Thursday, September 8, 2016

Coaches Center Part 10: 1999 Topps #497 Greg Riddoch

Greg Riddoch first got into the Majors as a coach for the Padres. He served as a coach with the Friars from 1987 through the middle of the 1990 season, when he took over the managerial duties. He stayed on as Padres manager until the last few days of the 1992 season when Jim Riggleman replaced him. I'm not sure what he did from 1993-1997. Wikipedia doesn't mention anything, but I would assume he was in some kind of coach or player development role with a team. In 1998, he was a coach with the Devil Rays in their first season, and remained with them the next year, which would be his final one in the Majors.

Greg appeared in the 1990 Topps Traded set, and got into the 1991 and 1992 regular sets. He is missing from the 1988 and 1989 sets as a Padre (I will make a card of him in the 1990 regular set as well as a Padre coach), and he is also missing from the 1999 and 2000 sets as a Devil Ray. This '99 card gives him his 2nd to last Topps card.

My 2nd season as (hopefully if we get enough and don't have too many players) First Presbyterian DeLand's starting right fielder will begin on Monday at 6:30. My wife has an appointment at one of her pregnancy doctors earlier in the day, so we will probably head there after I get off work, grab some dinner, and then head to the ballpark. If I'm not zonked, I'll probably post a card and how I did at the game. High goals for this year will be to bat .400 with a hit in every game, an extra base hit, maybe a walk-off RBI, and a few decent plays in the field. Realistic ones are maybe hitting .300, scoring a few runs, driving in 3-5 RBIs, and making 2-3 putouts in the field. Hopefully my stats will fall somewhere inbetween and we will actually win a few games this year too.
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