Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Completed Team Set Part 1: 1989 Topps Dodgers




I don't want to knock a bunch of cards out at once, but I thought I'd try doing a new segment and see how it goes, and since it's the postseason, I figured this one would work. 
I'm going to try to post a complete team set for random teams. This first one is the 1988 LA Dodgers. Most of the Dodgers were in the '89 Topps set, but a few were left off, including the whole coaching staff. Players I made '89 Topps cards are Ron Perranoski (Coach), William Brennan, Bill Krueger, Gilberto Reyes, Jose Gonzalez, Mike Sharperson, Mike Devereaux, Chris Gwynn, Joe Amalfitano (Coach), Mark Cresse (Coach), Joe Ferguson (Coach), Ben Hines (Coach), Manny Mota (Coach), and Bill Russell (Coach). The World Series card is just a bonus I decided to add to the post. I also made a World Series Highlight card of Kirk Gibson that I posted towards the beginning of my blogs history. The Dodgers won the World Series in 1988, and the '89 Topps Dodgers set has special meaning to me. 

In 1991 or so, I was living in Florida. We had some friends from church, the Lawson's. The oldest, Donald, collected baseball cards and often babysat me and my 3 younger sisters. When Donald came over, it was a nice chance to get away from the girls and talk baseball and cards. Donald's team was the Reds, and mine was the Tigers, so we would trade Reds for Tigers basically. One day, Donald was over, and he brought a binder over with what must've been a complete 1989 Topps set. I liked how the Dodgers set looked for some reason, so I traded some Reds for the complete '89 Topps Dodgers set, as well as an '89 Topps Dave Dravecky, Kevin Mitchell, and Roger Craig. I didn't know that the '88 Dodgers won the World Series, or that Orel Hershiser was their stud pitcher. A few years later, I received Hershiser's book, Out of the Blue, and immediately became a Hershiser fan. When I started collecting ttm autographs in 2004, one of my first goals was to get the 1989 Topps Dodgers set autographed. I came about 8 cards from doing so. Completing this team set just brings back good memories for me as you can tell. 

I figured out how to text on a path with GIMP, which made the names on these cards a lot easier, but I'm still far from perfection with the technique. I should be able to finish the 2000 Topps templates tonight and start working on more from the 1989 Topps set so I can get more practice with texting on paths. Thanks for checking out the newest segment. 

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