Thursday, August 28, 2014

Asking for help

I don't really have a clue of how many people really read my blog or what types of people read my blog. I don't have any followers now, and that's ok. Sometimes I don't think my cards are that great compared to others. I just wanted to make this post in case any other custom card makers happen to read my blog or see it in the future. I have compiled a list of 75 cards that never were (3 series of 25) that I definitely want to make. So far, I have finished 19 of them. I have more cards that I can make as well, probably 3-5 from every Topps set from 1951 on to 1996. I plan on making Topps cards that never were until I run out of good ideas, and at that point, I honestly think that my Topps cards that never were set will be around 400 cards, maybe closer to 500. I think that would be a great number and at that point, I would love to try and print them and have an actual set to put in binders (God knows Topps will probably never make one). The main reason for writing this post is that there are many bloggers out there who have also done cards that never were, including a good number of cards that are on my list of ones to make. I would love to include other bloggers who have made Topps cards that never were on this blog. If you have done cards with just fronts, I would be happy to try to add backs to them, and I would totally give you credit for your part of the card. Or, if you made a whole card and want to include it in my set, I would be honored to add it. Or maybe you have ideas or requests for a Topps card that never was, I would be up for the challenge. I would love to finish a 500 or so card set of Topps cards that never were and finally have cards in my hand that I have always dreamed of but never able to have. If you feel you can help or any of this interests you, feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks as always for checking out this little blog and your comments and input and suggestions are always welcome. Lastly, here are the checklists for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th series so you can see what's up next. The Series 1 Checklist is on my first post.


1989 Kirk Gibson World Series Highlights
1992 Mike Piazza/Carlos Delgado/Javy Lopez/Dan Wilson Prospects
1991 Jeff Bagwell Red Sox Future Stars
1982 Ryne Sandberg Phillies
1981 Minnie Minoso
1997 Alejandro Pena


1980 Disco Demolition Night highlight
1990 Bo Jackson All-Star Game highlight
1993 Stadium Club Derek Jeter 1st Day Issue
1978 Ted Turner MGR
1990 Mo Vaught Draft Pick
1993 Rick Dempsey
1986 Traded Greg Maddux
1987 Buckner/Wilson World Series highlight
1984 Traded Kirby Puckett
2000 Bowman Albert Pujols
1990 Topps Pete Rose MGR
1993 Charles Johnson Coming Attractions
1991 Todd Van Poppel Draft Pick
1996 Dave Winfield
1994 Sparky Anderson MGR
1989 Charles Nagy Draft Pick
1987 Traded Edgar Martinez
1984 Johnny Bench
1995 Kenny Rogers highlight
1994 Joe Carter World Series highlight
1994 Ryan/Ventura fight highlight
1991 Traded Pedro Martinez
1992 Mike Scott
1995 Jack Morris
1997 Alan Trammell


1999 Dennis Martinez
1996 Dave Stewart
1990 Dave Dravecky highlight
1991 Mike Mussina Draft Pick
1988 Traded John Smoltz
1994 Dale Murphy
1987 Bob Horner highlight
1988 Traded Sammy Sosa
1991 Ken Griffey Jr/Sr highlight
1991 Traded Ryan Klesko
1989 Don Sutton
1987 Traded Tom Glavine
1990 Traded Juan Guzman
1989 Steve Carlton
1988 Traded Curt Schilling
1990 Nolan Ryan highlight
1989 Tino Martinez Draft Pick
1994 Mark Whiten highlight
1991 Traded Javy Lopez
1988 Traded Sandy Alomar Jr
1994 Torii Hunter Draft Pick
1989 Mario Soto
1999 Mark McGwire highlight
1996 Kirk Gibson
1988 Traded Rob Dibble


1991 Bill Buckner
1993 Phil Nevin Draft Pick
1952 Ted Williams
1983 Willie Stargell
1983 Willie Stargell Super Veteran
1991 Tony Clark Draft Pick
1994 Derrek Lee Draft Pick
1996 Sparky Anderson MGR
1983 Traded Don Mattingly
1999 Dennis Eckersley
1985 Danny Jackson
1991 Jeromy Burnitz Draft Pick
1988 Reggie Jackson
1989 Ray Knight
1988 Greg Jefferies Future Stars
1989 Traded Juan Gonzalez
1980 Thurmon Munson
1993 Traded Alex Rodriguez Team USA
1987 Traded Jay Buhner
1984 Carl Yastrzemski
1982 Traded Ron Kittle
1991 Jerry Reuss
2002 Luis Gonzalez World Series Highlight
1996 Lou Whitaker
1977 Hank Aaron


  1. I don't do customs but I'll follow later. Keep up the great work!!

  2. This is a good project. I've often fantasized about printing cards that never were, for whatever reason. If I could only have one wish, it would be knowing Topps' selection process. Seriously.

    1. You should definitely try. I know my customs are far from being as top notch as others I've seen but I've had fun making them. I also wish I could know the reasoning why Topps left some people off of certain sets. Maybe if I could find someone who worked for them we could get some answers. Thanks for checking out my blog.