Monday, September 21, 2015

Card #70 1989 Topps Checklist 7

I spent alot of time researching players today, and I think I finally have a decent list of players who Topps missed making sunset cards of in the 1989-2015 sets. I am going to keep doing the checklist cards, going year by year until I have posted all of them. In any years that I have traded cards, I will (hopefully) just add the traded cards to that years checklist. As before, I will try to include cards that are made by other bloggers and give them credit.
For the '89 Topps set, I already made the Kirk Gibson World Series Highlights, Charles Nagy Draft Pick, and Dick Pole coach cards, JT from The Writers Journey
made the Dave Concepcion cards, Nats Cards made the Olerud Traded card, and GarveyCeyRussellLopes did the Sutton, Soto, and Rhoden Traded cards.
I will try to make a page with the complete list of cards for every year and mark off which ones are already done (by me and others), and have that up hopefully by tomorrow.
Thanks for checking out my latest cards, and I promise, once I get past these checklist cards, I will have some more cool player cards in the future.

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