Saturday, May 25, 2019

Some surprise Bowman packs

I got home from work today, and came home to some bags of groceries from Target on our kitchen table. My wife had went to Target, and although I didn’t need any new packs of cards, she was nice enough to get me a hanging pack of ‘19 Bowman. Here is what I got.
The rookie cards. Perhaps these will be worth something in 10 years. 

The Camo parallels. Gavin, if you want the Padres and the Lux card, they are yours. 

Finally, a Castellanos for my Tigers binder, a deGrom for my Favorite Player binder, and a Refractor for the shiny binder. A fun 3 packs to open. I’m kind of hoping she gets me some Bog League packs next time. My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks, so we’ll see.
Regardless of whether or not I get more packs, I do have a package from the Million Cubs Project coming soon, and that should be full of Rays for their binder. I don’t know why there aren’t more Rays in card sets. Nobody cares about Rays cards that they pull from packs, and from what I can tell, nobody really blogs about Rays. Give them some respect. They are a Major League franchise, there hole stadium is a cool place. Don’t knock it until you’ve attended a game there. Most people think domes are weird, but after going to the Trop so much, it’s almost weird for me to see a baseball game in a non-dome stadium. Sure, it’s in a bad location, but if the team was moved to the Orlando or Tampa area (in the right spot), it would thrive. They have built up a decent franchise, and are usually playoff contenders. They need more cards, and I will take any Rays cards I can get. Give them to me instead of throwing them out or in a junk box. I have plenty of Yankees in my junk box to trade. To anyone who has traded me Rays, thank you so much. What is one mans junk is another mans treasure, they say.
I started working on organizing my Tigers binder, and once I get that Rays package, I will get my Rays binder done, then the Favorite Player binder. I’ll update the Favorite Player pages for each player, so if you are interested in looking at those, stay tuned.
Thanks for checking out my latest post.


  1. Your wife is buying you cards? You, my friend, are living the good life. FWIW, you are my Rays guy, but I don't purchase many packs these days so I'm a slow accumulator.

  2. That was super cool of your wife to pick up a pack of cards for you. Super cool!

  3. Good stuff. And yeah, I'd love to get those Padres and the Lux from ya.. thanks!

  4. Tom-Yes I am. My wife doesn’t know that much about cards, but I’m super lucky to have her get me packs occasionally. And you are my Cubs/Vogelmonster guy.

    Fuji-Yeah, it is really cool that she gets me cards. She says she knows they make me happy, and I’m probably one of the minority that has a significant other who is ultra cool about the hobby.

    Gavin- I’ll try to have those out sometime next week. I’ll check your wantlist and see what else I can hook you up with before I send it out.