27, 2017

1994 Topps #879 Mile High Vets

 Today's card is a rarely seen 1990's Topps combo card. Adam from Infield Fly Rule suggested that I make a card pairing Dale Murphy and Bryn Smith, both guys who spent their brief last season with the Colorado Rockies in 1993. Both Smith and Murphy didn't get Topps cards in 1994. Here is the card I made of Smith
 and Murphy,
along with the posts on each card: '94 Topps Bryn Smith1994 Topps Dale Murphy.

I kind of wish Topps would've made more cards like this in their sets back in the '90's, but I guess we would've probably got sick of them, kind of like the mediocre ones they give us now. Still, I think some cards like these

 (not mine, but still a nice combo card)

would have been a great addition to some of Topps' sets in the '90's. There will probably be a few more combo cards that I will make in upcoming sets, so stay tuned.

I'm hoping to work on checklists and customs this week. I haven't got to make many last week, but I did get a few teams on the 1999 Topps checklist done, and I am going to work on some cards for the Netherlands team in the WBC set that is being made by the guys on the Facebook Custom Cards Group. I wish they could've won the game against Puerto Rico, but I'm glad that the US won in the Finals. Makes me kind of wish I still had my autographed Adam Jones rookie right now.  I bet the Mariners are pissed that they traded him to get Eric Bedard back in '08 or so. Thanks for checking out my latest card.

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  1. Cool! Combo cards definitely seem to be the topic of the month.