Thursday, August 14, 2014

1994 Topps Carlton Fisk

In 1993, I was 10. I had just started following baseball and watching games on TV and getting baseball cards. I was into the sport deep enough to know many of the more popular players, and my favorite team was the Detroit Tigers since I was born in Michigan and they spent their Spring Training in Lakeland, Florida, where I lived at the time. I also followed the Atlanta Braves because they were on TBS just about every night. 1993 was a big year. Nolan Ryan, George Brett, Robin Yount, and Carlton Fisk were all in their final seasons. In 1994, Topps issued cards of each of them, except for Fisk. The 1994 Topps Ryan card was one of the most popular cards out at the time. I never got why Topps gave a final card to Ryan, Brett, and Yount, but not Fisk. He was a popular player, and while typing up the stats on the card, I realized that he missed alot of games in his career, and that if he had played in 140-150 games each year that he would've put up some numbers that only maybe Mike Piazza would've touched. The stats are blurry as heck because I could only fit a 2pt font on the card in order to get all of them to fit, but trust me, they are there. It's a challenge to make these custom card, and sometimes I feel that they look like crap, but I enjoy making them, and it completes something that Topps should've done in my opinion, and that makes me feel like it's worth it. Here is what Topps' final Carlton Fisk card could've looked like.

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  1. Fisk didn't get a card because he was controversially released mid-season. He and the GM didn't get along, so he cut Fisk while on a road trip, forcing him to find his own way home. Fisk was later banned from visiting his ex-teammates in the clubhouse. It took many years before he would patch things up with the Sox organization.