Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Card #69 1994 Topps Checklist #5

Today, I compiled a list of all the 1994 Topps custom cards that have been made and a few that still need to be made. I have made all of the ones posted above except for the sweet Generation K Mets card, which a blogger named Jay posted at his site (which isn't online currently).
The '94 Topps set is difficult to make in my opinion because of the font style. It isn't my favorite set to work with, but there are some cool cards still to be done, like a Dale Murphy sunset card, a Torii Hunter rookie, and some neat highlight cards. I also have some cards done for the '94 Traded set (and '94 Traded Update set for a few replacement players), but I will list them seperately in another post.
Next up, I might work on some regular cards for the custom set (I have 2 done so far that need to be posted), and maybe in a few weeks I will post another checklist and info card (probably '96 Topps).
As always, thanks for checking out my blog.

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