Wednesday, September 30, 2015

On the Disabled List for a few weeks...

Well, the bad news is that I think my laptop died. It gave me the 'blue screen of death' about a week ago, and I haven't been able to turn it back on without getting the screen since. I did, however, finish the fronts to every 1992 Topps card on my other blog before it died, so I guess that's a positive.
I may get a new laptop in the coming weeks, so hopefully that will happen, because I will definitely have enough space on it to install GIMP again, and I'll finally be able to not have to worry about drive space for a while.
While I'm without a computer to make cards with, I am trying to compile a list of potential custom cards to make in every Topps set from 1989 to the present. Mainly sunset cards, some manager, coach, and highlight cards that Topps missed, and cards from every World Series winning team (except for the Yankee$). I know many people think that for the 1995 Atlanta Braves championship team that I should make customs in the '95 Topps set, but I've never felt that way. Since the '96 Topps set came out in early '96, and showed stats from '95, I only find it fitting to make customs of the '95 World Champion Braves roster in the '96 set since it not only shows the '95 stars, but none of the roster in the '95 set would match up 100% with the '95 roster anyways. I like it that way. I can buy a pack of cards and re-live the previous years season.
With that being said, I'm making lists of players for every set and am up to the 2004 set. It's time consuming because I am searching for the rosters of world champions and also seeing if they had cards in the next years set, as well as trying to see if other custom cards have been made for anyone in the set as well. I probably have missed some customs, but if you see one I missed, let me know and I will definitely add it to my list and give the maker of the card credit. I have up to the '90 Topps set done on the page I made listing all the customs, and that will probably be the furthest I can add to it on my phone right now because blogger keeps messing with the cursor the further down the page I get, but I do have all of the cards jotted down on notebook paper, and just need to do 17 more sets and I'll be set. Then once I get a laptop, I'll make some cards. Please let me know if you have any requests for cards in those years and if I don't have the card down, I will put it on the list of cards to be made. Thanks for your patience and for checking out my blog.

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