Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Card # 68 1990 Topps Checklist #7 (and what's been done so far in '90 Topps)

This post is going to be a little detailed, but hang with me. Card # 68 in my custom set as a pretty plain and boring 1990 Topps checklist (the last card pictured). I decided to make this card so I could attempt to list all of the potential custom 1990 Topps card. I plan on doing this with most other Topps sets as maybe part of a type of post (don't have a clue on what to call it). So far in my custom set, I have made custom 1990 Topps cards of Mike Schmidt (regular and All-Star), Bo Jackson, Dave Dravecky, Mo Vaughn, Pete Rose, and Guillermo Hernandez. I did a search online to see if anyone else made any custom '90 Topps cards that I had on my list and found a '90 Topps Tommy John done by GCRL. So I added that card to the checklist as card # 801. I won't be inculding it in my Jeremy's Custom Card set, since I didn't make it, but will add it to the '90 Topps checklist since it is part of the '90 Topps set and since it doesn't need to be done.
As I get more ideas for '90 Topps cards, I will edit the checklist, but now you have an idea as to how many legitimate players weren't given a sunset card in the '90 Topps set and cards that need to be done in that set.
I hope this was an informative post and gave you a glimpse into the '90 Topps set and what it is missing. I plan to do many more posts (and checklists) like this, probably doing the 1994 Topps set next. This should give me the opportunity to document cards that need to be made in '90's and '00's Topps sets and show which ones have been made by myself and other bloggers and which ones still need to be made. Thanks for checking out my blog. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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