Monday, April 10, 2017

Topps Bipped me!

So a few days ago my wife was nice enough to buy me a 72-card hanger of Series 1 from Target. I was at work, and was looking forward to opening it when I got home. I got home and ripped it open, and the first 6 cards in the pack were Matt Joyce, Chris Sale, Jared Eickhoff, Drew Pomeranz, Tyler Clippard, and JaCoby Jones, Not too bad, I got a guy from my Favorite Player Collection (Sale), a former Ray (Joyce), and a current Tiger (Jones). I could've done a lot worse than that. I sorted through the next dozen or so cards, and then I saw something familiar. It was another Joyce!  The next card was Chris Sale.  The next card was Jared Eickhoff. The next one was Drew Pomeranz. You know where this is going....It didn't stop until I had got past JaCoby Jones (again). Topps had Bipped me 6 times in a row!  This kind of pissed me off. I really don't remember too much about the rest of the pack, other than the fact that I got another PC guy (Jacob deGrom), and a few more Tigers. I realize that this happens from time to time, but is it too much to ask for the collation to be better? Surely they can get some kind of machine to 'shuffle' the cards or something. You can get 2 different packs from Walmart or wherever out of the same hangable pack dispenser and you could get the same 8 cards because the collation is so horrible. I'd be willing to compromise and settling with that happening in loose packs and chalk it up to luck of the draw, but for it to happen in a 72-card hanger where the cards are put into a single plastic wrapper that is sealed, I think it is unacceptable.

I was a little pissed off when I decided to try to contact Topps and voice my displeasure. I took this picture in hopes of finding an e-mail address. I didn't find anything except for a contact box to contact their customer service, and sent them a long message telling them how I thought it was unacceptable to get collation like that in a hanger box, as well as my displeasure of Steve Pearce (another PC guy) getting 2 cards picturing him as an Oriole in 2016 Update. I sent the message on Friday, and still haven't received a response. Has anyone else had an issue like this or had to contact Topps about an issue?  Is there an e-mail address I can actually use and send a picture to, or do I have to call the 800 number?   If Donruss/Panini could put out a 600+ card set, have better collation, and somehow get MLB logos on them at a comparable price rang to Topps, you better believe I would convert. Something needs to be done, and it's things like this that lead me to believe that sometime in the next 10-20 years that there will be a entry-level basic set made by a group of custom card makers that will actually be produced and sell to customers who are sick of not getting what they want from Topps and whoever else is around by then. There would probably be legal things to deal with after it happens and they may need to be backed and funded by sponsors or corporations in order to produce cards at massive level, pay off MLB to use logos and to fend off the witch hunters/lawyers by Topps For now though, we will have to deal with a ton of doubles and be happy with it. If anyone wants any of the 6 cards that Topps Bipped me with, let me know.
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  1. I've already been converted to Panini. I think their designs are slick, they've done a much better job choosing photos that work around the logos, and the cards are cheaper on the secondary market. Yeah, I'll seek out Topps cards for my player collection, but the next set I build from packs will more than likely be a Panini brand.