Friday, September 4, 2015

Card #67 1997 Topps Dick Pole

The latest card in the Dick Pole Project is his 1997 Topps card. For this one, I decided to try to make it look like there was a gold bar just above the name and that would be where Pole would be identified as a coach.  I think it turned out all right. 
I've come up with a few burning questions now that I'm not really doing backs of cards anymore. The first one is how do I number the set?  This is card is number 67 in my set, and number 498 in the 1997 Topps set. Without a back you dont really know that. One idea is to number the card in the title. I had another idea maybe if I posted a card from let's say the 1990 Topps set to post all the custom cards I've done in 1990 Topps at the bottom and maybe number the cards for the '90 set at that point of the post. Maybe I'll do that at the end of every post or maybe periodically highlight a set that has a bunch of cards that I have done. I don't know. For now I think I'll number a card in the title and put is number according to specific set somewhere in the post. Hopefully that won't confuse readers. 
Thanks for checking out my latest post. I might try to post again on Monday. 

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