Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Video on how to make a custom in MS Paint

Here is my first attempt to make a video on how to make a custom card using MS Paint (mainly) and GIMP. It is fairly long and detailed, but if you stick with me on it, I will show you how to make a 1991 Donruss card, and using the skills from making it, you should be able to make a good number of other cards by cutting out photos and using templates. I would appreciate any feedback on the video as well as any other questions or ideas for future videos. Hope this helps some new guys create some customs, and feel free to share ones you make on the Facebook Custom Cards Group page.  Also, if there are any issues or improvements I can make to the video, I'd love to hear. Here is the finished card that I made on the video, a 1991 Donruss Barry Lyons.

Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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