1954 Topps Reference Page

Here is the list of missing cards from the 1954 Topps set. Crossed off ones are ones that have been finished by myself or others. The card below has a list of fonts that were used for the original 1951 Topps set. I used Arial font when typing out the examples, but all you need to do is download the correct fonts if you don't have them.

251. Ralph Branca DET
252. Hal Erickson DET
253. Paul Foytack DET
254. Ted Gray DET
255. Steve Gromek DET
256. Earl Harrist DET
257. Billy Hoeft DET
258. Fred Hutchinson Pitcher/Manager DET
259. Milt Jordan DET
260. Dave Madison DET
261. Dick Marlowe DET
262. Hal Newhouser DET
263. Ray Scarborough DET
264. Johnny Bucha DET
265. John Baumgartner DET
266. Fred Hatfield DET
267. Billy Hitchcock DET
268. Jerry Priddy DET
269. Frank Carswell DET
270. Pat Mullin DET
271. Bob Nieman DET
272. Steve Souchock DET
273. Russ Sullivan DET
274. George Freese DET
275. Rick Ferrell Coach DET
276. Ted Lyons Coach DET

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