Thursday, August 8, 2019

What If? custom insert set

A few years ago, I pondered the idea of Topps coming up with a Topps Archives set that included cards that never were. I even went so far as to making a 300-card checklist, and coming up with some insert sets for it. One of the insert sets was a 20-card 'What If?' set, which pondered the idea of some trades that never occurred, and 1 or 2 playoff scenarios not happening. It took me a few years, but I have finally finished the 'What If?' insert set front and back. Here is the set, and the theory behind the cards.

1. Barry Bonds-What if he were traded to the Braves?

 2. What if the Astros selected Derek Jeter #1 instead of Phil Nevin?

 3. What if the Cardinals traded Albert Pujols to the Padres?

 4. What if Greg Maddux signed with the Yankees as a Free Agent?

 5. What if Nolan Ryan hadn't got injured or retired and stayed to pitch 1 season and got 6,000 K's?

 6. What if Ivan Rodriguez signed with the Orioles as a Free Agent?

7. What if Manny Ramirez was traded to the Rangers?

 8. What if A-Rod was traded to Red Sox?

 9. What if Magglio Ordonez was traded to Red Sox?

 10. What if Nomar Garciaparra was traded to White Sox?

 11. What if Jon Lester was traded to Rangers?

 12. What if Carlos Beltran was traded to Yankees?

 13. What if Robinson Cano was traded to Royals?

 14. What if David Wright was traded to Blue Jays?

 15. What if Justin Verlander was traded to Marlins?

 16. What if the Yankees won the 2004 ALCS?

 17. What if Miguel Cabrera was traded to Angels?

 18. What if Randy Johnson was traded to Blue Jays?

 19. What if Pedro Martinez was traded to Indians?

 20. What if Mariano Rivera was traded to Mariners?

It would make for a fun insert set. I wish Topps would consider doing something like this at least for an insert set in one of their sets. Their photoshop skills are definitely better than mine, and they could really come up with some nice stuff if they tried. 

In my last post, I mentioned about some of the yardwork I've done on our house. Here are some photos of what I've been working at. The first one is the first planters box I built. We had a tree cut down a few months ago, and I decided to try to build a planter box around it. After that, I planted some zinnia, marigold, and morning glory seeds. I also got 3 milkweed plants from a friend at church, and put 2 of those in with them. 
So originally, when I built the first box, it was 6 beams high, and after seeing it, I decided to cut it in half, and make a second box out of it, and put in the back yard. It took a few more months, but I finally dug out an area and put the second box in the back. There is the last milkweed plant in the top right corner, a big pineapple plant in the bottom left, and 2 small pineapple plants in the top left and bottom right. The 2 small pineapples were actually growing from the same plant, and I cut them in half when I transplanted them a few days ago. Pineapples are pretty easy to grow in certain areas. I just cut the tops off of these, and made sure they were watered and the roots took for the first week or so. They absorb nutrients through the leaves, so down here in sunny Florida, they have done great for me. I planted some zinnia seeds in the new box yesterday. It may be too late in the summer to see anything happen, but we'll see.
I hope you enjoyed the custom insert set and pics of my gardening adventure.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. Wait. The Padres had the chance to trade for Pujols. Wow that sucks.

  2. These are great! Yeah, wish Topps would make these real cards.

    And like Fuji, I'm a Padres fan who wasn't aware of the near acquisition of Pujols. Ouch!