Friday, August 15, 2014

1991 Topps Traded Jim Thome

Card #11 in my custom set is a 1991 Topps Traded Jim Thome. Card that never were made a version of this card that looks great, but I decided to go ahead and make one that has a back to it. I have always been a fan of Jim Thome. I remember pulling his 1992 Donruss Rated Rookie card out of a pack when I was 9 as one of my first baseball card memories, and also remember getting his autograph on his 1995 Topps card in 1995 during a Spring Training game in Winter Haven, Florida. I really hope Jim makes it to the Hall of Fame when he is eligible. Congratulations on a great career, Jim Thome. Maybe this would've been considered your best rookie card if Topps had made it.

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