Monday, October 10, 2016

1999 Topps #505 Albie Lopez

Albie Lopez was a Major League pitcher for 11 seasons, making his MLB debut in 1993 with the Cleveland Indians. He played with them through 1997, and was selected by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in the '97 Expansion Draft. He stayed with the Devil Rays until the middle of 2001, when he was traded to the Arizona Diamondbacks. He was with the club at the end of the season when they won the 2001 World Series. He would play 2 more years in MLB, 2002 with the Atlanta Braves, and 2003 with the Kansas City Royals.

Albie got his first Topps card in 1994, which is a cool little card. The Indians color scheme in the '94 Topps set has a blue color bar at the bottom, but Albie's card has a black one, similar to the Rockies cards that year. I actually got the card signed in Spring Training in 1995.  Albie's next Topps card was in the 1995 set, then he was left off of the '96-'01 sets. He got into the 2002 set, and his last Topps card came in the '03 Traded set. Albie is missing cards from the 1996-2001 sets, as well as the 2004 set. This 1999 custom gives him what will be his 2nd card with the Rays once I make his '98 Topps card.

I got a few more 2000 templates done today, and probably some time in the next month, I will post every template I have from every set that I have done, just so anyone that wants to help make cards off of my checklist and anyone who needs templates can have them.  Hopefully Thursday I'll get to make some more. Thanks for checking out my latest custom.

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