Friday, September 2, 2016

Some templates for you

So here are some of those templates I was talking about in my last post. Some years I don't have many of, but here is most of what I have and some tips on each year's set. 

This first file has various Topps logos, Draft Pick insignias, and team logos that I have used so far in my customs. I know the Red Sox logo is pink. Without the pink, it will show the background behind it, so if you use it, leave it like it is, and fill it in with white once you place it where you want it.

The 1990 templates are fairly simple. Just place them over whatever photo you choose and when you type in the name, I believe it is the Arial Black font and it is italicized.

 I have a good number of teams for 1994. I use a Brussels font (once in black, and then again in white for the shadow effect). The Draft Pick card has the name go at an angle in the yellow box.

 The 1995 set is a little tricky. The first picture has most of the basic letters for the font. It's a pain to select every letter 1 by 1 and copy and paste them, but I got each letter off of a 1995 card, so I hope it helps. Some of the templates have a lot of white along the border, and the picture might leak through, so you may have to touch the border up with white.

 For 1996, this is the basic National League border. The team logo goes at the top right or left and the Topps logo goes above the picture box. I don't know another way to do it, so I usually copy a picture of the players face in MS Paint, and then cut out the background, and invert the colors and place it in the picture box.

 For 1997, NL players get green, and AL get the reddish one. The letters are the closest I got to the actual font in MS Paint, but whatever program you have may have better font selections.

 1999 is fairly simple. You basically put the photo behind the template, write the team name with a black shadow behind it, and write the player name sideways.

I hope these templates give any custom card makes that read this some new sets to try working in. If you need a list of players who need cards in a certain years' set, I have one here. Currently, I am working on the complete checklist for the 2001 Topps set, and then I will probably work on the 2000 set, followed by 1989-1999. I always appreciate help with making cards in any Topps set, and if you like, I would be happy to post some of your creations here on my blog, just email me at karensjer at gmail dot com. Please let me know if you have any questions on making customs or have any particular Topps sets you are just dying for templates of. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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