Thursday, April 6, 2017

1994 Topps #851-900

While working on the 1994 Topps checklist, I realized that I was pretty close to having cards 851-900 done, and I figured that since I had 793-850 done, that I should finish all of the cards up to 900. Here are the next 50 cards in the 1994 Topps set with ones done by other people noted.

 Goose Gossage by Richard

 Tom Lasorda by GCRL
 John Oates by GCRL
 Dusty Baker by GCRL

 Bob Brenly by Richard

 Ned Yost by Richard
Bobby Cox by Richard

I have to be honest, the stadium cards are a little tricky to me. I know most of the names of the ballparks, but not all of them.  I also don't quite know the years that certain teams switched ballparks, so some of those might be off. Lastly, while I have seen games at  a few ballparks over the years (Tropicana Field, Turner Field, Fenway Park, Shea Stadium, Comiskey Park 2, Kauffman Stadium, and Miller Park), and have been outside a few others (Wrigley Field and Globe Life Park), I'm not totally sure if I am getting accurate photos of parks, since changes and upgrades have been made to many of them over the years. If you see any errors, whatever they are, please feel free to let me know. 

Every checklist from 1989 through 1996 are complete with draft picks, stadium cards, and team photo cards all added. I'll research the 2000 MLB draft and add some names to the 2001 Topps set, and that one will be complete as well. Next up will be finishing the 1999, 1998, 1997, and 2000 sets. While it is gratifying to finish a checklist for a set, I think it is even more fulfilling to see a good chunk of customs from a set that have been completed, so I will continue to press on and make customs in numerical order and post them as I get them done in groups of 50. A big shout out goes to some of the guys who have helped me by making customs (Richard and Michael from the Facebook Custom Card Group), Bloggers who have made customs that I have posted on here (GCRL, Condition Sensitive, White Sox Cards, and Jays Cards and Stuff, which is no longer online), people who have helped out with checklists (Paul), and anyone whom I may have forgotten. It is a difficult process to try to finish one set, let along multiples, and all the help I have gotten is appreciated. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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