Saturday, March 4, 2017

COMC/Ebay Haul

This post might be a little long and scan-heavy, but I hope it gives some insight into my collection and some of my favorite players. I recently placed an order on COMC and also got a few random cards on eBay, and added some nice cards to my Favorite Player Collection
I chose to go through my haul alphabetically. Highlights in this first picture include a Brady Anderson rookie, a Bucky Buckles autograph (yes, that's his real name), and my first 2 autograph cards of a player with the first name of "Kyler" (that's my son's name). 
I got an autograph card of fellow Type 1 diabetic Buddy Carlyle on eBay, and picked up some nice jersey cards of fellow DeLand, Florida native Jacob deGrom.

 I got some nice cards of guys with the last name "DeJong" (my last name), including a few jersey cards of Chase, a shimmer refractor card of Paul, and some refractors of Sidney, a guy I just found out about a few weeks ago.
 I finally got a Topps rookie of cancer survivor Dave Dravecky, and probably the thickest card I've ever seen, a sweet spot signature card of Alejandro Friere. Based on the fact that the stitching on the "ball" isn't going in opposite directions, it leads me to believe that it isn't really a baseball that Upper Deck used to make the card, rather something similar and then they just added the stitches to make it look like a baseball.
 This picture has a good number of nice cards on it. First is an autograph and a Bowman gold refractor of Sheldon Fulse (who went to the same elementary school as I did, Temple Christian School in Lakeland, Florida), an autographed card of Lakeland Tiger save record holder Eddie Gaillard, 4 autographs of Derrick Gibson, who I thought would be a Hall of Famer by now, and a dual-jersey card of Dustin Hermanson.
 I recently added John Jaso to my Favorite Player Collection, so I decided to get all of his Topps cards (besides his 2016 base card, which I already have). I got an autographed card of Type 1 Diabetic Jason Johnson from eBay.
 I think I've mentioned it before, but I am kind of related to Brody Koerner. His Uncle married my wife's Aunt (I think that's the simplest way to describe it). I met him last summer, and now that he's got a card in 2016 Elite Extra Edition, I am trying to collect all of his non-autographed cards from that set. So far, I have his base card #d to 999, his Aspirations Purple card #d to 200, his Status Emerald die-cut #d to 49. I decided to get his Status Tie-Die die-cut autographed card just because it was #d to 5. If my count is correct, I am only missing 7 cards to complete the rainbow (aside from printing plates, which I would love to get as well). There is a blue card on COMC, which I may add to it later, but I'm going to wait on it since it's #d to 75. If you have any cards of Brody that you would be willing to part with, please let me know and I'll try to work out a trade. Other cards on this photo that are cool are a Kevin Kouzmanoff rookie signed "Kouz", a Quinton McCracken autograph, a Doug Million rookie (he had asthma, and unfortunately passed away before he could make the Majors), and a jersey card of Cam Newton WAR EAGLE!!!
 I added an autograph and jersey card of Jacob Nix (my wife's old last name), the 2 2016 Topps cards that I needed to complete my Steve Pearce collection, and a 1999 Topps Tony Saunders card (I saw Tony pitch 6.2 innings of no-hit ball against Baltimore in 1998.
 I finally got an autographed card of Dave Staton, another guy I figured would be in the Hall of Fame, and got 2 1998 Topps David Ortiz/Richie Sexson/Daryle Ward cards (all 3 guys are in my Favorite Player Collection).
 This is where I added some key cards to my collection. I've never owned a 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie, and now I do. The Dunn and Hamilton rookies were hot back when I was in high school and couldn't afford them, and I really wanted to add a '51 and '52 Topps card to my collection.
I was never lucky enough to have a Donruss Elite card, but now I got one. I thought the Donruss McDonalds MVP card was cool, and wanted to add a '94 Finest All-Star refractor, so I got this one of Soloman Torres.
 These cards are kind of random. A Kerry Wood autograph, Peter Gammons relic, and a Mark McGwire relic. The USA jersey patch is of Kyle Buchanan. It was listed on COMC as a card of Kyler Burke. so I added it to my cart. After I paid for the order, I took a look at the card and realized that the card was listed wrong. It is still a cool patch card, so I guess I'm ok with it. Prior, like Wood, was a great power pitcher, and I wanted a jersey card of him. Ryan Harvey was supposed to be amazing, and he had a 4-HR game in 2006. Billy Hamilton has blazing speed, and I was happy to get this jersey card of him.
 I hope to get these cards autographed later this year. I'm hoping that Brody Koerner gets assigned to Tampa when the minors start. When they come to Daytona in May, I'm wanting to meet up with him and catch a game or two of the series and get these cards signed of Jay Bell and Eric Duncan (Tampa's coaches), and Eli Marrero (Daytona's coach). The Wave of the Future card of Marrero has some kind of gel in it, and the bubble rises to the top of the card, and the Pacific Prism card has a cool purple rainbow sheen to it.

 I got some cards for my highlights binder. The first one brings back great memories. It highlights the Rays' first home game of the 2010 season which I went to. They raised the AL East Champions banner with the evil Yankees looking on, and then pounded the Yankees so bad that Nick Swisher had to be brought in to pitch. The next one is of Josh Hamilton's 4-HR game, and Miguel Cabrera's base, HR League Leader, RBI League Leader, and AVG League Leader cards, and a card picturing him after winning the Triple Crown. Still can't believe that I saw a Triple Crown winner in my lifetime.

The last 3 cards in my collection I will probably give to some friends. My nephew is named James Nix, so I will probably give it to him the next time I see him, and I will probably give the Michael Taylor cards to our worship pastor at church, who trained with him in high school and was his batting practice buddy for a few years.

That wraps it up. Thanks for staying with me and getting an insight into some of the favorite players in my collection.

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  1. I love that Kerry Wood card with him pitching for the "Rays". If I recall correctly, Ryan Harvey won the Midwest League home run derby back in the day.
    Lastly, congrats on picking up Griffey's UD rookie. It's on my list to add to my collection as well.